A lovely road trip to a Farm Day 15.

Friends of ours invited us to their farm which is about 200 Kms from Bangalore. Their company Sakura Fresh  manufactures a wide variety of beverage and culinary products from fresh ingredients grow right at the farm. They have world class spice blends marinades, rubs and seasonings.
The experience was mind-blowing. The highest standard of organic , ecologically conscious garden produce with zero pesticides.

I am sharing 3 photos I clicked today. For the entire journey, please check my Instagram
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Have happy year end thoughts. Get set to welcome the new year.

More tomorrow! (for those of you who are new, I am doing a blog marathon where I put up a new post every single day!)
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  1. I watched your instagram stories today Mam. They were amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Preeti. I was following your updates on Instagram. It has been ages since I went for a long drive. So when I was watching the video, I felt as if I was traveling with you. The farm was so beautiful. Fresh veggies looked so good. Glad you had an amazing time!:-)

  3. was Intagrammically travelling with you and Sir on the road trip :)

  4. It's very refreshing to see these farm fresh vegetables and flowers. You too have a terrace garden right? My Mom has a terrace garden and whenever I go home, most of what we eat is homegrown and the satisfaction is unparalleled.


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