Isn't anticipation better than the actual event that you're waiting for?  When whatever you are waiting for happens, there's nothing anymore to look forward to. It's all done. But when you are counting down the days, then there's a  heady rush of exhilaration, a reason to get out of bed, a pring in your step, and a hum in your heart.

I think it is these things that you look forward to, your rewards (however you define rewards)which makes life meaningful. It gives us a purpose, a sense of direction, a reason to exist. You eagerly wait. Since you know there is, for certainty, a reward at the end of your daily 'struggle', the struggle becomes lighter to bear.

I also think it is important to reward yourself for a job you have done well, and to create anticipation for yourself.

If I am in a philosophical mood, it is because I'm reading a dense non-fiction book. I find the author tiresome but there are a few takeaways. The one thing I cannot stand is pretentious writing, and the other is pontification. This book has both. I now wish I had chosen another book  to read as my first book of 2020. But now that I am halfway through it, I shall struggle and finish it :)

If you liked this post, I'd highly recommend the book Man's search for meaning by Viktor Frankl.

This is post 29 of the 30 day blog marathon. The last post is tomorrow!
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  1. Nice post Mam. Thank you.

  2. And thank you for the book recommendation Mam.

  3. Is this your first book of this year mam? Because i listened to this book as my first audiobook for this year..

  4. Very nice post, Preeti! I love anticipating for things to happen. The excitement that I will have till that particular moment is an amazing feeling. I started reading a book on my Kindle. Due to a hectic schedule, I have stopped halfway in the book. Plan on reading a lot of books this year. Have saved the book list you posted on one of your blog posts. Take care!


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