5 Big Questions To Decide If It's The Right Job



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One of my readers asked me this question:

We all need to earn money--and most of us do it by taking up a job.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself, before you decide if it is the job is right for you:

1. How does it make you feel? 

What is your gut feel? I think most of us ignore our gut feel, because we are swayed by the financial packages a company offers. Forget about the money that it offers for a brief while. Does the work itself excite you?

2. Does the work align with what you value?

For example, you might want a job that has specific deadlines, and you might want to work in a group. Or you might want a lot of autonomy and flexibility.  Different companies have different policies. Choose a company whose values match closely with yours. 

3. Is the work challenging? 

Will you get bored in a couple of months when the newness wears off? Does it give you space to grow? If it doesn't you might feel demotivated.

4. Do you like the work atmosphere? 

 You will be spending many hours in this company. Right now, most of us are working from home. But at some point, there will come a time when you would have to go into the office at least twice or thrice a week.  Certain other companies might want you to come in all 6 days of the week. Do you like the  feel of the place? Can you imagine yourself belonging here?

5. Does it align with your long term goals? 

When I wanted to become a writer, I took up jobs in a newspaper and I wrote for magazines. Then I went on to write for anthologies, and then I wrote my book. Had I taken up a corporate job, it would have been far from my goal of becoming a novelist. Take up a job that aligns with your long term career goals.

There's one other thing to consider about the amount of money that you  make in a job. Never take up a job solely because it pays well.
The thing about 'earning well' is that it is never enough. No matter how much you earn, the human mind is always such that you quickly get used to the comforts and luxuries, and your mind tricks you into looking for the 'next big thing'. The consumerist society we live in, doesn't help.
If you live in a 3 bed room apartment, you are looking at the time when you can afford to buy a row house. If you live in a row house, you crave for a villa. If you live in a villa, you are looking at the next new project which offers even more amenities and luxuries.

I've writen about this in detail in my non-fiction self help book The Magic Mindset.

Do read the book (highlighted word is a link)  if you haven't yet read it. It has an entire section on money and finances.

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  1. Namaskaram Preetiji .As always you have done a brilliant 360 analysis of the topic and effectively and eloquently covered all relevant points.You are absolutely right on all counts.

    As far as I am concerned I can tick all the above points for the work I do.I truly love my work as an investor and trader in the stock market working for myself with the objective of daily earnings as well as long term wealth creation.

    But Mam it is so difficult and disheartening when people assume that I do nothing coz I have been working from home for the past decade and now my money is working for me but they assume that I am unemployed.Now I can't keep showing my balance sheet to people just to prove them wrong.Though I am earning much much more than when I was working as an employee yet it is painful to prove myself every time in front of people coz the most disgusting question I am often asked "What are you doing nowadays?".Hell I have been doing the same work for the past decade which I am good at and which I thoroughly enjoy.Mam please suggest how to deal with this situation?

    Thank you so so much.
    Immense Love,Respect & Devotion to you.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’›

    1. Hi Sourabh
      People will always talk! More so if you are successful.
      I have written 15 books, and people still see it as a hobby!! :)
      Beyond a point you simply shouldn't care.
      Hope this helps
      Love and regards

  2. I'm a fresher at my job and relatives have already started ringing wedding bell. Your blogs really contribute for my decision making! Thank you for writing about these topics.

    1. Really glad my blog posts help. Yes, I can imagine the pressure! Indian society for you!

  3. Madam,Where u always aspiring to be a writer because u had written that u had a corporate job? My second question is weren't u scared of giving up the job?

  4. Hi Preeti. This was another interesting and helpful post. I think many people should ask these questions before applying for a job. These questions will also be helpful when one is interested in changing their jobs. Since we spend 90 percent of our time at work, we should be in an environment which makes us feel comfortable and respected. The work should be interesting and not monotonous and once these factors start coming in the way of our every day tasks, it is time to ring the warning bell and think of other options. Once again, I really enjoyed reading this post. Take care :-)


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