3 quick and easy tips to be more creative

 Hi πŸ‘‹πŸ½ again !

Creativity is something that is thought to be “magical” . Creative people— whether they are inventors, entrepreneurs who introduce a new product to the world ,  designers , film makers,artists or writers —are seen as ‘gifted’ or ‘different’.

Is creativity something that people are naturally born with ? Or can it be cultivated?

Studies show that creativity like every other skill can easily be cultivated if you practice it regularly. People who don’t consider themselves creative too can learn to “think differently” as that’s what creativity truly is. It is to find connections between objects in a way that hasn’t been done before . It is to see the usual objects with a new πŸ‘ eye. It is to find unusual solutions to common problems. (Remember the story of the crow who couldn’t get the water from the pot ?)

Here are three tips you can use straight away if you want to be more creative: 

1. Ask the “what if” questions:

 Whenever you are doing the most mundane of tasks like say brushing your teeth, ask the “what if” questions. What if your toothbrush could talk ? What if water has to be made from scratch by combining hydrogen and oxygen? What if we didn’t have toothpaste ?

2. Allow yourself to day dream😴 

 Your mind wanders when you do nothing. Allow your mind to dream πŸ’­ and think. Do nothing ! Ever notice how you get ideas in the shower or while doing some very  banal activities like folding clothes ? Some of my best poems have come to me while I was ironing clothes! Take time off from your phone and do another activity which requires no active thinking on your part. 

3. Expand your mind 

The more you listen to podcasts, the more you read, the more foreign TV shows you watch and the more Ted talks you listen to, the more your mind expands . I mentioned foreign TV shows as then we have to work hard to read the subtitles. It also really opens our eyes to new cultures which are different from our own. Expand your mind in all ways you can and you will be surprised how it contributes to your creativity!

We can use creativity in our daily lives to solve problems that bother us. It is not only writers or artists πŸ‘©‍🎨 or film makers who are creative.

Software Engineers who wrire  elegant code, Architects who come up with simple executable designs and solutions using local materials,  scientist who innovate, chefs who combine cuisines, gardeners who landcape — everything in life that you do can become better when you approach it with creativity!

Let me know in comments whether you found these tips useful !

See you again tomorrow!

❤️ Preeti 


  1. Amazing mam. Simply yet so essential.

  2. Namaskaram Preetiji πŸ™

    Quite an enriching post and enlightening too. This is the 13th post and such a wonderful one.Whoever said 13 was not lucky was probably creative in a devious way.

    During my MBA days we had group discussions and I remember during one of the GD's during placements the topic of discussion was that "Managers are born not made"....What a heated discussion it was where one guy was so sure that managers are born and they do not need training.I got irritated and asked him that "If you are a born manager then why the hell you are wasting your time and money learning the skill.Please vacate your seat for someone who is not as intelligent as you ".

    Needless to say he was mad at me.But Mam I guess you have perfectly outlined how we can fillip our creativity.

    In fact your perfect formula can be applied to learn any kind of skill set not only creativity.

    This is the beauty of your "Magic Mindset" were you raise one question but simultaneously answer so many more.

    Lots of Love,Respect & Devotion to you

    P.S:This is my 13th comment on your 13th post.I will be there till the 30th too πŸ™πŸ™.

  3. Hi Preeti! I really enjoyed reading this post on creativity. Sometimes, I felt that some people are born creative. Maybe it starts when they are in the womb! However, there are the rest of us who became creative as time went on. I liked the three tips which you mentioned above. Day dreamimg is something I do everyday and it is during these times that I come up with some idea or the other. Even when I am in the shower, ideas just pop up in my head. I have found day dreaming quite helpful ☺️ As I love different languages, I like to watch movies with subtitles. Currently, I am learning Spanish and find it to be extremely interesting. Another lovely post, Preeti! πŸ€—

  4. Impressive and encouraging.


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