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A fun fun post for Sunday.

For the last many years now, whenever I do a blog marathon, I always do a post from Sunday Stealing.
Since I haven't t done one this time, I thought I would do it today. Every Sunday, Sunday Stealing puts up a nice set of questions, which bloggers then answer on their own blogs, and leave a link at the original post, so others can blog-hop and read  other people's answers. It's great fun!

I am copy pasting today's questions  (and I am also giving my answers below)

Today's Sunday stealing is from  From Unconscious Mutterings.

Instructions:   There are no right or wrong answers. Don't limit yourself to one word responses; just say everything that pops into your head.  Thanks to The Gal Herself for the suggestion.

I say ... and you think ... ?

    Hurry! :: Bon Jovi from It's my life

    Dumb :: The movie Dumb and Dumber, which I never watched!

    Fudge :: Something  sweet and chocolatey that sticks to your teeth.

    Sturdy ::  My grandfather's antique tabl…

Why what you wear is important

A little while ago I watched a nice episode of a reality TV series on Netflix called  Queer Eye. It's an award winning show. It consists of five style experts (who happen to be gay) who go around transforming lives, forging relationships with people who have completely different beliefs from them. It was all about helping people to be the best they can be---transforming them from inside, helping them get a makeover for themselves, for their homes, for their life itself.

Click HERE for a trailer which tells you more about the show.
Coincidentally, this morning I also got featured on a fashion blog.

You can click HEREto read the above piece. I have  elaborated on about what my personal style means to me and have described in detail how I like to dress.

I believe it is extremely important to dress well.

Do watch the above Ted x talk by Stasia Savasuk. It is inspiring and I completely agree with what Stasia says.

When you dress well, you feel confident. Dressing well isn't about…

Wake Up Life is Calling: Win A Kindle!

We've been running contests and giving away Kindles for the promos of my latest book 'Wake Up, Life Is Calling.' This is in partnership with Kindle India.

 So far we've given away FIVE Kindles.
Now here're the last one to be won! I thought I would post it here, as it's the last one, and it is a very easy contest,

What you have to do:
1. Watch this trailer
2.Answer the question  'What consumes Ankita and draws her in?'
3. Tag three friends.

That's it!

To participate you can head over either to my Facebook post, or Instagram post
Winners will be announced on 1st  June.
Apart from kindle we are also giving away a set of three books of mine !

Go on! You may be the lucky winner!
It's a simple contest to participate in.
If you win, you need a valid shipping address in India.

That's all for today.
More tomorrow

Get the book at a special price of 99: Type in your browser. Limited per…

On painting portraits

Today I restarted my practice of  making a portrait daily. I used to do it every single day.  I am a part of an International Artists Community. (Check out thousands of reference photos on Sktchy which is currently for iphone users only)
I would post daily on the app as well as on my Instagram Art Handle. You can see my other portraits by clicking on the link.
Any artist will tell you that drawing people is an extremely difficult thing. Even if you differ a line on the face  by a millimeter, the likeness is totally lost. It is very intense work. At the same time, a portrait is a not a photographic reproduction of the person. You have to capture the likeness, and yet it has to be your own unique style.
As a child, I dreamt of making a portrait which would have a great likeness.  I would draw people and ask my family members if they could guess who the person was. I never got the proportions right, and I would be disappointed. I would try harder. :)

Now I am happy that I can get a good l…

Gift yourself yoga. It changes lives.

Hope is a happy place

I don't have happy things to write today
I don't have anything I want to say
I don't have words to express this
Darkness  merging into oceanic abyss

I don't have hate to consume me
I don't have enough love to let it be
I don't have passion to see this through
If only I could go back, start anew

Half formed regrets gnaw at the soul
Where there was my  heart, there's a hole
If  my wings weren't clipped I'd reach for the sky
I'd fly, fly, fly to you---in the blink of an eye

Instead I  tightly pack away my dreams
My heart echoing my silent screams
A manufactured smile now plastered across my face
Empty eyes but  hey it's okay--Hope is a happy place


**************© 2019 Preeti ShenoyFor more poems click here. Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

A doggie paw story.

It rained this afternoon. Very heavily. It's the first time it is raining this heavily, after I have moved into this home. I moved in just before the summer began, around the end of February.

We had got the garden soil loosened last evening and so I was happy about the rain. I left the door leading to the garden open, and enjoyed the refreshing cool breeze,  in my drawing room,while  speaking to my daughter on the phone. This was bliss.

That was when a grey cat walked past my verandah. It was the trigger to transform Lostris (my doberman) into Daenerys's dragon. Lossie charged like a thunderbolt outside. The  startled cat quickly regained it's composure and hurried away, knowing that Lossie would not be able to get past the gate.

