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Everybody needs a personal sanctuary (Blog marathon post 14)

The English Dictionary defines a sanctuary as a sacred or Holy place. I think everybody needs a personal sanctuary of their own. A positive happy place, where you can take refuge, when you get a few knocks from life. And trust me, sooner or later we all do. If you haven't I'd just say that either you haven't lived long enough or you haven't lived at all.
I am fortunate enought to have my own private room which I call 'my studio'. It is equipped with a nice comfortable double bed, my desk, a cozy bean bag, a chest of drawers that houses all my Art supplies, a wardrobe/cupboard which has my favourite art books and also my paintings which I store.(as I have painted at least a 100 pictures and I cannot possibly hang up all of them) The picture you see above is a picture clicked on a rainy day when I was sitting at my desk. (It is an antique desk the top of which can be folded. I absolutely love this piece of furniture). I like to sit at my desk and lose myself completely in creating stuff. It matters so much to me. If I do not create I go mad.

I think everybody needs a place like this, where you can escape to, when life gets to you. If you live in a small apartment with space constraint and if you aren't particularly fond of creating stuff, perhaps the best solution would be a 'peaceful corner'. Keep your favourite things there--a bean bag maybe and maybe that favourite photo which makes you smile just when you think of it and a couple of favourite books? Whatever makes you happy really! Make it a 'sacred space'. It is your space and your time there is your time. No interference from friends, spouse, off springs--no-one really.When you need some pampering, spend time there.

It works for me. Every single time. :-)

Do you have a sacred space/ritual to recharge yourself? What do you do? If you share I am listening. :-)
ps: 1.I have been asked to judge the Blogadda contest .It would be fun to read all the different  posts about 'first crush' by so many people.. Follow the link in case you want to read the posts.
2. I would be replying to the lovely comments in my previous post tomorrow. Thank you so much for the comments. Much appreciate the encouragement.
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  1. Oh lovely :)

    Mine is my bedroom right now, and I plan to put a rocker-recliner chair near the window very soon (it's on back order and I can't wait for it to be delivered)! That would be my go-to place....

    Another very peaceful and liberating thing for me is meditation - I don't particularly have a favorite place/corner for it, but its usually my bedroom floor :).

  2. You have a bed in your studio! I am so jealous :P

  3. Hello Preeti, nice to nice that you have such a nice and cozy place of your own, and yes it is just awesome as you have over time collected a vast variety of collectable with you.
    What i do when i wants to get cut out and be in a shell, i lock my head into some thing to read (online / book) and listen to music no matter what they are.

    Cheers and have a nice day....


  4. It's too good! It's so nice of you to explain everything so nicely in this post! I wondered how people become so perfect with pencil / graphite, not knowing about these awesome collection of erasers.

    And, I knew about this excellent blog of yours only after the declaration from "BlogAdda", that you are going to be the judge of "First-crush-stories" contest!

    Thanks and regards!

  5. I don't have a fixed sanctuary in my home, where ever I read books a sanctuary is created. I completely agree with u that there should be sanctuary in the life of every person. But we should go further, we should create sanctuaries for others.

  6. Mine is inside my car. Everytime I need a time off I take it for a spin

  7. Settling on the corner of my bed with the pillow as back rest and the side table laid out with books preferably magazines. I enjoy reading the magazine section of the newspapers ( especially the sunday hindu).

    BTW, I am surprised how beautifully you can write about such simple things of life. Keep it going, gal.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. 'My side of the bed' it is for me, my sanctuary :)

  10. It used to be the terrace on my house! Now it is a bench in a park near my house. Every time I go there, I just lose myself. I feel so fresh and calm after spending a few minutes there. And oh... I have a quick fix for other times when I cant go that far - I have a fairy tale book, which I read whenever I get tensed - It makes me feel happy. And no matter how many times I have read the story before, it makes me happy every time I read that book.

  11. MS: I too love childrens books! Which book may i ask?

    Meira: I also love my side of bed :)

    Asha: thanks :) Yes many tell me I write abit 'simple things in a nice way'.I take that as a compliment. I too love reading magazine section of weekend newspaper.

    Prats: yes! I used to do that too. But now have to get a British licence.

