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Lost--Reward if found (Blog marathon post 22)

Lost: A sense of humour
Last seen:  Buried  somewhere in in the stack of dishes to be washed /pile of laundry to be done/room to be cleaned
Reward if found: A big wide grin

Lost: Enthusiasm that had been taken for granted
Last seen: Flailing its arms and running away to Himalayas
Reward if found:  A cup of coffee (err... can you make it yourself? :P Enthusiasm might run away again if I take my eyes off it :P )

Lost: Ability to take criticism
Last seen: Being bashed up, bloodied and being badly beaten in a volley of words
Reward if found: A good dose of cattiness--I'll even throw in some verbal volleys, too.They're free.

Lost: Patience (Especially with people who do not read up and instead send silly mails expecting answers to silly questions)
Last seen: Buried in the pile of mails that ask me all kinds of things just because I have a policy of 'responding back'
Reward if found: A personalised poster of Mr. Silly?

Lost: Willingness to continue with this marathon.
Last seen: Buried in the archives of this blog
Reward if found: 8 more posts till the end of the month.

Now, quick, quick..Are you going to help me look for all the lost things or are you just going to read and leave?  :-)


  1. Here is a hot cup of coffee with a big wide grin from me for you to gear up with enthusiasm and take some stupid criticism with a lot patience and probably an absent shrug, ardently willing you to continue with the marathon :)...

  2. Ha ha ha an awesome post....

    I remember a verse though said about presence of god but is true for what all is lost :-)

    "Moko kahan dhoonde bande, main to tere paas mein.
    Na mandir main na masjid main, na kabe na kailash main"

  3. Okay... so thats how things are... never seen a post like this before from u... it is a good post... but sans the usual enthusiasm.... ah.. well... u said u lost it... if it makes u feel any better, the whole blog marathon thing is a brave move... and m reading everyone of it... I comment when I have an opinion or view to share... but when there is no opinion, I don't know how else to let u knw that I have read it... and usually ur posts stay for 3-4 days and the readers have time to comment. But now since u have a new post everyday, the comments would be always on the latest... okay, so.. in a nut shell.... I think everyone;s reading ur blog and appreciating it too... so hope u get back all thats lost... and then, its human to lose all this once in a while... m giving u too much gyan??? :d.... take care Preeti and God bless u.... :)

  4. Really amusing and creative post:-) how did u got the idea?

  5. Amusing..but nice ,light ,,,,

  6. very different from your usual posts.. You are so sensitive and caring and this doesn't sound like you.. confused!

  7. Doli: heheheh. Maybe I ahve different sides of me :) Post was tagged 'funny/amusing' :)

    Harman: thanks :) was meant to be amusing.

    Roshan: Because I do get emails from so many people just asking questions for the sake of asking, desperately seeking attention because I do reply to all mails.I sometimes get tired of these incessant demands.

    Pointblank: It was mostly in good humour only! Post was tagged 'funny/amusing' :-) An exercise in creative writing. But hey--thanks so much :)

  8. Prats: Glad u saw the humour! Thank you!

    Anusha: Aye aye m'am. *gratefully gulps the coffee and the praise* :D

  9. Lost: Willingness to continue with this marathon.
    Last seen: Buried in the archives of this blog
    Reward if found: 8 more posts till the end of the month.

    ohhhhhh preeti -- you should not loose ur willingness to continue. You have inspired me to blog for the entire month as well. I was neglecting my blog after my baby was born..... and after i read that u were going to blog for 1 month, I though I should do it too.. I read all ur posts...and so do so many one even visits my blog :) but I still write everyday thinkin someday I myself will visit back and read the stuff that I wrote. You should defintiely not stop now.
    good luck- 8 more days

  10. Infact here is the link to my first blog

    where I mentioned ur name

  11. Seema: So sweet! Will surely read. I was kidding only. Post tag says 'funny/amusing' :) and u have a visitor :)

  12. oh darn..i totally missed the funny/amusing label :)
    but it was so unlike u, esp the one where u said u received mails from ppl who asked silly questions, anyways ..wanted to let u know that u did indeed inspire me for the blog marathon,came out in this form ------:)
    take care......

  13. Seema: It did feel good to be reassured though! Thank you. you take care too! :-)

  14. Preeti when you started the blog marathon, I too decided to write daily for one month[as a private memoir] in order to improve my writing skills.Whew!I think I wrote for a week and I quit.
    You are doing an amazing job. Inspite of having a family and its responsibilities you take time and a lot of effort to come up with something creative every day. Hats off to you. Let this amazing flow of creativity always be there with you.
    I wish the blog marathon was there for a whole year, hehehe.

