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Why is it important to challenge yourself? (blog marathon post 1)

Having done a blog marathon every single year since 2011, I know how difficult it is. Real life gets in the way ever so often. This year I did one in February where I was blogging throughout my book-tours. Regular readers would recall that I blogged from Lucknow, Delhi, Chandigarh--from airports, hotel rooms and coffee shops too. It was one of the hardest things I have done, as after an entire interactive session with media, signing books and an event, I would still come back here and blog. There were times when I fell asleep at the keyboard--then woke up with a jolt and blogged. Felt happy that I could complete the challenge.

Okay--so why am I telling you all this? Because I am going to do it again, starting today :) Yes--that's right. I have decided to join the NaboPloMo June challenge.

They are pretty flexible in terms of following the writing prompts. You need to follow it only if you want to, else you are free to blog about anything you like. And of course that's just what I will be doing :)

So, why is it important to challenge yourself?

Because that's the only way you will grow. If you want to go somewhere where you have never been before, you need to do things you have never done.
In schools and colleges we have exams and other things that constantly push us, test us and reward us when we perform. Once we start real life (read making a living by being employable) we don't really get report cards. (yes, performance assessment reports that your boss makes at the end of the year can loosely be called 'report card' but hey, he isn't going to give you credit for walking 45 minutes a day or learning to play the guitar. I think you get my point)

Spare 15 minutes today (cut down that from your television time and the time you spend on Facebook looking at other people's lives) and do something that you haven't done in a while for 'lack of time'.
Perhaps call up a friend, or read an entire chapter in a new book or write in a journal or take a walk or play with your kids or call up your mom/dad---anything!! But it has to be something you do not usually do.

Then come back here, use my comment box and tell me what you did and how it made you feel.

I am listening if you care to share.

See you here tomorrow! Until then challenge yourself. :)

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  1. Why in the world it is important to challenge urself?
    -to get a job of your choice
    -to take stand in hard time of your life
    -or to find your true soul which rests inthe thing you want to do in your life.

    In some people's life challenging oneself is constant and is part of their soul they put all their energy in overcoming and facing them.

    Had i not challenged my MEDULLA OBLANGATA to keep control in sync over my hand movements and my throat together at the same time,i would never had played any single chord on my guitar at the late age of 16 and gtting a darn beautiful compliment from my music teacher of being the city's great girl guitarist ever.

    Challanges should be welcomed and faced with great enthusiasm.challenging oneself help overcome any fear.

    After you have challenged yourself and achieved what you want to do,the satisfaction ypu goet is worth celebrating.

    So what are you waiting for? Challenge yourself like you can do and get success that you deserve.

  2. You get*

    -love PINGU
    Thanks preeti mam for motivating me and you are part of my soul.
    Love u a loads... :)

  3. Hello ma'am,
    I'm reading your post only now. But It was a coincidence that I decided not to use Facebook or whatsapp till I finished reading a bulky book. I did it and I just wrote a review. It's been long since I finished a book in one sitting.
    :-) :-) :-)

  4. Hi Mam, I'm a huge fan of all your novels and 'The Secret Wish List' is 1 of my fav. Coming back to the question, I recently went for a night out to Café Coffee Day @ Maddur (B'lore - Mysore route) with my college friends. It'd been more than a year since I last hanged out with my friends. The last time was just before I graduated. I was excited for two reasons. First reason is when I told my parents that I am going for a night out, my dad (usually resists for a night drive) voluntarily gave me the car keys and asked me to drive safe, which I never expected. Secondly, I never went for a night out before due to time constraints and this time I just planned and it happened. It was awesome driving on a highway with my friends around. Having cold coffees, snacks and playing dumb charades all night at the cafe. It was awesome doing all this and a one of the memorable hangouts. Happy to have friends who spent time from their busy work schedule and my parents whom I adore a lot. Hoping to face new and different challenges ahead with same energy. And feeling excited again by sharing it.
    - Sandesh

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  7. Anonymous9:48 PM

    I get it when you say it is challenge. There are times when I wanted to do a blog marathon, i had always something that makes me get away from computer for few days straight. It seems like an impossible task.
    I am so looking forward to read your articles.

  8. Mam. Really Excited i feel Enthusiastic in your words...:-) I will try to follow your's words
    Looking Forward Tomorrow Mam! :)

  9. Yes, it is very important to challenge ourselves, not only to brush or sharpen ourselves but also be happy with the new achievement which we may not have expected from ourselves, the feeling is simply superb ! I have been trying to be in touch with my old friends with whom I was connected because of simply we being BUSY !

  10. Looking forward to blog marathon!! Thanks! #challaengeworks#thanksformotivation :-*

  11. Looking forward to blog marathon!! Thanks! #challaengeworks#thanksformotivation :-*

  12. Hello Preeti, Its so amazing to see that YOU have posted something. and the real good news is; you are starting a BLOG MARATHON.!!! yaaayyyyy. Yes, I read each post in Feb's blog marathon. great it was, like always.

  13. it's good to know you are beginning blog marathon once again. nothing is freshing than a blog every morning from a writer you admire.
    regarding the question, yes ,I love challenges. I did many things in the past I dread doing otherwise. today, I did something different. I'm comfortable in English but I hesitate in expressing in Hindi. this evening I wrote a poem in Hindi. (a complete one) and I felt it was quite good!

  14. oops--where did my comemnt go.
    This is what I posted yday.
    Cant say that I am secretly thrilled to read your psots everyday. And for challenging myself, i may just start a blogathon myself.

  15. Hey Preethi,
    Love to read your blog marathon. 2 days ago joined YOGA class. It hurts so badly. I now get to know there are so many places in our body that really aches so badly. I am not able to stand. But some how will have to manage it. Leaving a baby of 1.2 yrs at moms place and started with it as a challenge. Its been a year and a half after carrier break . Now looking for a job. So many things in my list. Hope I succeed in all my challenge.

  16. It's the time back again with your Marathon..!!! :)
    I used to rarely do exercise maybe a 5-6mins daily. #Laziness. After reading this have started 1hr exercise from today and will continue..!!! Thanks. #Inspiring #Motivated

  17. Waiting to read all your posts....thanks for such motivational posts.

  18. Hey mam it's been soo awsome to read all your novels and now these inspirational blogs its been so much amazing in terms of improving ourself with a great treasure of sense . and what I had started is keep doing the things which comes to mind instantly which focuses on the career point ...
    Keep writing !!! Keep inspiring

  19. Hey mam it's been soo awsome to read all your novels and now these inspirational blogs its been so much amazing in terms of improving ourself with a great treasure of sense . and what I had started is keep doing the things which comes to mind instantly which focuses on the career point ...
    Keep writing !!! Keep inspiring

  20. Hey mam it's been soo awsome to read all your novels and now these inspirational blogs its been so much amazing in terms of improving ourself with a great treasure of sense . and what I had started is keep doing the things which comes to mind instantly which focuses on the career point ...
    Keep writing !!! Keep inspiring

  21. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Happy to see your blogathon again... good luck.

  22. Thanks Preeti for coming back with a blog marathon! It is a real treat to your fans to read your posts and that too, on a daily basis. There are things that I have been putting aside because of lack of time. Coincidentally, I read this post on one of those days where I turned off the Internet and decided to clean my room, which is something I read doing! Your post really inspired me and at least once a day, I try to do things which I normally would not do on other days because of laziness/lack of time.


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