You, my mirror (a poem)


It's already day 7 of my blog marathon! Check out the side bar on the left and see archives for previous posts. I am doing a new post, daily for a month!

 For today's post , I thought I'd write a poem as it's been a while since I wrote one.The last I wrote, I'd been commissioned by Conde Nast to write one for a special issue of theirs.

 Today, I  used a random prompt generator, and the prompt it gave me was Mirror. It was a 3 minute exercise.
I started writing it. and after three minutes ended, I continued for about 28 minutes more.

Here's what I came up with.



You, my mirror

Tell me things I’d rather not hear

You, my mirror

Show me  what I didn’t think would appear


You, my mirror

Reflect not my thoughts, but your own

You, my mirror

Whisper sentiments I’d never known


You, my mirror

Stoic, smiling back through tears

You my mirror

Giving me courage, suppressing my fears


You my mirror,

Of my heart the sole occupant

You my mirror

Without you my life would be vacant


You my mirror,

A portal to my dream

You my mirror

Bind me with a silent scream


In you, my mirror

I find myself lost
Forever we will be in

Waves of love, tossed


Oh my mirror

Will we swim? Or will we shatter

If I’m  merged with my mirror
It ceases to matter.




© 2022 Preeti Shenoy

For more poems click here. Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.





  1. Hi Preeti. Wow! I cannot believe today is already Day 7 of your Blog. I am yet to read the earlier ones, so plan on doing so soon and commenting as well. It was a pleasure to read this poem about the Mirror. I could relate to most of the things which you wrote about. The way you write makes one want to keep reading your books and poems. Looking forward to the rest of the posts in the Blog Marathon :-)

  2. Really loved the poem. In fact I look forward to all your posts in blog marathon. When you did one in 2020, I started collage journalling. And I do it sometimes even now, especially when I get bored. I fond your posts both helpful, informative and interesting:)

    1. So glad that my blog post helped you start a journal! Thank you for leaving a comment and letting me know <3

  3. Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the most creative as anyone can be?
    Well we all know it is Preetiji.

    Namaskaram Preetiji your poem is filled with brilliant images and reflections.
    Every hue and colour and shades of life are wonderfully represented.

    This one word creative exercise is really fruitful.I remember you used to give these one words and ask us to build stories around it in 3 minutes.Be it "Mask" "Gift" or others.

    Well I have continued that exercise on my own and I have written about 50 odd short write-ups around different words.

    So thank you for showing me a less travelled path and that has made all the difference.

    Lots of Love& Respect & Pranam

    1. Thank you! When did I do that? It was perhaps the site I posted a link to. Alas, that site is no longer secure (i checked).
      Glad you have continued ! Its a great creativity exercise.


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