Last post of marathon. YAY! (blog marathon post 30)

It was a month ago I started
I asked if I should jump in
The marathon was going to be difficult
But your comments kept me pumpin' :-)

Posts after posts I wrote
Not even one was a filler post
Even when I was ready to drop dead
And you know this isn't a boast

Mostly I have enjoyed
But there were times when it was tough
But your comments kept me going
As you said   "More, More, not enough! "

It is  music to a writers ears
After all, blogs are written to be read
And a blog is nothing without its readers
And this has to be emphatically said.

Only a handful were faithful commenters
Others just read and went away
To these handful I owe my gratitude,
Your comments kept the blues at bay.
 Finally it is the last day of this marathon. My closest friends will know that this month has been particularly hard for me. I have been going through some real tough times.(Yeah, I don't say everything on the blog, you know, even though it seems as though I do!) Some days I really did not want to write. But a commitment is a commitment and I take pride in keeping up mine. So I wrote, even when I could not write. I did reply to almost all the comments too. (Unless you made a comment on a post 4 days after I had replied) I had begun by giving 'current mood video' which was a nice song  to match the post, but I lost enthusiasm for it a few days back as hardly anyone seemed to be even listening to it or enjoying it.

My page views have crossed 600 a day now! (which means so many people are reading what I write, though they don't leave comments always which works just as well,else I'd go crazy if I tried to reply individually :P)
Many write to me saying how much they enjoy my posts and how this marathon has made them addicted to my blog and how it has become as essential as that early morning coffee. All I can say is thank you for that and thank you for the love and affection you shower me with. It feels marvellous :-)

I will be posting regularly but definitely not daily. I have now begun working on my 3rd book (Gosh--it feels so good to be able to say that!)  which is a '2nd Jar of bubblegums and Candies'. My 2nd book is under processing with publishers and it will take a few more months to reach the stores. I would announce exact dates here. (so if you have 'liked' the page, you'll automatically be notified)

Till the next post


  1. Yay!!!!! Must be a great feeling. I did make it a point to comment on every single post :)

    And, 3rd book? Wow!!!!! All the very best for it. Please have a launch of ur 2nd book at Mumbai.

  2. Hey Preeti,

    Yeah a personal milestone achieved, a blog marathon and yes its really tough for anyone to come daily with nice post day after day.... Moreover, i really enjoyed every day, and the timing just matched perfect to me, as my noon it is your evening and by them you post would been published....

    I will keep visiting this space as usual to check out more interesting post that planned...

    And enjoy writing your 3rd book... and the second jar would be loads and loads of amazing stories...

    Will be waiting to hear back on your 2nd book.

    Cheers and have a nice weekend,

  3. I've been away for so long. I need to go back and read up on the marathon. Great you kept up your commitment. I need to find more things to write about on my blog. any suggestions?

  4. Yesterday when I was doing your tag, I was thinking '2 more days and the marathon is over'. It made me kinda sad.
    You kept your commitment in a very nice way Preeti. A great post every day. Though I didnt leave a comment on all the posts as I read long after tehy were written, I've read all the posts.
    Looking forward to your next book :)

  5. hats off to one of the most remarkable people i have come across :)

    Kudos on becoming a marathon winner (:P) and the third book!! Wow, that must feel so good :)
    I cant wait for the second one to hit the stores!

  6. Kudos on a job well done :)!

    I hope we get to read the second book soon - Good luck with the third :)!

  7. Kudos preeti. Read, Commented on and loved all your posts (missed commenting on one as I was late there and it was like a war zone in the comment box - the sari blog - I second you on that just in case u are wondering :)). Waiting for the next post and your second book to hit the stores. Cheers :)

  8. I was thinkin of this same title(on the same lines for my last blog too for today)..Loved loved reading all your posts and your dedication to them. I also wrote on all the days, but atleast one was a filler..kudos to u..
    and best of luck on your latest book

  9. Will miss those daily posts..
    But hope u continue to write interesting blogs..I know its very difficult..But hats off to ur commitment..
    Waiting for ur 2nd book...
    TC :)

  10. Great to hear tht u've started on ur 3rd book:-)!!!
    And KUDOS on completing the marathon successfully:-))!!!!!

    p.s: But honestly Preeti we are going to miss ur daily updates;-(.

