Another portrait.

For today's post, just a portrait of a lady and her cat. This is a part of Sktchy's #30days30faces challenge that I signed up for. We get a face in our inbox every day, and we make a portrait. More than a 1000 artists have signed up for this, and it is great fun.

Here's my portrait:

Come back tomorrow for a new post!
Today is Day 25 of a 30 day blog marathon.


  1. Superb Mam! The cat is so cute.

  2. It is so nice to see the sketches you make Preeti. The cat looks as if he is sitting right in front of me. So life like! I like to watch the videos of the sketches. With awesome music playing in the background, it must be a cool and relaxing atmosphere during this time. Happy Sunday!:-)

  3. Art of Making beautiful :)

  4. It's Beautiful and very expressive!


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