But Losssie wasn't satisfied. She charged around the house, hoping the cat would come back. In the absence of the cat, she decided she would scare a few squirrels or at least some birds. Her bark is a deep menacing bark that can send a chill…

Wake Up Life is Calling: Coimbatore reading. A video report :)

Hello there.

I had promised a detailed report about the Coimbatore event, and here I am, as promised, blogging from my home at Bangalore today.

I got back from Coimbatore today. It was one of the best events I have had. People had turned up from neighbouring towns too. Someone had come all the way from Tiruppur, another had come from Kochi, and there was someone from IIT Palakkad. The event went on for more than three hours! There were so many many questions which the audience asked, and which I answered. I must have signed more than a hundred books. I lost count after a while. In the above photo, you can see my publisher Arup Bose and me, just after we unveiled the book.

Almost everyone I spoke to said my books and my words had a profound influence on them. Almost everyone who turned up yesterday also follows me on Intagram, and they knew so much about me. We felt very connected.

These events can be exhausting and overwhelming (and I was on medication too) , and so after I got back…

A Fabulous turnout for Wake Up Life Is Calling. Thank you Coimbatore!

Just had an OUTSTANDING event at Coimbatore!  You can spot me and my publisher Arup Bose, sitting  amongst the audience, in the above pic. We posed for this photo, after the event. I have an early morning flight to catch tomorrow, and will also  post more pics, and more updates tomorrow, as I am on choppy hotel wifi.

Today we made cherished memories!
I love you, Coimbatore. You guys were so GOOD to me! <3

Bye for now :)

A little trick to overcome a bad day

Today was a crappy day for me!  It has been terrible. Nothing went as expected.

Some days are like that. It's Murphy's law in action. I am travelling tomrrow. In case you missed yesterday's post, we're having a book reading at Coimbatore tomorrow (11th may) at 5.30 pm at Odyssey, Brookefield Mall.

 I have to leave home at 5.00 am tomorrow. (which means I have to wake up at 4.00 am!) To top it I am unwell---cold, body ache etc.

I know I will be fine tomorrow! I am certain. I don't know how I know these things, but I do. I am a great believer in manifesting your reality. If you haven't read books on it, please do read up. I like Secret by Rhonda Bryne, Ask and it is given--Esther and Jerry Hicks, Creative visualisation by Shakti Gawain, to name a few :)

Whenever things do not go according to how I wanted them to go, the one thing that always helps is focussing on all that went right and is going right.  So here are five things that  made me happy today, for w…

What happens at book launches and why you should attend one.

Many people do not know what happens at book launches, or how important it is for not only the author, but also the reading community. Hence I thought I would write about it.

A book launch or a book reading is generally held at a bookstore or a hotel (if the publishers have a lot of money, and want to show off or if they think the author is 'important enough' to splurge on ;-) !). I have had book launches held in hotels as well as in book-stores. I really prefer having my book launches in bookstores, simply because the people who attend can also browse books by other authors---which does not happen if the event is at a hotel.

At a book launch, the author is generally in conversation with another person, who is suited to talk about the book. Sometimes there is a panel consisting of the author and two other people. They have a discussion about the book. In foreign countries, people have to pay to attend such events. They are called 'Book readings.' They are generally ti…

What being a 'celebrity' feels like: a candid confession from Preeti Shenoy

At Abu Dhabi,  I was at the house of the Indian Ambassador who had invited me for dinner. It was an august gathering where I met Ambassadors from other countries,  high ranking officials from the diplomatic world, eminent writers and many other people. The respect I received was overwhelming I was introduced to everyone proudly as one of India's most successful authors.

You know--here's the funny thing: The world sees me as a celebrity. But to be honest, I don't even think about it at all!

 Of course, I am proud of all that I have achieved and I am not dismissing it.

But when I meet people, I am genuinely interested in what they do. I get bored when people ask me about myself. I do not like talking about ME--because all the information is out there on wikipedia, and you can also google me (and you will be surprised to see me giving you video answers..It's a facility which Google has extended to very few celebrities, Priyanka Chopra and yours truly being one of them).

Challenge yourself. It makes you grow.

If we do not challenge ourselves we do not grow. It is important to push boundaries. We need to have a goal--it could be anything, even a small thing like 'I will wake up at 6.30 am every day for a week.'

Break down your goal into small bits. Accomplish those goals.  You will feel really good about yourself.

That is one of the reasons I do a blog marathon. It's not easy to write a new post every single day for a month. I have a LOT of things going on in my life, especially with my new book just being out. There are newspaper interviews, launches ,promotions.

