A love affair (blog marathon post 25)

"Golf is like a love affair. If you do not take it seriously it is no fun. If you do take it seriously it breaks your heart."
          --Arthur Daley
Picture clicked today by me. It was an afternoon well spent.

Hope your weekend has been good too.



  1. Today it was quite well. Started with a hour of Table Tennis, bit of shopping, early dinner and ended it with my fav Coffee..!!! In fact still going on, #TheYearIMetYou in the hands now..!!! :)

  2. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Sweet.Do you play golf?

  3. Now Golf too :) Good mam ! Happy writing :) Keep writing :) eagerly waiting for your Next "Non-Fiction" Book :)

  4. well said! weekened went by going through some pending tasks and finally completing Wuthering heights!

  5. For me, my day off is only on Sunday and it breezes by before I know it. Thanks for sharing the photo. Happy 'Club'-bing :-)


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