Blog marathon time again!

Hi all,

Do you remember the blog marathon that I did last year? Well, it is marathon time again!
I remember how hard it had been last year, to come up day after day with 'good posts'. I got an invite in my Inbox a little while back, inviting me to participate for the whole of June. They even give writing prompts everyday, in case you are stuck  for ideas.

Last year, it was Prateek  who immediately took the plunge with me. Somehow these things are a lot more fun if somebody else is doing it too. A little while ago, I tweeted  " Wondering whether to do the June blog marathon. A post every day for next 30 days.If you manage to convince me I will do it. :) " Since it was past 1.00.A.M in India I really did not expect any reply back until tomorrow morning. But Nishant Kaushik  replied back, asking me to do it and saying it might motivate him. :-) I have asked him to dive in with me. Let us see if he takes the plunge ;-)

I am still toying with the idea though. It is a lot of hard work after all! Last year, when I announced it, I got about 79 replies of encouragement (and like I often say, the only reward for a blogger is the comments and interactions from readers) which I must admit motivated me so much to do it. I have always acknowledged how much your comments truly matter and how they finally goaded me to even write my first book.

Today more than 700 people read me. But only a handful regularly comment. So I thought about it and finally decided that if I get a minimum of  50 requests for a blog marathon, then I will do it. After all, I would be spending a considerable amount of time on this. (and I don't even get paid--I refuse to put google ad sense in my blog or refuse to accept money for promoting stuff).

Here is the deal-- If I get 50 requests (from different people,let me specify, else I know what Reflections and Ramesh will do!)  then you will then have a post from me every day, for the next 30 days,starting tomorrow!!  :-) It would be either a poem or a photo or a musing or a 'mama moment' or something to make you think--but a new post it shall be, every single day.

So should I? Shouldn't I? :-) ( I can almost hear the voice-over saying Faisla ab aap ke haathon main hain with some dramatic music blaring. Heheheh.)

You decide! (and watch this space for results! :P ) I will be closely watching too :P  :D

Cheers :-)


  1. Preeti, Am in if you are. :)

  2. Go for it!!
    a marathon seems to be challenging and fun
    I too will try doing it on my daughters blog


  3. All the best ! :)

    I really got to learn from you on managing time, and spend more time on blogging amidst my project works :)

    Thanks for ur encouraging words on my post as always :)

  4. if it was to your readers, we would ask you to blog everyday!

    do it if it doesnt get in the way of things :)

  5. Please do Preeti...:) Love reading your blogs...Looking forward to the marathon ones!! :-)

    Alles gute!!

  6. Preeti,(me cheering with both hands up! :-) )..GO FOR IT!! YOU SHOULD!!!!! I look forward to it every day!!! Your posts are always a delight and a treat! ALL THE BEST! Cheers, Gayu

  7. Preeti,

    Looking forward for the next 30 days of reading your blogs!! All the best!


  8. Go Preeti go .. I will take it up as well :)

  9. please do the marathon. we love to read you.

  10. I guess you should do it... I might as well take the plunge again :-)

  11. Anonymous9:58 AM

    You should definitely take this one up! We love reading you :)

  12. it!!!!

  13. yayyyyyyyyy!! i know you are doing it again!! :D

  14. Venum
    Avasiyam venum
    Romba venum
    Romba romba venum
    Romba romba romba romba venum

  15. ROFL Preeti I was just thinking of proceeding in THAT direction and u take the fun out of it;-/

    GO Girl GO!!!!!

  16. Yes...For the sake of ur fans like us U hv to do it :)

  17. Preeti : I am sure you will receive more than 50 request (including me :) ).
    All the Best. It should be challenging, but I am also sure you will give more candies and bubblegums. waiting .... :)

  18. Dear Preeti,

    I am one of those readers who read but dont comment. Have been tracking your blog for a over an year now and frequently enjoy many of your posts..

    As for the blogathon - how about taking a look at your previous experience and seeing how many of your "special" posts came out in that spell ?

