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Hi there!

How has your day been? Mine was spent largely at the Apple I Care centre because the battery of my mac died. I am told it will take seven working days for it to be fixed. (as they have to order a new one  after running diagnostics on my laptop for 48 hours!

Since I'm blogging from the phone( a first!) I am going to keep writing super-short posts for the next seven days ! (or till I get my laptop back (whichever is earlier)

I also realised how easy it is to use emojis on the phone 😁. So expect a lot more of them!

I probably will not be able to reply to your comments either (I am going to try ) but I would definitely be looking forward to them and reading them too!

Today I was thinking πŸ€” about how much the actions of our family members affect us! Our values, our world 🌎 views , all of it is shaped by what we are told .

How many of us are willing to examine these values we have been conditioned with? Do we pause to think about them? Are we willing to make a change in our thinking if we find that the values we were taught weren’t exactly ideal ones?

I find that the more I travel , read, listen to podcasts , watch TV shows and movies made in foreign languages, the more I read up and  learn about other cultures, the more my mind expands.

We always are conditioned to think that the way we do things is best .

But  I think we will grow more if we accept that there are definitely other ways to look at things and “our way” is not the only ☝🏽 one.

What do you say ?

Do you pause to think about things? If so what do you compare your values against?

Does it make you want to change ?

Tell me in comments!

See you tomorrow.

❤️ Preeti 


  1. Hi Preeti. My day was alright. I am sorry to hear that your Laptop Battery has died down. It's like your whole life has been affected and things don't seem right without the Laptop. You spend so much of time on it writing, editing, posting, etc and now you have to do everything through the phone. I love sending emojis while chatting. We can express a lot without having to write so many words! I always see things from different wavelengths. I never say that what I think is correct, because what someone else thinks may make more sense. There are a few things that I value a lot and will not change even if someone tells me too because I feel strongly about certain aspects of life. I also love learning about other cultures, new languages so I can broaden my mind while sitting in the comfort of my home. I do not travel a lot, so it is not possible for me to learn a lot of things in person, but thanks to online courses, we can learn a lot. Take care, Preeti. Will pray you get your laptop back soon!

    1. Thank you Prathima ! Well, the laptop lasted three years . And I wrote two whole books on it . It’s been working tirelessly day in and day out. So it needs a rest I guess !!😁
      Also the rest of my edits will come only in five days. So it’s fine for me also to take a break ☺️☺️
      Yes, I get what you are saying— but what I am asking is whether you examine those values and decide for yourself ?
      ❤️ preeti

    2. Yes, there has been a time when I have examined those values and decided for myself. It was probably a very, very long time ago though.

  2. Hi ma'am please write post on book writing process πŸ™

    1. Hello ! I have a course on skillshare. Maybe you can join that !

  3. Yes I was also thinking about the same thing. But I know I may be the only one thinking like that in my family, that what we believe may not be correct, or maybe there are more other things which are correct, which we don't consider correct, so I feel little sad about its long term consequences. I feel in future I could be alone because I think differently and my choices will be different from their beliefs. But I don't want to lose themπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

    1. No , just because you think differently from your family it doesn’t mean you will lose them!

  4. Namaskaram Preetiji and hello from my phone to yours.

    ekam sat viprā bahudhā vadanti
    The truth is one but there are different dimensions and viewpoints to see the same thing.

    Certainly we all are shaped by the innate genes and cultural sensibilities of our family and their way of life.

    However, no matter how altruistic we may seem or project ourselves we all have the intrisic selfish gene within us (we forget our whole survival from sperm to feotus is based on selfishness by defeating comparative contenders).This selfish gene consciously or unconsciously does constant comparison of personal and family values and decides accordingly.

    The things which are same or relatively same are accepted instantly however things which are diagrammatically different are accepted with passive resistance or rejected completely thus paving way for some new set of value systems.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Lots of Love ,Respect & Devotion to you


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