Don't worry about what they think of you!

All of us are guilty of  giving too much of  importance to how others perceive our actions. We want to be loved and approved by all. We crave validation from others. There's a evolutionary reason for this.As children, we're dependent on our parents approval for every single thing.

Human babies  are completely dependent on their parents. As a species, our emotional well being depends on how well we fit into the 'larger group'. Hence this craving is hard-wired into most of us.

 The fact is not everyone will like us, or understand us. The younger you are, the harder this is to accept.

 The older we get, the surer we become of who we are as people. It becomes easier to stop caring what others think of us.

 Have you noticed how really old people do not care at all about what others think of their actions?  They do as they please!

 Today I posted this on my instagram:



If you have trouble accepting yourself and if you crave approval from others,  a tool  I highly  recommend is mindfulness practised through meditation. The benefits are numerous. I have written about it in detail, in my book The Magic Mindset.


I have explained in detail how to start meditating, if you have never meditated before.  I have given  simple steps that anyone can follow.


As we make it a daily habit, our mind is able to focus on the big picture. The opinions and actions of others affect us lesser and lesser.  We find more joy in our life, and we lead better lives.

Do pick up the book, if you haven't. Many write to me and tell me it has helped them a lot. (click here to buy)

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  1. If you don't mind it doesn't matter but with matters of the mind it is difficult for things and people to not matter.

    Namaskaram Preetiji.Another day another insightful post from you which again reactivates so many areas in the mind.So many points to ponder about.

    Yes you are so so right that if we do care too much about others opinions and validation it does affect our mental health and well-being.

    Thus we all have to keep our well -being of utmost importance.Your book was great with so many nuggets of wisdom currently I am re-reading the portions of meditation and finance.....And I have started switching off the
    Gadgets not in use😊😊.....I guess we all should learn to switch off our minds when not in use and reduce the metal chatter and clutter.

    Lots of Love,Respect &Devotion to you
    Stay Awesome always Preetiji

    1. As always you have taken time to write out a well thought out, well-articulated comment. I really appreciate it , and thank you!

  2. Hi Preeti. I am a person who has always considered what others think to be of great value and importance. Like you mentioned above, as a child, I would always depend on my parents for many things. As I grew up, I felt that I depended on my friends to help me out with things as I was not sure how to handle certain matters. If there was something that I knew would make my friends unhappy, but make me happy, then more than likely, I would do what my friends thought was correct. Not sure why I have always been like this, but from the past year or so, I have changed a lot. I might have lost a few friends here and there, but at least my mental health is at peace and I am not too concerned about what others think about me. We cannot satisfy everyone in life. Thanks for another insightful post. :-)


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