What's in it for me?

Most of us think from the point of view of 'what's in it for me.' This is how the human mind works.

This morning, I posted a question on my Instagram feed.

People who follow me on Instagram know that I post a story each morning, a short video of something interesting (mostly the greenery around my home, or a flower which bloomed etc) and say 'Wake Up Life is Calling.'
On days that I don't post, I would get tonnes of messages asking me if I am okay and why I didn't post.

The last few days, I have been really busy, submerged in the edits of my next book. Hence I haven't been posting. So today when I asked the question why I should restart, I got over a thousand  responses (I have shared many in my Instagram stories)  which were variations of the same thing: That they find it motivating, and they feel refreshed.

Not a single person told me what I would get out of it! (I mean, I don't get paid to create that content). It can be argued that I am promoting my book by saying it :)
But it isn't likely that someone will look at my video and say 'Oh let me buy that book as the videos of greenery she posts is good.'

Why do we share things on social media?

It  comes from a deep-rooted need to connect to others. It is also to make ourselves feel good. (Yes, I do feel happy to get messages of appreciation).

Like I said--Humans are selfish. We only think 'what's in it for me.'
What is in it for me is a surge of joy, knowing that my little video brought cheer to someone, made their day better!
New post tomorrow!
Meanwhile stay connected with me on Instagram  :)


  1. Your daily 'Wake up, Life is Calling' message is really refreshing Mam. There is lot of positivity in it. And I love to see all the flowers you post Mam. They are so beautiful. Thank you so much.

  2. Serotonin - The Happiness Hormone is released when we act in a way which benefits others, when we feel we are making a positive difference in someone's life. And I am sure you must be soaking in that with all you do - blogs, insta stories and of-course your books ~ Indu.

  3. Your posts are always a welcome departure from others because they come from s fresh and genuine place! I'm not surprised that making the day of your readers also brings you joy.... In fact my today's blog post is about initiating a circle of kindness and joy that will ahead find its way back to you!!

    i wanted to thank you for starting and sharing your blog marathon. It has brought me out of a nearly 5 years long hiatus and I've not only been following your blog but posting on mine too. I'm on day 22 as well. And I would love for you to check it out if you get some time. But I'll totally understand if you don't because i can imagine the hundreds of random requests you must be getting everyday!! Link below


  4. Absolutely true mam. I do the same but one of my very close friend said that anyone cn know your entire life and day by seeing your status updates. You shouldn't be so social sharing everything. I was a bit hurt. Do you think she or he made sensr and was right in sayingthat. It made me wonder why i do that. I realised i liked doing that to connect with friends and to definitely be happy to see positive responses..

  5. It is so nice to hear you say these words on a daily basis. I feel a lot of positive energy and as a result, my day goes by pretty well. Ever since I was a child, Wake Up! Life is Calling is a famous phrase I have been hearing. Many teachers used to say this to students. Many parents would tell this to their children. However, when I hear these words now, I immediately remember your book. Have a great day, Preeti!🙂

  6. It is a really refreshing thought each day something new or old but it rejuvenate us.keep it up...

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