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Some connections are just meant to be. post 22

Chapter One from the book "Only Love is for real" by Dr. Brian Weiss

Chapter 1

Know, therefore ,that from the greater silence I shall return...Forget not that I shall come back to you...A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me.
---Kahlil Gibran

There is someone special for everyone.Often there are two or three or even four.They come from different generations.They travel across oceans of time and depths of heavenly dimensions to be with you again.They come from the other side, from heaven.They look different but your heart knows them.You heart has held them in arms like yours, in the moon filled deserts of Egypt and the ancient plains of Mongolia.You have ridden together in the armies of forgotten warrior-generals, and you have lived together in the sand-covered caves of the Ancient ones. You are bonded together throughout eternity, and you will never be alone.
Your head may interfere: "I do not know you." Your heart knows.
He takes your hand for the first time, and the memory of his touch transcends time and sends a jolt through every atom of your being.She looks into your eyes,and you see a soul companion across centuries.Your stomach turns upside down.your arms are gooseflesh.Everything outside this moment loses its importance.
He may not recognise you,even though you have finally met again,even though you know him. You can feel the bond.You can see the potential,the future.But he does not.His fears,his intellect,his problems keep a veil over his heart's eyes.He does not let you help him sweep the veil aside.You mourn and grieve,and he moves on.Destiny can be so delicate.
When both recognise each other,no volcano could erupt with more passion.The energy released is tremendous.

Soul recogniton may be immediate.A sudden feeling of familiarity,of knowing this person at depths, beyond what the conscious mind could know.At depths usually reserved for the most intimate family members.Or even deeper than that.Intutively knowing what to say, how they will react.A feeling of safety and a trust far greater than could be earned in only one day or one week or one month.

Soul recognition may be subtle and slow.A dawning of awareness as the veil is gently lifted.Not everyone is ready to see right away.There is a timing at work and patience may be necessary for the one who sees first.

You may be awakened to the presence of your soul companion by a look, dream,a memory ,a feeling.You may be awakened by the touch of his hands or the kiss of her lips, and your soul is jolted back to life.

The touch that awakens may be that of your child, of a parent,a sibling or a true friend.Or it may be your beloved,reaching across the centuries, to kiss you once again and to remind you that you are together always, to the end of time.
 Dr. Brian Weiss is a traditional psychotherapist. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, Brian L. Weiss M.D. is Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. He is also the author of several to books which have  all been International best-sellers. Click here to know more about Dr.Weiss .

I have read all his books and what he has to say in indeed extremely interesting.

I am a firm believer of the fact that science,even though has advanced so much, is yet to discover answers to so many many questions. Like I have said before, a hundred years back,people would have laughed at you if you had said that it is possible to land on the moon. Five hundred years back, when Galileo said that the world was not flat,but round, he was persecuted by the Catholic Church.

Today when we think of it, we say "Of course, the world is round. How could they have believed it was flat. How foolish and ignorant they were!"

Who knows maybe 100 years from now, people will say the same thing about Past lives.

 There are many documented evidences of young children speaking a language they have never heard. (The term is called Xenoglossy).Dr.Ian Stevenson has done a lot of work in this field which is very impressive. 

Just like there are many Medical miracles for which there is absolutely no logical explanation, so too, there indeed exist many 'feelings and connections' which people are unable to find an explanation for.

Some people believe in karmic connections and others feel it is your mind fooling you and there is nothing like that.

But mostly all of us agree that towards some people, we feel an instant like, and towards some people, an instant dislike. One could argue that it could be because of subtle sizing up that happens when one meets an individual, yet many a time, there would be 'nothing wrong' with the person, yet one cannot put a finger on why one does not like them Similarly, sometimes, we like someone a lot  even after talking to them for just 5 minutes. And sometimes weird coincidences happen which feel completely bizarre as though it has been cleverly orchestrated.