  11. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Did I ever tell you, that you are amazing?

  12. Partywithneha: You are too!! Thanks :)

    Reflections: Helloo!! Taaan adhyam blog-logam vittu odunnu!! Ennittano enne parayunne!! I demand you come back to your blog RIGHT NOW and i demand you write posts! U are NOT permitted to take breaks!! :-) But hey--thanks! :-)

    Nischit: thanks a lot :) I am also waiting for my 2nd book :P :D

    Horizon: Thanks! congrats to you too!

    Anusha: yes i noticed--it was great to see you in my comment box eery single day! Thank u thank u :)

    Shachi:Thanks thanks :)

  13. Sucheta:Thank u! I also can't wait :P If it was in my hands it would b out tomorrow!

    Nandan:Thank you so much. but hey--i would be posting often :)

    Marjnhomer: NaBloPoMo (just google it) gives writing prompts every single day. It is a real challeneg. They have it every month--so you can do it for July too.

    Anish:Thank you so very much for that wonderful comment. Yes--i need a well deserved break. Hope you have a great weekend too!

    Palsworld: Oh yes--i noticed that you commented on every single post. heartfelt gratitude (as expressed in poem) :) Book launch--depends on my publisher. Mumbai is a difficult place to have a launch. Lets see!

  14. Thanks Preetiji for sharing your joy with us. What our comments did really we don't know but it's sure that you took a great pain to make our day nice and warm with beautiful flowers, paintings, poems, k.gibran quotes etc. ( in india i get the post early in the morning). And replying to every individual reader is just awesome! Thanks. Ab aap thoda aaram kare. Fir aapke acchhe-acchhe posts padhenge aur kuchh jivan mein utarne ki bhi koshish karenge.

  15. Thanks Preetiji for sharing your joy with us. What our comments did really we don't know but it's sure that you took a great pain to make our day nice and warm with beautiful flowers, paintings, poems, k.gibran quotes etc. ( in india i get the post early in the morning). And replying to every individual reader is just awesome! Thanks. Ab aap thoda aaram kare. Fir aapke acchhe-acchhe posts padhenge aur kuchh jivan mein utarne ki bhi koshish karenge.

  16. Hey congrats for finishing ur marathon successfully.So true your blog became an essential thing for me everyday. Your blog is one of the compulsory websites I go everyday in the morning other than my regular websites :)feeling sad would not be able to see ur regular posts

    gd look for your 3rd book.I yet to read ur 1st book :(as I don't get it in Singapore. This time my trip to india is nt complete without buying ur book 1 n 2 :)paka :D...

  17. Hey heartiest congratulations for finishing this marathon and I must say u deserve to some out with flying colors.. :)

  18. woow!! grt accomplishment di :) wen ppl find it hard to comment evryday - i can imagine hw hard it ll be to write a post... kudos to u 4 tht ;)

    take a gud break n come back to feast us all :)

  19. Wow...cant believe a month is over already!! Not for a formality, but really, enjoyed each and every post of yours! Going to miss this with my everyday morning coffee:-(. But will look for your updates regularly!
    And great going - All the very best for your new venture - and looking forward for your 2nd book!

  20. congrats!! it was great reading you entire month :)

  21. congrats! I have to go back and start reading the 30 posts.

  22. Yay ! Well Done!
    I`ve always wondered how you manage to think up such interesting posts every day! I end up staring at the blank page in front of me for ages waiting for inspiration ! Another bubblegum and candies – yippee !!! My goodness don’t you ever take a break! 2 more books, one after the other, sketches, painting with some photography and books stall manning thrown in. And as if that isn’t enough, you throw in a blog marathon as well  I think you need to write a post on how u manage to find time for so many activities!
    Guess what I actually did ur meme tag 

  23. yay! for a job well done :)

    congrats, Preeti, because i know how tough it is to write when you are not up to it.

    and looking forward to your book releases, enjoy a break, only a teeny weeny one though :D

  24. daily going through yr posts....liked them so much...wishing you all the very best for yr coming book also...

