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Push your boundaries. ( post 1)

Hi there! Welcome to my blog marathon!

As promised--a new post every day, for the next 31 days!!  Don't forget to subscribe if you want to get them in your inbox.  The link is right there, in that box right on top, in the side panel.

Today I had a very productive day. I woke up at 4.00 am, as I couldn't sleep. Then I wrote my newspaper column. I write a regular column in the Financial Chronicle, and it appears on Saturdays. I have to submit it on Wednesday. Most of the time, I file it by Tuesday evening.
Last Saturday I had written on growing old.
 Double click on the image to enlarge and read or if that doesn't work, you can go here.

Today  when I told my daughter that I am starting my blog marathon, she said 'Haven't you done so many of them? Why do you do it?'
I told her that I have done one every year, since 2010! I do it as it is a HUGE challenge to write a new post everyday, despite everything else that is going on in your life. I told her that no matter what your job is, or what your occupation is, it is important to challenge yourself, to push the boundaries, to be able to grow.

You never know what you are capable of, till you push the boundaries. Decide on one thing today--that you will undertake one task, which you have been meaning to do but kept putting off, and that you will do it every single day, for whole of this month. It can be anything! Even a simple thing like tidying a bedside drawer. Or going for a walk daily. Or giving up sugar to lose weight. Or giving up alcohol. Or writing a journal. Absolutely anything you want to do, but haven't done yet.  NOW is a good time to start! New month. New energies.  Push your Boundaries.


Are you ready to accept the challenge? 

If you are, do join me.

I will be blogging every day. You can come here and leave a comment, and tell me in my comment box, how you fared with your own challenge that you set yourself.

And yes, one more request. When I write a novel, or a newspaper column, I get paid. On my blog, I do it simply to connect with you!   My payment here is the comments you leave me :)
Not kidding. Like any blogger, I  do feel very happy to read the comments. It's always nice when the readers say something back. So do leave a comment in my comment box. 

Will see you tomorrow.

Till then 
Lots of love!

ps: Check out my latest book:


  1. So glad that I am the first person to comment! I would join in this and would challenge myself to go for a walk everyday for a month! Lots of love to you Preeti ❤❤❤

  2. Love it! I will be taking your advice for sure. X

  3. I am starting to walk due to my PCOD, Preeti. Will keep sending you the progress. Let this be a mutual encouragement. All the best to you.

  4. Very well said... I plan to go for a walk daily but I find some or the other reason for delaying it till tomorrow.. The biggest challenge I am facing is to overcome this and start moving... Thank you for this post.. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow's post.

  5. I have always been wanting to write a book.not sure how and what it will be about,but will start today and will draw inspiration from you. THANKS!

  6. Lovely post,wish you all the very best for your Blog marathon!┊  ┊  ┊  ┊

    ┊  ┊  ┊  ★

    ┊  ┊  ☆

    ┊  ★

  7. Was waiting since morning , again u inspired me strtng of my chlnge for one month to wake up at 4.30 am every day :)

  8. Simply supeb! you are a shining light in the life of your readers.
    A big salute madam!

  9. Hello Ma'am
    I plan to skip sugar for 31 days for sure.

  10. This so touched me. I just penned something and decided to go firm with my writing goals. It's time to challenge and go beyond boundaries. Preeti Mam, your lines are so apt, mindful and senseful. Thank you for this piece. :)

  11. Simply good Mam... Love it. I decided to wake up at 5am (atleast 5.30am), from tomorrow.

  12. Mam pls correct the mistake.... It's how you faced (fared) with your own challenge. Glad to be a part of ur fan list...

  13. So beautifully u have motivated ur readers !! Love u Ma'am . It's so refreshing to read anything which is written or described so simply yet beautiful. After a long stressful day today's blog is like a message for one's soul .

  14. As usual, a motivating post from you!
    There are so any things that I wanted to do that I have been postponing. I want to join 5 AM club, would like to go for a walk daily, would like to do yoga daily...
    OK, I will wake up at 5 AM daily for the next one month, including weekends!
    Good luck with you blog marathon!

  15. It's women like u who motivate me to motivate my mother to push her limits.

  16. Mam you are just stupendous! How could you write so much, I'm also a blogger but I find it very difficult to write and able to write only a single blog over a period of month. Hats off to you mam

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Hi Preeti, Great Post! I was waiting for your blog marathon. I have decided to join you in this. Will write everyday for 31 days on my blog (here) :)

  19. Hi mem thanks for giving this motivation.i will start talking more for 31 days.

  20. It is only when we push ourselves, often beyond the limits that otherwise seem impossible that we attain what we truly want. When the desire to attain something is so fierce that it can ignite every molecule, every cell of our being is when we truly deserve our goal. If it is important, we find a way. If it is not, we find an excuse.
    Wonderful thoughts to Start the first day of the Month Preeti, which happens to be my birth month too.Thus, very special to me - My March ❤❤❤

  21. That's surely a motivation mam....There's so many 'to do' in d bucket list, I suppose, for each one of us... That pushing our boundary will make many things fall in place.... Even if it is far too trifle....So I do appreciate ur optimistic start of d blog marathon mam ....