    Roshan: i think each one can do it only for themselves as only each one knows what makes them happy.

    Jyotiajay:Thanks :)

  12. Shankha:welcome to my blog and glad you liked it :)Thanks for the compliments too.

    anish: Did not get that about vast variety of collectibles. In the photo is my artists mannequin--and must have if you are drawing human figures. rest is just my knock-knacks.

    Bhavya: double bed :P :) Its a spare bedroom actually converted to a studio so for a studio it is large :)

    Shachi: nice!! I too do meditation sometimes :) In fact minutes before i wrote this post a friend sent some meditation music!

  13. lovely pic...i love windows :)

    the next house i move to, i'm going to get a room all to myself :p but seriously i do miss a space where i can just retire to and shut out the outside world (mainly cries of mummmy! wifey!!! and what have you) :D

  14. A concept of a sacred place itself is so wonderful!!! My sanctuary is a cane swing hung at the end of my hall; I just sit there listening to good music with a soft lamp on. The worries of the world just vanish :)

    Btw, agree with Asha. You do write about simple things in a beautiful way. Not many people have that ability or willingness.

  15. thats great timing!! I have initiated work on doing up my own space - just a part of the room, which I can call my "own", was pretty excited about my plan, and here I read about it!!
    I would have loved it to be near a window, but unfortunately it's not!!:-(
    Though I am happy about what I am going to have soon, hopefully someday in future I will have my real "dream" corner!!!
    Love your picture on a rainy day!!

  16. I have to find one....Generally its anywhere I feel like.
    How introspecting your posts can get Preeti...

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I have Puffin's Children Classics too :) and I know thats your favorite. I read a book called Hans Anderson's fairy tales - I'll check the publication today. haven't bothered to until now :P

  19. MS: I love the Puffin book of poetry for children.Hans anderson's complete collection I already have :)

    Rohan:Then you need not find.That is YOUR sanctuary! Thanks :)

    Durga: Somehow I loved that pic too! And may your dream of window in your space come true!

    Palsworld: My friend has a similar swing in her balcony and whenever I went to her house I used to head straight there :)

    Suma: oh yes--we all need to escape from being a wife and mother ALL the time! :)

  20. Yeh true. Back home I used to consider my room like that. Here since I'm living alone the whole house is my studio :D

  21. always we need personal space....!nice post

  22. Harman: yes--we all should have one!

    Dhanya: what Bliss!! Lucky you! :)

  23. Completely agree with you. A small space to ourselves is a great sanctuary and that picture of yours make me yearning for one by the window. Its a bliss to watch those raindrops seated by your window sill. Kind of romantic...

  24. Oops
    i missed commenting on this post on time.

    best of luck with blogadda :)

  25. hi Preeti, i meant that over time i have seen in your blog many artistic sketches / painting / art / personal made greeting.. and so, all this by itself is a vast collectable in my term as i do not rate my self a artist (but i can trace ;-) )


    Btw i loved the latest post image (Mango milk shake) as after 3 years i was in Pune during Summer and i had mango every day during my visit to Pune.
    And enjoy the summer

  26. Very nicely said, preethaka. The picture above of your room and window reminds me of the rainy season in India when we were kids.

    My personal me time is when I do what I most like to do "Create"(Guess it runs in our family preethaka) either drawing, jewelry designing and making jewelry or watching TV(when there are no kids around). But, this 'me time' comes by very rearly for me.......

  27. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I love this post.. maybe its the sight of the mango milkshakes :) I could just imagine you making them for your family and then enjoying it in your garden. How I wish it were only 19 degrees hot here in Hyd too :)

  28. I have been thinking of this for a long time...

    I want a place where I know my things are all kept, where I can access them when required. I love desks, with many drawers so that I can organize my stuff and each thing has its place.

    This post has made me want that desk real bad.

  29. OH yes, a sacred space. I have my whole bedroom set up this I suppose that is my sacred space. The books and journals are piled up beside the bed. Photos on the on the walls. Yes, that is where I go when I need to retreat from the world.

    I think you are right, we all need a space like that. xox

  30. Thank you for good post - here in Hong Kong there is little space but I advise listening to meditation music and go to a park - then a big space becomes your own.


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