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 Hello there!

For today's post I thought I'd do a fun post. So i decided to do a  Sunday Stealing

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1) What one event from your lifetime would you change if you could, and why?

I wouldn't change a thing. Our experiences , especially  the most painful ones are what has made us who we are today.

2) If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be and how old would your younger self be when they got it? Do you think your younger self would listen?

I'd probably tell my 21 year old self that it would all work out for the better. I'd be successful and well known. I'd tell my 21 year old self that the best is yet to come, and I would be living the life of my dreams. My 20 year old self would probably say 'whatever'.

3) If you could have a conversation with the historical figure of your choosing, whom would you pick and why? What would you talk about?

Wouldn't  particularly talk to a historical figure. But I'd love to have met Oscar Wilde, and talked about what inspired him to write Nightingale and the Rose.

4) What's a safety rule that's very important to you?

Wear seat belts while driving. Wear Helmets while riding. Never drink and drive. Never leave your drink unattended at a pub or at a party. Carry a pepper spray.

5) What would you like to say to people in the future?
Reels were a trend, Tik Tok was banned and we survived a pandemic!

6) What's your favorite dish to bring to a summer cookout?
I ain't bringing no dishes..I'd order pizza :)

7) How much time have you spent outdoors this week?

Around 14 hours.

8) Where do you set your thermostat?

Fortunately I don't need that in this part of the world. Mother Nature sets it for me :) It's currently 15 degrees at night and 26 during the day.

9) How did you learn to swim?
My father taught me and I learnt in a river.

10) How do you avoid overheating?
Overheating my brain--I take breaks. Overheating my body--I hydrate :)

11). What are you going to do this weekend?
Spent my whole day buried in the edits of my next book.

12) What’s your favorite way to spend time?
It used to be travelling. But these days it's mostly watching Korean shows, illustrated journalling and reading.

13) What’s the most useless thing you own that you would never get rid of?

I thought long and hard about this. I realised that everything I own is either beautiful and gives me joy or it is super-useful. I get rid of useless stuff immediately.

14) Have you started planning your next vacation?

Yes! And I hope to travel with my mother.

15) Are you very active, or do you prefer to just relax in your free time or is it one and the same to you?
It is one and the same to me. I draw, i spend time in my garden, I read, I walk around various lakes.


I hope you enjoyed my answers.
See you tomorrow!


ps: Today is day 10 of blog marathon


  1. It's strange, it's all about magic of hope... Now I would like to say you a thanks for finding it words, it's mean a lot for me and many, ofcourse our thoughts and way of understanding life changes by experiences... Reading something really makes it work like we are there,... I didn't have any reading habits of books or novels, a small war with my lecturer at college makes me to chill out at library, when I am enjoying fun, I found "life is what you make it,..." What about the situation it is, I completed reading it in two days, and then many books,... Of yours and someone's too.... Now I don't know why but I am started writing... This is an idiot story but... If the universe makes a magic, it reaches us at correct time... If it doesn't work the magic happens by you.... Thank you dear, this is Sai Ganesh Rudrakshala...!

    1. So glad you went to the library that day! Keep writing Sai!

  2. How nice to see you commenting. My most useless thing is something I would never throw away...too many emotional feelings, but it's definitely useless otherwise!

    1. Oh! I never counted the things I keep out of sentimental value--because they are not 'useless'!

  3. Replies
    1. What a sweet comment! That too an anonymous one! Love to you too!

  4. I enjoyed your answers! Stopping by as a fellow participant in Sunday Stealing.

    1. I enjoyed reading your answers too! I hope you received my comment :) This is so much fun--to meet fellow bloggers.

  5. Getting rid of things immediately is a good habit to have. From Sunday Stealing!

    1. Left a comment on your post too. Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Namaskaram Preetiji.A different day a different layer.It is a relaxing post ...Though the whole Q&A thing is overtly fun but there are subtle meanings to it.

    Your answers give a great learning "never lead life with regrets".

    You are one of the intelligent and lucky few who doesn't have much useless stuff in life....

    We all are guilty of so many of them meaningless purchases,things which we do not use for years,useless emotions,toxic people,exploitative exes who just coming back and people who constantly borrow money and then "Gone with the wind".

    Keep going on Mam keep on inspiring.Thank you

    Lots of Love,Regards & Devotion to you

    1. Thank you Sourabh for your kindness as always. Don't lend if they don't return the money. If they don't return back themselves, then its a good price you piad to get rid of them :D

  7. Hi Preeti. I read this post yesterday, but felt like reading it again. The answers brought a smile to my face. I too would eat pizza and not take anything for a summer cookout. Now that the COVID situation has improved, I hope I can travel to one of my favorite destinations in the South. As I work 6 days a week, the weekend is only one day and that is on Sunday. My family and I were feeling so blessed to visit a Temple at the border of Kerala and Karnataka after 3 years! Once again, I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to your posts everyday :-)

  8. Hi I am verymuch fond of your
    question with your own answer.
    Practically we come across thise
    type of question in everydaylife .Nice
    to see your real and loving answer. Keep it going and giving pleasure .


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