Change is the only constant.

When we enter into a new partnership--be it a friendship or a business relationship, we're excited and optimistic. If no external circumstances change and no internal growth happens for both parties, and both put in equal effort, then the partnership continues for a long time. But often that's not the case.

People change. Things change. Situations change. What was once great might now seem unbearable. People who were your best friends might now seem distant. You might decide to let go of those who you no longer vibe with.

It's all a part of growth. Growth is painful. It is through pain that your understanding and empathy expands. I believe what Christian Barnard said--That suffering ennobles you. Oh it is hard! But it is also what makes us stronger.
Tell me in comment box what you think of change, growth and pain, and whether you think it has made you a better person.

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  1. Hi Preeti,

    Change we must, or else, we cease to exist. Anything or anyone that's not up for the change goes stale. It's as true for the Life on earth as it is for the Matter. Yes, we stop growing if we do not change. In fact, the definition of Living beings in my kid's book is, "One that grows and changes is living."
    My kids have phases where they undergo cramps in their legs especially in the night and in the morning when they wake up. Sometimes its so bad that I have to pick them up and carry them to the bathroom in the morning. They are growing tall and that's what we say "growing pains". Hence, pain is inevitably associated with growing and changing. Even the Universe as a whole is constantly changing.

    I have a full blog post on this on my blog ( titled "Let's be an Amoeba"
    Would appreciate if you hop into my blog and read it Preeti.

    Love, Alka.

  2. Yes I agree that change is constant Mam. It is very hard to accept it at the beginning but sometimes we are left with no choice and have to accept whatever comes.

  3. What a post, Preeti! I felt you traveled to my mind and posted everything that you saw there. The same thoughts have been dancing in my head for the past few months. People change, situations change and the pain of it all? It is just unbearable. The saddest part is that the person being affected by this would be surprised as to why the change has happened. I always pray that good people are not affected in a way which hurts their mental peace of mind. Sometimes the change has made me a better person Sometimes, it has broken me into so many pieces that I found it difficult to come back to my normal life. Thank you for this post which was an eye opener for me. 🙂


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