  25. :) 2nd Jar of Bubblegums and Candies sounds great!

  26. Congratulations!!!
    It was definitely a feat! And kudos to you!
    I enjoyed reading every post of yours, Preeti :)

    Muchos Gracias...

    P.S: I'm really looking forward to that 2nd book of yours! And a 3rd??? Woo the hoo!

  27. Congrats Preethi!!

    Kudos to your writings,for keeping up the spirit till the end of blog marathon,to your new book,for being the amazing mom of are just amazing!!

    -Anu- :)

  28. YAYY...we all did for the first time :)

    And yes - it was lovely to read all your lovely posts day after day.

    Best wishes for all that is going tough in your life.

  29. Wow, congrats. Must be a great feeling completing this marathon, no matter what the distractions were. I have just started my blog marathon :)

    And Kudos on the 3rd book.

  30. Hey I posted a comment in the morning. It's lost :(
    By the way, at the risk of being murdered, I tag you :P
    Please check it out. You'l love it

  31. Congratss!! and im very happy to hear you have started on ur 3rd book!! and now im waiting for something...u know wat it is..right? :)
    Keep posting n keep smiling...always!!

  32. One month went off so fast :( Anyway congrats for completing the marathon :) And waiting for 2nd and 3rd books too :)

  33. Hey Preeti, Congratulations, this is my second blog marathon as your reader and as with the first, was a real enjoyable experience. Really used to eagerly await the next post :)

  34. Well done PS. Sorry i have not been regular in commenting though been reading your post on and off. Good luck with the 3rd book and i can't wait to read the 2nd one.


  35. Ok. I get the hint. I ain't leaving no more comments. It's a pain for you.

  36. Congrats Preeti :-) ... Waiting for ur second book ..

  37. Two thumbs up, preeti. Your blog to me is like an encyclopedia , having touched varied topics. You pack so much info and at times make it interactive by inviting our views.

    Enjoy your short break and awaiting your second release.

  38. Congrats preeti for completing the marathon successfully :). I loved all your posts, in fact was sad that month was over so fast.

  39. have started working on the the 3rd book,that shows your dedication..m so excited but let this most awaited second book of yours reach the stores soon..eagerly waiting as I say :)

  40. Aish: Thanks a lot. New book is a full length fiction, very different from first one--but i am sure you will like :)

    Poornima;Thanks so much :) Will post regularly.

    Asha:Thanks a lot!

    Guru, Harman: Thanks!

    Inferno: Very upset with you for having said that. You completely misinterpreted what I said. Please read again and espeically read the poem at the beginning. I said the 600 people who read me and dont leave comments--just as well--coz then replying individually would have been difficult. Despite the blog marathon and despite time constraints, I did reply to all comments including yours. An unfair accusation Inferno, but hey upto you.

    Chitra: Thanks a lot :)

    Dhanya: Thanks a lot!

    Chandni: Forgot what :P But thanks :)

    Meira; AAAAAHHHH maaar daala with tag :) will do

    Dew dop: All the best with blog marathon! Thanks :)

    Life beigns; yay! Congrats to u too and thanks :)

    Thinker: Thanks a lot :)

    Anu:Thank u so much!

    Sparkling: Thanks for the TERRIFIC support you have been giving me..Much appreciate!

  41. Mamta:Thank you!

    Aswathi:Thanks! :)

    Suma: Aye aye m'am--how can i say no to you :)

    Ruchira; Did read yours and loved it but my comment did not go through. Will tryn again to comment. I have written a post about time management. It is buried in the archives :)

    Starry:Thank you :) and wlcome to my blog :)


    Durga, Sulo,Sushobhan:Thank you so much!

    Sagarika: Hopefully my next book will be g;obally available :) Thanks :)

    Roshan: Aapke ache ache shabdon ke liye bahut bahut shukriya :) Happy that you like my posts! What do you do Roshan? Where are you based? (since you dont have a blog only way to find out is to ask you here!)


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