A visitor. Blog marathon post 5

Today's post is this picture I clicked on my 14th floor terrace!
Isn't this fabulous?

Just a photo today--but I think it makes up for a lengthy post :)



  1. Awesome Click.. Photography now added to your list as well with rest other activities..!!! :)

  2. “The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness ” I know this Quote It's proved by your Wonderful click :) Looking Fwd for your next post mam :) Happy Writing :) we always Happy Reading :)

  3. a simple picture but it says so much... simplicity, the aura of nature, a sight full of joy.. words aren't enough to sum up

  4. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Mersmerising !! I kept looking at the pic for quite some time.

  5. A picture speaks a thousand words! Love the photos you post. Truly a professional photographer :-)


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