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Love chatting? (Blog marathon post 10)

There are some people who chat to 'pass time' and some who 'invest time' in chats. No prizes for guessing which category I belong to.

I have a set of writer friends who prefer writing over talking. I too am like that. I detest talking on the phone (Unless it is to my mom and also my best friend--the only two people I can have a phone conversation with) and with everyone else I only write.
With very very selected few I chat in real time.

I don't know about how 'most young people' these days chat--but I do mean what I say in the chats.Thus if someone says 'brb' and then vanishes, I  find it rude. If you mean brb, you better be right back. Else you can sign off with 'Bfn'.

Similarly if someone says they will get back to me by 5.00 pm or late evening or whatever time frame they say they will, my respect for them goes up several notches if they keep up their word. if they don't they are filed away under 'poor chat etiquette' and 'people who don't mean what they say'.

My daughter taught me a new concept when it comes to chat. She said there is something called 'seen-zoning' which means the person has seen your message but not replied. It made me smile.

If my daughter pings me and I do not reply instantly she spams me with many nonsensical messages till I reply :) No matter how busy i am, I always make time to reply to both my children.

I never 'seen-zone' them. :)

Guess with the new generation--love means replying to messages instantly. And I would like to add--keeping up your chat commitments.

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  1. For me too chat is over the calls. However rightly said that, "There are some people who chat to 'pass time' and some who 'invest time' in chats." Actually chatting can be used so much to invest time. Sharing thoughts, viewpoints etc. mainly in a group of people. For me chatting is like 30% of my life in a day..!!! :)

    One more thing, how do such blogs come to your mind? Is it that you are prepared for the next or its spontaneous?

  2. I've never been a chatting person either...but investing time is necessary these days to an extent and I do that when required.

    Seen-zoning - hate it. Especially in those college groups where only 2-3 of us participate and rest of them are in that seen-zone category. Must remove myself from that group (thankfully there is only one :)).

  3. Chat for me not invest time :) :) Chatting was good share your thoughts ,feelings with closed one,i feel sometimes you may cannot share your feeling over call better than share by words :) Now only i know the Seen-Zoning :P Good Post! Good Reading Mam :) Looking Fwd Next post :) Happy Writing :)

  4. With the evolution of Whatsapp, the 'seen-zone' has become a common peek-a-boo syndrome. The 'last seen' is even more traumatic. Imagine a teenager chatting with his friends till late night and his Mom catching him in the morning as why was he awake till 2.30 am. More so, a lover waiting endlessly for his partner to react and he 'seen-zones' her but keeps replying to others. lolzz..

  5. I would also like to say that chatting vl some tyms give room for misunderstanding

  6. I am a chat-person too. As you said, I can talk over the phone only to my best friends and family. With others, I don't mind a phone conversation as long as it does not last long. Regarding the seen zone, with some people, I prefer replying when I am up to it. The blue ticks on whatsapp has been a relationship spoiler. Sometimes, there will be too many messages waiting for you, you would have just taken a glimpse and couldn't reply. Lo & behold! The blue ticks have appeared saying you have read them, but no reply. I am not talking about the time when you are already having a conversation, but you're seeing someone's message for the first time that day. I believe people do need some patience and not judge others on the basis of the blue ticks. Unless, it is evident that the other person is actually avoiding you. :)

  7. For me also its a invest time when I am chatting.. I rarely talk on the phone ,I prefer writing ..
    Learned a new term today Seen Zone ;) Good post Preeti !!!

  8. me too prefer chatting over phone call. though I'm not crazy over it. I prefer writing, being with myself more. most of youngsters of my age are more into chatting, unlike, it is wastage of time for me

  9. Even I have always loved chatting over talking on phone. It has different magic.and connects u to the person differently.

  10. writing has taken a new step in the virtual world with chatting or texting. some times its good and works well. but we expect too much with the opposite person and break our heart later lol. it is good to maintain some ethics like brb and better to respond to any message. but the thing is that other person doesn;t like us and never respond. it is good to text and use voice once in a while ( combination of both , which makes us feel good and not bored ) or making the other person bored. texting works well while flirting lol... so the conclusion if texting is pass time , dont worry move on... but if you invest time on it, make a voice call to the person which makes it more meaningful and helps them to understand its important. It is not necessary to worry about the universe everytime.

  11. Truly said Preeti mam, people take it too casually when they write or commit on social media. Sharing one experience and I must mention, It was him, who started the conversation and he was supposed to say some important thing, when something important came and he asked me to excuse him for just 5 min and said he wd BRB coz he has to share something important. I waited for nearly one hour, that too after my office hour doing some organising of files etc., as I felt it would be rude to leave. Then I thought, he must have been stuck with some work, so I called him on his extention. To my utter surprise, he asked me, "u r still at office?" when I told him the reason for doing extra hour, he again asked surprisingly, "what important?". :D

  12. Chatting! A very common thing in my day to day life. Whether it is through WhatsApp or Facebook, I have a keen interest on chatting. Again, I don't think of it as a pass time and I don't think it's fair to others if I ping them only when I feel bored or restless. Chatting is a two way road. If the other person does not like doing it, then there is no point in doing it.

    When it comes to talking over the phone, I can with just a handful of people. With the rest of the friends/relatives/colleagues, it is normally through the social media. I am able to connect with many people through chat, but sometimes, I don't find the same 'magic' when I meet them in person. Not sure why.

    Thanks for this post Preeti. I learned a new word today: seen-zoning' :-)


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