Catching up with a good friend. (blog marathon post 20)

Today's post is this picture with my friend Vani Mahesh. I met her today and we had a great time.
 Do check out her site.
Chances are, you have already read something Vani has written! She is the writer of so many Amar Chitra Kathas! She is also an autthor.

A new post tomorrow.
Till then---have a restful time.
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  1. Preeti I just discovered your blog today. After reading a few posts I have realised that you are no ordinary person. I think you are a super woman(for want of a better word). Mazeltov preeti and please continue to inspire.

  2. Likewise, Preeti! The laughter we share is legendary!

  3. Precious pic. There is no better feeling than that of having a friend for life. Nice pic, Preeti! I will definitely check out Vani's blog as well. Thank you!


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