Last post of the blog marathon. 30 days, 30 posts :)

Today is the very last day of the blog marathon. Since I've also signed up for a #30faces30days challenge AND since I am also working really hard on my next book, this blog marathon was very stressful and hard. However  I am happy I managed to complete it. I think  my reader Usha Ganesh managed to comment on every single post--so thank you! Also thank you to all who left comments frequently--Usha, Alka, PK and a few more. (apologies if I left out your name).

This time around, I haven't been able to reply individually to comments--but be assured I read every single one and it was very encouraging. Had you not left comments, I would have felt a bit disheartened to get no reactions. So thank you. 

I leave you with a portrait I completed using colour pencils.

Will blog again soon.
Till then, many thanks for reading! My blog as well as my books.
Good night!


  1. Thank you very much mam for this marathon. It was something to look forward to everyday. We thank you for taking this up just for us.. We are eagerly waiting for your next book..

  2. Thank you so much Mam. I really really love your writing. I have read most of your books and will definitely read all your other books. Please keep writing Mam. There is some magic in your writing. I love it so much. Thank you Mam ����

  3. And the portrait is awesome Mam!

  4. Beautiful portrait. It was a wonderful feeling to be a part of the Blog Marathon. The posts were very interesting and commenting on each one of them (sometimes on the same day) was very fruitful. Thank you for mentioning my name in this blog post. Looking forward to more Blog Marathons, reading your books, reading books recommended by you and being your fan! Take care. Happy 2020, Preeti!:-)

  5. Lovely portrait.
    Yes, it's really hard to write a post every day. So congratulations! I wish you all the best for your upcoming book! :)

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