Brian Weiss  and scores of others would probably explain it as a past life connection.I do not know how much of it can be proved without an iota of doubt or skepticism, but I do know one thing for sure:
No matter what, no matter how much you try to fight it, some things are just meant to be.
Faster one accepts this Truth, the more peace one feels with oneself.
The Tossed Salad ( a lifestyle mag) interviewed me and if you wish to read it this is the link.


  1. Okay I will admit that I haven't read any of his books. I have read about him and various articles online, but no book. Which one is his best work :)?

    All those deja-vu moments that happen regularly always make me wonder about what you have written.

    Also when I lose friends, it hurts me a lot. But over time, I move on, and when I reflect, most of the times I come to a conclusion that they were there in my life at that time because of a reason. It was 'meant' to be that way.

  2. I read Brian Weiss's (is the apostrophe right? :P) 'many lives many masters' way back when I was 16 and pseudo-intellectual, i.e. I actually had questions about life, the universe and everything, but that was before The Hitchhikers guide came along and answered all of that for me :P

    Now I remember feeling extremely baffled yet surprisingly satisfied after I read his book. I read the beginning of only love is real but couldn't follow it up (bah, exams!). You got me thinking like my younger self again! :D

    I dunno about scientific facts, but true, there IS a lot that science can't explain. I am in medicine, and we find examples like this every day. I loved Angels and Demons (Dan Brown has a monotone in all his books that I usually don't appreciate except this one) because it talked of science and religion as one. I like that people have started thinking this way, because if we want to understand the world around us, only a confluence of all our beliefs can lead us there.

    Most things in life definitely ARE meant to be. Like the Bon Jovi song: Welcome to wherever you are :D

    Thank you for this post Preeti :-)
    As is evident from this post-size comment (:P) I thoroughly enjoyed it. You pick up great things to talk about!

  3. I read and loved this book. Have you read Brida? I found it very moving too.
    I am not sure how much I believe in rebirth but I do really want to believe every word in these books.
    I know that the little hope that maybe, just maybe - 'death is not the end of a person' can be extremely powerful.

  4. Interesting extract and a profound topic...yes, some questions just dont have the answers. Talking about the karmic connections and rebirth reminded me of a Tv show 'raaz pichle janam ki' where a psychologist sheds light on a person's past life based on some connection in his/her present life. Sounds obscure though!
    Loved the line"....some things are just meant to be".

  5. I am a huge fan of Brian Weiss, and read and re-read his books, always. Sceptics may scoff, but his writings strike a chord within me - as though I intuitively know he just states facts

  6. Ritu: At one point (when i was reading his books) I was fully convinced. But now again, I wish I had that same conviction. I do so want to believe!

    SK: Read the documented evidence which I have linked. Pretty genuine stuff.

    IHM: Haven't read Brida. Will surely read. You said it so well. I also so badly want to believe! I am half convinced. And yes,it is indeed extremely comforting. Do read esther and jerry hicks too.

    Sucheta: LOVED your comment :) :-* :) :) :)

    Shachi: I guess its best to start with his first-- many lives, many masters. Then only the others make complete sense. True, it hurts deeply when friendships are lost, but maybe that's how it was meant to be. Who knows!

  7. well initially I never used to introspect much( not now though :)). But when your life takes sudden turns and you don't know where you are heading, you are forced why certain things happen..
    I came across Many Lives, Many Masters and it did answer a lot of my questions satisfactorily. the books makes sense and u can practically relate to it. I am yet to read his other works.
    P.S: Brida is another good book on the same lines. I enjoyed it :)

  8. Oh! i so knew you must have read your books at some point. glad to know u are a fan and read all. his books came to my lifesome 2 3 yrs back and my life changed. although it took some time for my actions to fully engross his concepts...
    after that your book and blog acme...
    then I read paulo's and Now i dont any proof...or any more books like these..
    i am free :-)
    I dont have anything to say much now to you but i am so so so glad that u hv read it... :*


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