Meet me at Kolkata, Mumbai and Bengaluru :)

November onwards, the lit fest seasons start. It's an opportunity for readers to meet their favourite writers, listen to some interesting (hopefully!) discussions, get their books signed, and mingle with other book lovers. The mood is celebratory.
My good friend and fellow writers and columnist Vinita Nangia has written an excellent piece about litfests and what they achieve. Do click HERE  to read it.

For writers too, litfests are a time to catch up with other writers. We work alone most of the year. It's during litfests, after the events and panel discussions are over that the real fun begins !  I enjoy meeting my fellow authors and chatting away about everything in the industry. It is only the established authors who get called for the litfests and hence it is a matter of homour and prestige. Many years back, when I wrote my first book, I didn't even think that I would get invited to International litfests. Now I have done so many litfests internationally, that I've lost count. I feel fortunate and blessed.

I have just been to the  Kolkata and Delhi lit fests by Times of India. Now I have been invited by AKLF (apeejay kolkata Litfest). I've also been invited by Juhu Lit fest Mumbai. I will also be at the Times of India lit fest Bengaluru. If you happen to be in any of these cities, please do come and meet me. The dates are as follows:

Kolkata: 19th January 2020: Apeejay Kolkata Lit fest
Mumbai: 8th February 2020: Juhu Lit fest
Bangalore: 9th February 2020: Times of India Lit fest

If you want to know the venue, details and other things please do fill 
It's a short process and will take you less than a minute.  My team will then notify you, and you will get the details in your inbox.

Do come! I would love to meet you.

Day 28 of 30 day blog marathon!


  1. Thank you for the invitation Mam.

  2. Hi Preeti. The schedule looks great. We, your readers are indeed lucky when you are invited by Lit Fests so we can meet the lady who is a huge inspiration to endless number of people around the world. Happy Travels to Kolkata, Mumbai and back to Bengaluru! :-).


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