  22. Hello, I've signed up for an online course and that is related to writing stories, and improving our base level skills. At the end of the course I would be rewriting one of my stories that I wrote last year and also gather ideas for short stories. And I challenge myself to update my blog everyday just like you. :-)

  23. Hi Preeti, Hope you remember me.. Been great fan of your blog.. Your blog marathon topic one Push your boundaries has made me push my boundaries and how.. I have been inactive on my blog for years now and reading your blogpost has made me push my boundaries and challenge myself to do blog marathon on the spur of the moment.. I accept this challenge and will join you this month.. Best wishes & lots of love for pushing me

  24. Wowww..!!! #SuperWoman on spree..!!! That too in my birthday month..!!! Loving it already..!!! #Inspired

  25. Hello mam, I will start taking walk for whole month for min 30 mins

  26. Hi Preeti,

    I have been a follower of your blogs for quite long, but never commented on any posts till now. Breaking that now - I too have decided to inculcate a new habit of drinking green tea daily at work 4 days a week to start with. Thank You so much for all the motivation!

  27. Two things for me this month:

    1)Start a journal of all the cute little things my daughter does.
    2)Read and comment on all your blog marathon blog posts. They are all such a delight to read.

    Thank you for taking this up. It is indeed pushing boundaries for someone as busy as you are. Your blog posts always have a positive impact! This is a great service all your readers get and it is totally free of cost too :).

  28. Hi Preeti, it sounds like a cool challenge to push the self and overcome weaknesses. I intend to get back to my old standard of writing professionally where in the past I competed with myself and raising myself every single day. I am yet to get back to that. I intend to write everyday on the blog.

  29. Mam your blog is one of my source of inspiration. whenever I'm in a low I just go through your blog it's very motivating.. Thanku Mam. I decided to do yoga daily for this month...

  30. Mam your blog is one of my source of inspiration. whenever I'm in a low I just go through your blog it's very motivating.. Thanku Mam. I decided to do yoga daily for this month...

  31. Mam, i had always nurtured this idea of writing journals, to give air to all those emotions and feelings that are stuck up in my mind.. To materialise it in black and white.. I had always lacked this confidence to accomplish that feat. Its like i doubt my potentials.. Your post truly served as a great inspiration for me.. Thank you.. It did give me enough courage to lift up my pen. Thank you :)

  32. I'm very glad about your blog Mam. I read your novel liwymi(life is what u make it) and I like it very much. Thank you. Your daily articles on blog going to be good.

  33. Thank you Priti for this post. I had been looking for some inspiration and I'm so glad I came here:-)

  34. Thank you Priti for this post. I had been looking for some inspiration and I'm so glad I came here:-)

  35. Going to push myself to wake up early and do yoga.. Nice start..thanks for the positive note preeti

  36. Hi Preeti! I am thrilled to pieces because you are back with your blog marathon. Each day, I learn something new after reading your post. So looking forward to visiting your blog for the next one month! One of the things I try to do, but cannot, but have to is to sleep early. No matter how much I try, I am not able to sleep before midnight! Hence, after reading your blog, I decided to push myself and try to sleep early. It has worked out the first 2 days of the month so far and hopefully, it will continue for this month, if not for the rest! Hahaha. Good luck with your blog marathon. As I always tell you, you have been an inspiration to me, as well as to many of your fans and other well wishers. Take care!


  38. So good to be reading your blog again and that too daily post Marathon. Really motivating post ,like the part which says keeping challenging yourself,come to think of it ,haven't done it in a while now; Will start something which have been wanting to do for sometime and continue doing it

  39. Hello Ma'am,

    I am one of the follower of your blog, FB Page and all your post these days. Even reading your latest novel "Its All in the Planet". I am very glad to share that your first post of the marathon #Push your boundaries# has made me to take another chance to achieve my aim from which I carried away since few years. You are really motivated personality and thats enough to boost up others.

    Looking forward to have many more motivated stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Preeti I became a fan of yours after reading Life is what you make it . It was such an inspiring one for me. Now that you have asked us to push ourself I would. I would practice all my yoga n meditation from now on. Waiting for another motivational script for tommorow.

  41. Nice to hear that ur strarting blog feels refreshment by reading ur post.


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