    If its not too many, then maybe keeping blogging an enjoyable affair for you and your readers might be better than a coercion driven exercise !

  19. Hi Preeti,

    You definitely must do it for us who keep reading and awaiting the interesting and thought provoking posts you put up every time. I will try to do this with you too But I promise to comment on every single post of yours in this marathon. All the best :) Looking forward to your marathon posts...

  20. GO GO GO...
    i want to give it a try too...but.... too far fetched... :(

    Good Luck to you!!

  21. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I too did it last year in November, after seeing you do it! Go for it, maybe I'll get motivated to at least get back to blogging!

  22. Anonymous12:57 PM

    hey preeti
    Go for it..
    I luv to read your post on parenting and smiles you spread through most of ur post :-)
    all the best !!

  23. I will join you for sure.

  24. The comments have already reached the 25 mark......get ready to put up the 1st post.

    p.s: u've shut off the anonymous comments option have u;-/

  25. Yes Mummy,
    Do it! :)
    I Love you

  26. I want you to do this blogging thingie and go for it! :)All the best! Love you!! :)


  27. Anonymous2:16 PM

    soch mat yaar, just jump on it.

    Yes I'm one of those who read but rarely comment, but still I'd ask ou to go for it :)


  28. You write (please). Will read (for sure!) :)

    P.S: You shouldn't specify stuff, now I feel restrained that I can't comment on this post again! :(


  29. I am in it with you :)

    Let me see how far I can go. Wish me luck!!

  30. I am already marathon-ing in tumblr.. U go ahead.. :D


  31. Dang! I was thinking of commenting multiple times :P
    Anyways...will try to give you company if you other words...please oh please participate :D

  32. I vote for you to do it. :)

  33. I love reading your blogs...Please do Preeti ... All the best !! :)

  34. Why not? Go for it, Preeti! I'll join you...u'll serve as my 'inspiration' :)

  35. Please Go for it:) Hopefully we have moved closer to the 50 requests now:)

  36. Preeti,

    This is what i call fan following. So sure of your readers who you know are going to comment anyways, huh?

    I bet you already have the idea first few posts in your mind...OK, seriously, DO IT! Lesser souls like me would be more than obliged.

  37. Rohan: I wasn't sure at all! I haven't even thought of any posts. In fact i thought if i get only 10 comments I can wriggle out :P :) But now i can't!

    Pooja: yes indeed! Now i have no excuse!

    Prerna: Aap hi prerna ho!

    Guru: i will. thank U :)

    MS: you vote is counted and valued a lot! :)

    Meira: please do dive in! I will love company!

  38. Nikhil: Good luck! What is tumblr?

    Life begins: hooray! Good luck, good luck!

    Sparkling: Oh but you can!! :)

    Rohit: yes i will. i know u read :)

    Atul and purvi: thank you my darlings! How can i refuse you both?!! :) I love you too

    Reflections: one silly guy keeps putting porn links in my comments section! Hence I had to disable anonymous comments. Also there are some nasty anonymous trolls.

    Rashworld: thank u thank u :)

    Partywithneha: Do join in!

    Vinz: i will! My kids loved the animated guy playing he guitar in your display pic. they said "hey ma-it moves!" :)

  39. You SHOULD :)

    41 already.. Only few more to go Hurray :)

  40. Anusha: thanks so much for that promise! wow! am honoured!

    Meg: That was a very well thought out and balanced perspective. thanks! yes, I did go through my old post in my marathon and what astounded me were they were all good posts.There were no filler posts or coerced posts at all. I guess it is more for the commitment and discipline just like the real marathon where one runs for the love of running and a felling of accomplishment. thanks for commenting! I do appreciate.

    Vivek: hopefull all candies and bubblegums :) thanks :)

    Nischii: Thank U. i will i will :)

  41. Reflections: I know you sooo well by now :) and i love it that u sneaked in two comments too! :D

    Maddy: Thanku thank u..nanri..nanri :)

    Mamta: i am :P U know me well :p :D thanks !

    VenkY: thanks!

