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Some postcards from UK (blog marathon Post 2)

This picture was clicked in January this year from my kitchen window. We had just got back from a trip to India, where the temperatures were hovering around a hot 34 degrees :-) It was snowing very hard in the U.K. They say it was the worst snow they have had in the last 10 years. The children's schools had to be closed for 2 days as we were all snowed in. The kids loved it though! I loved the whiteness of it--the acres and acres of white. I really enjoyed the snow but my favourite season remains spring. You will see why in the next picture :)

Just look at them! Aren't they amazing? April in UK is Daffodil time. They grow on roadsides, in gardens, in parks, in every little nook and cranny. They are bulbs and once a bulb is planted they keep sprouting and increasing. They don't need much looking after. They are seasonal though, and once the season is over, they lie quietly under the ground, waiting for next spring.

This is a beach in a place called   Lowestoft , Suffolk which is the Easternmost point in the UK. It was a very sunny day when we went. Yet after a while, especially when the cold wind started blowing, we needed our jackets. I find it amazing that the sun in the U.K does not have the same intensity of heat that it has in India. The obvious reason being what we all learnt in our geography--about the tropic of Cancer passing through India and UK being closer to North pole, but yet to experience it in person is something else!

The photograph above was clicked by me at a place called York, in Yorkshire county in UK. We were on vacation and this was at a botanical park there. It is a very old barn which was used as a hospital during the second World War . I loved how it seemed like straight out of a picture storybook! Look at the picture. It gives you a feeling that anytime now a witch may fly out of it on her broom, isn't it? :-) They now use it to hold wedding banquets, receptions and  parties and it can be privately hired.

This photo too was clicked at a street in York. At one corner one can see one of the towers of York Minister which is a massive cathedral, one of the largest in Europe. I loved this very English architecture and I loved the way the houses seemed huddled together because of the cold :-)

These are just a few of the thousands of photos which I have clicked.But I think they give you a good flavour of UK.

Current mood video (see right) :  Soundtrack from Motion picture Notting hill "When you say nothing at all" Ronan Keating


  1. nice collection.. liked it!

  2. Love the flowers - Spring this year in CA is late and right now its gorgeous everywhere....

    And your comment about the true! - its very parents would walk out in the backyard thinking its sunny, and come right back in shivering :)

  3. really nice pictures.happy blogging.

  4. Beautiful pictures Preeti.
    Those daffodils are gorgeous and the leafless barren tree of York is a beauty too :D :D

    Keep writing!!

  5. beautiful pictures :)
    and my favourite season's spring too :D

  6. Loved those pics.. :)
    Wonderful variety.. :)

  7. these are awesome Preeti :)

  8. Lovely pictures, the daffodils are gives me a high just looking at them from so far away:-)

  9. wow! The snow looks heavenly. Wish we'd get some of it here in Delhi too

  10. Lovely pictures. Loved the daffodils the most. Brings a smile on instantly ;)

  11. Loved those daffodills..We(Ppl in Indai) will see these in movies & posters only...
    you r talking about Only 34 degree...For us (HYD ppl)34 is normal..Now it is 44+ :( :P

  12. Beautiful Pictures

  13. Loved the pic of the street in York

  14. Wow..very nice pictures...
    Thanks for sharing the postcards :) :)

  15. 34 degrees is hovering.?? we have experienced 47 degrees this year and 2 degrees as well.! Nice pics anyway.

    Shantanu. India.

  16. Beautiful pics!

    Bulbs :) I quite like this word.
    I felt the same as soon as I saw the picture of the barn, felt like a still from Harry Porter.

    I love the architecture in Europe - you should go to Paris some day, it's awesome! And so is Switzerland, everything there is like a picture out of a book :)

  17. Loved all the pics :) Especially the one of the barn in York and the one taken from your kitchen window. The latter reminded me of Max Payne video game :P :)

  18. I loved the Daffodils pic the most. Very bright and cheerful! :D

  19. The daffodils r gorgeous. I luvv the 5th pic too. U hv an eye for details :)

    Got to know u r dng the marathon from Monika's blog. I am dng it too. Gr8 to hv company :)

  20. Lovely pics! Thanx for sharing them. Enjoy all u can!!

  21. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Guru gud, chela cheeni.
    Ma photographer, beta super photographer.

    I heard both of you are participating in blogadda contest.

    Best of luck to both

    Atul rocks!

  22. love the pics nice..specially houses..awesome!

  23. Picturesque postcards all!!!Flowers especially...reminded me of the Coldplay song 'yellow'!! (though I know the song wasn't about daffodils) :)

  24. MS: Thanks! :)

    Dhanya: thanks :)

    Harman: welcome to my blog! I too liked the houses :)

    Lostworld: i used to like coldplay some time back :)

    Rohit: I have to agree with you on last sentence :) Thanks :)

    Chandni:Thanks :)

    Swaram: Good luck with the marathon! Thanks a lot :) Welcome to my blog but I am sure I have seen you around :)

    Mamta: Oh yes. they are gorgeous indeed!

  25. Ajay: Now all we need is a gunman and to do is figure out how to incorporate bullet time ;-)Thanks! :) I too loved the barn one. See the small board in front of it? It announces a reception which was going on inside.

    Sparkling: Yes--S has been to Paris many times. Seeing all his pics I feel i have already gone there! :)

    Shanthanu: It was 34 in december :) This pic was clicked in Jan. yes I have experienced 46-48 too. I used to live in pondicherry :)

    Life begins: thanks!

    Aathira: York is very picturesque.

  26. Prats: thanks :)

    Nischii: yes I too have experienced 46-48. Used to live in chennai and pondicherry :) Yeah--i too had not seen daffodils till I moved here.

    Anusha: yes :) thanks :)

    Meira: No snow anymore here. this was in Jan.

    Refelctions: they were truly amazing.

    Nu:Thank U!

    Sushobhan:Thank you!

    Sucheta:Thanks :)

    Chatterbox:Thanks :)

  27. Jyotiajay:Thanks!

    Shachi: oh yes.The sun is so deceptive in these parts :)

    Mihir: Coming from you its a great compliment.thanks :)

  28. Great photos Preeti...the daffodils look awesome, specially the pic clicked by Atul :) And, I love the way the houses in York seem so similar to each other.


  29. Why did I miss visiting York!!? :( :(

    It is definitely in my places to visit list now.

  30. lovely pictures Preeti!! The flowers look like they talk to us!! Snow is awesome! Will ad UK in my places to visit wishlist now!!:-)


  31. Nice pics, loved the ones of daffodils the most..remembered daffodils by Wordsworth :)

  32. awesome pics.. Especially the spring season flowers.. They can really rejuvenate the saddest of souls..:)

  33. Beautiful pictures

  34. Beautiful pictures and ofcourse wonderful and sturdy architecture :)

  35. gr8 shots of houses...


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