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Hello again!

Welcome to day 11 of my blog marathon.

Today, I thought I'd talk about the power of human mind. It seems incredible just how much, out minds are capable of achieving. It seems like a miracle when we're able to change our lives for the better, merely by changing our thoughts, and changing the way we look at things.

I've written about it in detail in The Magic Mindset.


I am sharing with you two interesting anecdotes from the same: (These are pages from the book)



 The Magic Mindset is full of inspiring anecdotes like these---about how people changed their lives by small actions they took. They were able to do this as they began thinking about their obstacles with a new mindset.

The book also has exercises to make you think--and it outlines tiny steps you can take to find your way to optimism joy and hope.

If you liked this post, do pick up the book: Click HERE

  Let me know what you thought of the book, if you have already read it.
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  1. Namaskaram PreetijiπŸ™.

    Poems, Nostalgia,Life Lessons,Behind the scenes (of writing and publishing) and now wisdom to actualise success through an effective thought process.

    Whew!That's why I say you are a complete artist in every way.You travelled from the heart to the mind and everything betwixt.You tugged at the heart strings, stirred ideas and now changing minds.

    I adore you and my mind hopes to achieve meeting you soon and have a cup of herbal tea with you and have a long conversation.

    Lots of Love , Respect & Devotion to one of the most creative minds.

  2. As they say, it's all in the mind! I am yet to read the book, though I bought it as soon as the pre order link was posted. Actually, many people have borrowed my copy and loved it. This was another amazing post and after reading it, I feel like reading The Magic Mindset very soon! Take care, Preeti.


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