    Himani: I will! thanks!

    arbitthoughts: I will.Thank u so much!

    Prats: Glad you are!

    Rm: Doing!! thanks!

    Shalini: happy you're doing it too! Good luck!

  42. Durga: thanks so much! :)

    Gayu: thank u..thank U!! :) Big wide smile :)

    Renu: Dont know what alles gute means--but thanks a lot! will do!!

    Sucheta: i will (even if i have to stay up at night) :) thanks a lot :)

    Srivats: do it, do it!! Time will make itself! :)

    Lohit: all the best!! Do it!

    Laksh: I am in!! Do it ! Good luck! :)

  43. Dhanya: i'm in--both my kids want me to do it!! :)

  44. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Project 30 is much better than the Project 365, no? :-D

    Found your blog listed on Indiblogger. Will catch up on the archives and future posts soon :-)

  45. Go for it definitely Preeti...I will comment on every single post :)

    Cheers and all the very best!

  46. You should go for this marathon if u feel strongly for it whether u get 50 comments(or more) or not. By the way, everyone just loves your blog and sometimes as it happens that if we like something very deeply, no comments can match our true feeling. So, u must go ahead! Best wishes for u.:-)

  47. Neki aur poochh poochh ;) :P?

    Ofcourse Preeti - go for it! Will read and comment looking forward to it!

  48. please do it. would love to read it. it would be easy peasy for you am sure. i did it in april , n it was fun. dont have the time to do now in june again. lets see. will try as much as i can. good luck..

  49. Go go go for it PS :-)

  50. Chitra: thanks!! I will :)

    Momo's ma: Oh wow--you already did it! Not easy peasy for me. But I do plan to complete :)

    Shachi: Thanks a lot! Especially a thank you for saying you will comment regularly!

    Roshan: thank you so very much for those very encouraging words.

    Jyotiajay: Thanks :)

  51. Palsworld: i really appreciate that! Thank you so much! :)

    Rechristened: welcome to my blog. yes of course 30 is better than 365 :) Archives will take a you a loooooooong time to go through. I'd suggest you read my book :-)

  52. Preeti,

    You must go ahead and make it more memorable than the last time. Moreover, I don't feel any of ur posts are fillers in any case. They are so apt and beautifully crafted, you should go ahead with the thought.

    BTW, I feel any artist may it be a poet or writer or any form of art, feeds on feedback. But how does it matter if you do something which you love doing? No worries if comments are not pouring in even if you know people follow you. It's just that you enjoy ur passion. I might even plunge into it but of course would require a bit of inspiration from your marathon :P

    Waiting for your marathon to begin soon. All the best!

  53. Hi Preeti,

    I think you should go ahead with the blog marathon. I have been thinking of doing the same for some time now and this might just be the inspiration. However, I started work today so things have gotten very hectic and I have a much much much smaller readership now than I had 2-3 years my work will be for posterity :P

    All the best to you and hopefully I will jump in as well!!!

  54. Raam pyari: thanks so much! yes I am indeed going ahead. In fact, first post already up!

    Abhi: yes i am indeed going ahead! Yes you are right in what you said about feedback :) And like I told you in my next book (which will be out soon), one of the main characters is Abhi :) So to see Abhi in my comment box feels so strange! :)

  55. i'm so glad u've gone ahead! who knows i may be motivated to join ;p

  56. go for it! I will definitely comment daily if that motivates you :)

  57. you should you should you should!!!:)
    i got irregular with the blogging worls because of a hectic work schedule and now that im back,i would never want to miss out on what u write..and when its gonna happen daily,it would be awesome!!
    btw,i started another blog in addition to the current one,its purely a photo blog,do check when u get time


  58. Preeti: haha.. hearing the same from u feels strange as well.. supposedly m most eager to read ur next book, probably one of the lead characters being Abhi :)

    Hope I can connect to it personally ;)

    BTW regarding my attempt to go for a Blogging marathon, I am as well getting ready with a specific theme for the whole month

  59. got inspired by you, preeti .. Am also giving my try to Blog Marathon


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