The Stench of Death; A blackout poem. Day 2.

My daughter and I spent some creative  time together today, writing black out poetry.
We then read it out loud to each other. We really enjoyed the challenge, and came up with unique, thought-provoking unusual  poetry.
If you wish to know more about Blackout poetry, please check out the link.

Here's one of my poems I created today:

The Stench Of Death

 It was a mundane Monday evening
My brother wasn't answering his phone
Strange I thought
His bedroom light was on but his door was locked
My friend broke open the door
We found him there
Slumped over in his chair
His body cold
My handsome brilliant brother 
Whom everybody loved 
had decided that the world would be better off
without him
I clumsily tried
to do something
The ambulance arrived
The hospital was filthy
Garbage strewn around, giant bandicoots and cockraches
scurrying about
This must be a mistake I thought
They dragged the body out of the van
and tossed him on the floor
of the filthy hospital corridor 
I pleaded with them
I pleaded with them again
When I returned 
there was a pool of water, blood and bodily fluids 
The stench was unbearable
The stench of death

 **************© 2019 Preeti Shenoy
kindly do not reproduce without permission

Have you ever tried your hand at black out poetry? Or had you read any or heard of it?
Tell me in comments below :)
Also tell me what you thought of my poem.

New post tomorrow! So be sure to come back here.


  1. Hi Mam! This is the first time I'm hearing about black out poetry. I don't have any idea about it but what you have written is brilliant. Very deep and emotional.

    1. Thank you Usha. Do try your hand at it some time.

    2. Definitely Mam. Thank you so much.

  2. Blackout poem - Brilliant concept. Well written and Intense poem­čĹî

  3. **Goes to Google and Types What is Black Out Poetry?

  4. Never heard of this mam. Liked the poetry though... And i am very happy to see that you started this marathon in this month. I am so excited to read your posts everyday.. Something to look forward too each morning.. Thank you so much.

  5. I had never heard about it. I will read up and try it with the kids. Thank you, always something to learn from your posts.

  6. Mam, learnt this term first time but and experiences of same pierced me when my father left us.A peice of poem composed yesterday after reading your poem is given below for your and reader's comments.

    Father’s heavenly abode.
    It was last May evening,
    My brother called me.
    That Father became serious,
    Even difficult to believe.
    Some medication went wrong,
    Made his vision disappeared.
    I wonder what it had?
    Last fortnight he was OK.
    When niece’s marriage solemnized.
    Brother told that
    Heammacseal got reacted
    Given to improve health.
    This laid vision loss
    Within just two day.
    When mother asked him
    Call Kamlesh to meet.
    He denied this time
    Could not see him
    Why you called him?
    I suggest brother
    Let him admit in BHU
    I will reach next day.
    Sudden phone rang at 4.0AM
    I was stuck in some awkward
    Weeping sounds tell me,
    That caller delayed to tell
    O! Ram,Oh!Ram why you left me alone
    Deep weeping mother's word rejuvenate.
    I felt careless, loveless,
    Umbrella has broken
    Exposed to heavy rain.
    He left me alone
    To weep out, weep out.
    I was at job site,
    Reached directly to Kashi
    Took his body on shoulder
    Up to Ganga river.
    Pyre was set at Manikarnika
    Kinship and village people came,
    To bid last see off!
    I Could not controlled
    I weeped out, weeped out.
    Lastly ashes disposed to Ganaga
    We all returned our homes.
    Mother started weeping loudly
    I took her side & weeped out.
    Father left to heavenly abode
    Leaved all belonging here.
    His persoana still alive
    In the values and culture inherited.

  7. Wow. This is the first time I have heard about Black Out Poetry. Must try it sometime. When I read this, I could feel all the emotions of the character tug at my heart strings and it made me realize the pain she was going through. Very interesting post, Preeti!

  8. Interesting, not heard of the concept..Will Check it out..
    Great poetry

  9. Hi Preeti,

    This is a Novel Concept, thanks to you for introducing! I think this takes a lot of creativity and curiosity to find hidden gems from something as ordinary as a newspaper and string them together to a beautiful poem. Hats off to you and your daughter for coming up with such a poignant piece of poetry. I am inspired to try this ~ Indu.


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