  15. No, i really wanted to know. Sometimes children trigger these funny ideas.

  16. awesome post... totally cool idea :)

  17. oh much lost!!! I already had the reward for #2. Hope the lost item reached you safely;-) And I sure want the reward for #5. Just 8 more to goooo.....Reading your page has become a habit for me every morning now!! So looking forward to this everyday!!!!

  18. Haha !!! :-) Hey by the end of this post, your sense of humour was restored. So I wait for the reward :D

  19. Awesome post & even Pics goes with that ...
    Lost:Reading ur 2day's blog
    Last seen:Reading yest's blog
    Reward:Sure that i will get another interesting blog 2moro :P

  20. hahaha!
    Just 8 more posts to go. then we'l take a vacation, drink only mango shake and eat only gobhi paranthas. And not reply to any comment or mail. Till then,we'l scrounge for blog fodder. Go on, review a book or a movie we should watch, Post a pic of the last place you visited, an old mama moment. Go PS go :D

  21. See, I'm so helpful, I helped you despite it being a funny funny post :P

  22. Lol! :D :D

    Are you always this interesting, or is this a special treat? Do I get that big grin here? ;p

    I've a good back hand you see! ;)

    P.S: My coffee was good today :))

  23.'s a hug for you! and i just had a cup of coffee for you.. khush?! ;)

    you are doing a great job! loved the pictures

    (we think so alike sometimes...a post of mine loooooong back started similiarly...but my lost sense of humor was due to the exams)

  24. Guess its a list you encounter almost daily. And the last one... Hmm.. There are so many who love to read your musings everyday.. Keep going.. The goal is only a short distant away.. :)
    Can I add my own 'lost & found'...

    Lost : Sense of time
    Last seen: Working(Staring) in front of the workstation
    Reward if found : A good night's rest and an outing near a jungle creek

  25. hhahahahahhaha. Hilarious post Preeti :) Amazing imagery of enthusiasm running to the Himalayas arms flailing :) the cartoons were very nice and apt too. Waiting for more of such stuff with donkey like grin :D

  26. Oh no! No no no! We need to find the last lost item! :)
    I can make coffee for you.. or ginger tea if you want - that's my speciality :)

  27. Found everything thing that u lost...just look around ...u too will find them :) :):) see it? so its not at all lost.

  28. Very creative post... I don't think I have come across a more creative blogger than you :)

    PS: Please continue the marathon.

  29. Hey Preeti as usual the post is also full of fun an mast :-0 abd yes only 8 days go... But that's not the end... I will love visting u'r blog and read all the nice post u submit one after another...

    Cheers and have a nice time,

  30. Anish: yes--only 8 days Thanks :)

    Aathira: thanks :) I will :)

    Chandni: Found found! I knew you would help me! :)

    MS: we need to meet! Like tomo! :) do come over! :)

  31. Ajay: Waiting to see you grin :) Loved your comment :)

    Nandagopan: It was in jest only :) Hope u get what u lost :P :)

    Suma; Maha-khush Thanks :)

    Sparkling: HUGE W___I___D___E grin :) Gald u enjoyed ur coffee :)

    Meira: fellow traveller--yesyesyesyesyesyes..God bless our blogging souls :D

    Nischit: U're rewarded :D Thanks :)

  32. Lostworld: u're rewarded too :)

    Rohit:Thank you :)

    Durga: reached reacxhed..thank you :)

    Dr.Roshan:Thanks :) I didnt know you still read my blog :)

    Roshan: It wasnt the children..It was indeed those irritating people who triggered the idea for this post.

    Ariel:Thank you so very much!

  33. For a mintue there, I thought you were not going to write anymore, then saw that there were posts after this post and heaved a sigh of relief! Loved the first lost and found, please flash that lovely smile over and over again!

    I have commented I think previously also, not sure on what posts though.

  34. Hahahahaaaa.....super post Preeti!!! No words of advice from this side coz judging by the current post it sure looks like u've found it;-D.

    Jokes apart I'm glad u wrote this post...we got to see this side of u too. I dont knw if u knw but u come across as a superwoman atleast to me.....I'm this easy-going types who cant be bothered to take cue from anybody but if there's anybody who inspires me not to waste even a minute in the day its U.
    U r doing a marvellous job in this marathon giving us 'worthy' posts everyDAY of the month whether it is to ponder over, laugh with, get us all nostalgic or teaching us something new. Thank U!!!!!

  35. Ummmm havent overdone it, have I;-o?????

  36. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha .... This was a hilarious post!!! Hope you found whatever you were looking for :)

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.


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