On life, love and friendship.

Today, three quotes for you to think about. The letting go bit---it's very hard to do. It's also hard to bear the pain in love. As regards friends--people change.

Most of my books revolve around these themes. I write about love, friendship, life.
What books of mine have you read? Which ones are your favourite ones? Tell me in my comment box!
ps: Today is Day 21 of a 30 day blog marathon! new post tomorrow.


  1. Hi Preeti,

    I am back to your blog and this time catching up from latest post. Beautiful Quotes. I'd love to add my two cents to the Letting Go part. Letting go is hard especially when you have invested a lot of time and energy in the friendship/relationship or whatever aspect of life it is. But the beautiful thing about it is, you free up a lot of mind space and energy to make time for other fruitful things in life. I have practiced this, limiting interaction with certain people which has been really hard since you still have to interact with them sometimes on a daily basis. But the result has been nothing but beautiful - a very close circle of friends and family who understand you to the core, take you for who you are supports in whatever way they can and it goes both ways. I didn't get a chance to you Wish You a New Year. But better late than never. Wish You another beautiful year filled with lots of love and happiness that your heart can hold :) ~ Indu

    1. Hi Indu,
      so nice to see you here after a long time. Hope you've kept well. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
      Alka :)

    2. Happy New Year to you too Alka! Nice seeing you too after long. How have you been? I'd take a look at your blog too sometime. It'd been long that way too :) ~ Indu

    3. Dear Indu,
      We already have made a connect here at Preeti's blog...Your comments are substantial and give a peep into your way of taking life and its matters. And sometimes your own story of life too...which is interesting. As for me, a lot has changed but all is well :) I've got used to my moving gypsy kind of life now. I am happy to communicate with you here but you are always welcome on my blog too. Hope to see you sometime.
      Love, Alka

  2. Good morning Preeti! Happy Monday. I look forward to your posts everyday. These quotes are so powerful. I am going to save these in my phone. Sometimes, when I am feeling confused about something in life, I go through these quotes and it makes me understand things from a different view. Since 2012, I have been reading your books. Each of your books is special to me, so I guess I can say that all of your books are my favorite! ❤📖. They have taught me a lot about life. They have been my best friend when I was going through rough patches in my life. It was because of your books that I could overcome many things in my life. Thank you so much! Keep posting more and more quotes. They are truly inspiring....just like YOU! Have a great week ahead🤗

  3. I have read Love a Little Stronger, A Hundred Little Flames, Life is what you make it, Wake Up Life is Calling, The Secret Wish List, It's All in the Planets, Why We Love the Way We Do. Currently I'm reading yours Rule Breakers novel Mam and I'm loving it.
    My most favourite book of yours is A Hundred Little Flames.

  4. Preeti Ji I started reading "Wake up Life is Calling you" completed almost 40%, which is all about love, friendship, Ankit Vaibhav parul all characters are awesome, narration is super and Enjoying with reading..

  5. Dear Preeti,
    Love, Relationships and Friendships all are beautiful to have yet complicated as they can make or break our days, weeks, months, years and sometimes lives. We need to stay strong and hold our forts when any of these gives us a bad tantrum. In the end it's all clear as the storm dies down its own way, giving our mind the clarity to decide on our future actions. This is my mantra to deal with difficult situations and difficult people. Short but intensely contemplative blog.

    Your theme of writings is what connects us...as my blog posts invariably hover on Life and its lodgers.

    Love, Alka


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