How to keep your resolutions (even if you have failed before)

Are you the kind of person who

a> Makes resolutions but does not keep them?
b> Makes resolutions but they are the same as last years?
c> Does not believe in resolutions and hence does not make them
d> Makes resolutions and keeps them for a little while
e> Makes resolutions but follows it throughout the year

I am the last kind. I make resolutions and I follow them throughout the year. I believe in resolutions but not just on New years. Resolutions can be made starting NOW. You don't have to wait for a new year or a new day. I believe those are just excuses to procrastinate.

If you have answered a> it means you do want to improve yourself. But you probably need a little push. Try going public with your resoluton where people will ask you about it. This way you will be forced to follow

If you have answered b> then it means your goals are too hard. You need to break them down into smaller bits. Example: Rather than saying I will write a book this year, say I will write 500 words a day for the next 5 days. Once that is achieved, revisit.

If you have answered c> it could be that you are skeptical or super-organised! You don't need to read this post :)

If you have answered d> it means you try but give up at the first sign of hardship. try rewarding yourself whatever goal you have achieved. There are many apps that help you achieve that.

If have answered e> then you are like me! You should be sharing your tips on your own blog or  in the comment box below :)

Jan 2nd is a great date to make resolutions.  Start NOW. Make smaller goals. Reward yourself. Share with those who truly care.
And if you have failed, it's okay. At least you have tried.
Start again!
 New post tomorrow. (I am doing a blog Marathon for a month  and today is  Day 18)

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  1. Superb post Mam! I don't make resolutions Mam because if I can't live up to it, I get upset. So I just take the days as it comes.

  2. Nice post. I normally make resolutions, follow them for a few days or weeks. Then something happens and I stop. I think I need to reward myself so that I do not feel demotivated. Hopefully, I will be able to have a more positive outlook in life this year.:-)

  3. Am that kind of person who don't take resolutions on particular events.. But still I set some lil goals and feel happy about making it happen !!

  4. Dear Preeti,

    I believe life itself is a resolve every moment. A resolve of breaths to keep going...A firm will to act purposefully...A steadfast dream to materialise...A will to carve its destiny...A bold act of not yielding to any obstacle...A grain of boundless energy in the sea of countless possibilities. Therefore, every second we live is a resolution to make our existence meaningful.
    Still, it has become a ritual to make new year resolutions now-a-days. For that matter, I go with small goals and keep rolling them over or upgrading them accordingly. This time I have decided to shed off the extra burden of negativity and hatred that we carry in our minds. I shall try to practice minimalism in my mind. Would try to keep only that which is happy and positive to remember. "Mind Minimalism" is my new year blog post. Do read it if you can spare a couple of minutes. Thanks.

    Love, Alka

  5. This is a really good read! I can add a 6th Category - Someone who make resolutions, breaks in between, but get right back and keep going. I had a goal of 100 days of meditation last year which I broke on 98th day (it was a very stressful day, and I forgot to do on the day I most needed :))) few ironies of life) . But I am back on track and am continuing meditation. My new resolutions are mostly to build new life long habits and not to reach a particular goal. This years #1 resolution is to reduce intake of processed food on a daily basis. And the way I am doing this is making changes in grocery shopping. I too make resolutions and new habits all through the year as any day when sun rises and peeks at you is a new day to begin something new :) ~ Indu


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