(Oh we--appeared in the Deccan Chronicle today!) 

But I decided that it would be a good challenge to do. Hence I committed. (I have done a blog marathon, every year for the last 9 years. Blog marathon means I blog every single day for a month).

The other thing I do is illustrated journalling. Every day, I sit down and draw my day. I share my pages daily on my instagram.

These are two of my pages.  You can follow me o…

Celebrate your children's qualities--not just their exam scores!

These days the board exams results are out. Parents are proudly putting up their children's academic scores all over social media.  I understand how proud they are and how it is their 'right', and their 'reward' and how they 'mean no harm' and 'they are sharing because they are proud of it' etc.

But it's something I would never do. I do believe there are far far more important things in life than academic scores.

Many many years back, when my son was in school, I remember he had scored 98/100. The other mothers called me up asking me what marks my son had got.  I refused to tell.
I still hold the same view.

Our education system is such that the 'rank holders' are glorified. Those who don't do well academically are somehow 'lesser beings'. Those who get into  an IIT or a Medical college are 'exalted'. Others---oh well. This is the general mindset that prevails.

A note about this, appears through Ankita's words in m…

5 easy ways to escape negativity

We live in a world where we're connected to everyone 24x7. It is easy to fall prey to drama and someone else's negativity, and their views. There is no point arguing with them--because they aren't going to change their perspective. The best thing to do is to step away.

Our reality is what we CHOOSE to FOCUS on.

Here are 5 easy things I do, which helps me escape the negativity and the drama which all of us are bombarded with, on a daily basis.

1. I focus on LOVE and reach out to the genuine ones

  Yesterday at the Bangalore book event a reader, Buvana read out a BEAUTIFUL  poem which she wrote, where she used all my book titles. I am sharing it here.

You can find her on Intstagram with the handle @Buvisgotyal

If you have such tokens of love in your life (maybe a happy picture, or a gift a loved one gave you) then keep it somewhere where you SEE it. Focus on the LOVE.

2. Change the energy by lighting incense/using a fragrance

  I am a huge believer in the 'energy' of …

The Bangalore celebration of #WakeUpLifeIsCalling

I have just got back from the Bangalore celebration of my book Wake Up Life is Calling.
To say that it went splendidly would be an undestatement.
The official pictures will come soon, meanwhile I am sharing a few pics which I liked :)
 My publisher Arup Bose,  and me :)

 This man surprised his wife by bringing her to my launch! She is a HUGE fan of me and wanted to attend my launch. But she didn't think it would be possible. He made it happen!
There was another reader who recited a BEAUTIFUL poem which was made entirely of my book titles!
Yet another reader gifted me a  BEAUTIFUL hand-knitted mobile pouch which she made herself! (and also bitter chocolate as I had once mentioned that the only kind of chocolate I eat is bitter chocolate)
I love this photo! We were all posing and this little baby was oblivious, playing with a water bottle.

With my publisher Arup Bose, and my editor (and good friend) Shinie Antony.

With the editor of my previous books Deepthi Talwar with whom I share…

Some of my favourite books( a video post) AND an invitation for the folks in Bangalore

This is a question which I am asked so many times! My favourite books.

So I thought I'd do a video post about it.

Also those of you who are in Bangalore, I want to meet you tomorrow(Saturday 4th May)!  Please alter your plans and come and see me at 5.30 pm, at Sapna Book House Residency road, where we are celebrating #WakeUpLifeIsCalling

You can also get your other books---and I shall happily sign them for you. We will click pictures too :) It is going to be a FUN ,interactive session and I am really looking forward to it.

Here's the formal invitation for you:

There's no entry fee, and I will be in conversation with my publisher Arup Bose.
It will be a fun evening for sure.
So I'll see you tomorrow!

Who is the best person to give you advice?

Hi there,

Today is day 2 of my blog marathon. If you don't know what that is, please read myprevious post.

When I do a blog marathon, I usually do not plan my posts. I write whatever is on top of my head, that particular day. I feel it is more spontaneous and natural that way. It feels like having a conversation with a friend--not just pushing out content, because one has to!

This morning on my walk (I walk my dog every single day for 45 minutes to an hour), I was thinking and pondering about an exchange I had with one of my readers. Hundreds of readers write to me--and I do try and respond to ALL.
There was a girl who wrote to me saying her parents want her to get married to someone of their choice, from their caste. She is  financially independent  is just 23. She is in love with  a person whom her parents wouldn't approve of. She asked me what to do.

I thought about it. I remembered my friend and fellow author Kanchana Banerjee's tweet

I completely agreed with Kanchana…