How do you tell if it is true love? (Day 8)

Love is not a contract you sign, where you commit to telling everything to each other. Love is when you feel understood without saying a thing. When you love someone, you accept them in their entirety. The bad bits along with the good bits. You learn to control your jealousy. You put their happiness above yours. You want the best for them. You wish them well. You tell them things that you believe are your absolute truth. You share your vulnerabilities with them. You show them your weakest side. You bank on their compassion. You never expect love to be unkind. And when you lose love, it feels like you have lost a part of yourself. Forever.

The above is a quote from my book Wake Up Life is Calling.
The protagonist writes this in a journal where she writes notes to herself.

What do YOU think true love is? How would YOU define it?
Tell me in my comment box!

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  1. I dont know what true love is or whether it exists also or not. Unless we experience it how will we know what true love is. I dont think i am capable of true love

  2. Nicely put! My favorite quote on the topic is "The greatest thing you will ever learn is to just to love and be loved in in return" ~ Indu.

  3. I believe true love is unconditional. Even if you are upset/angry, you can't stop caring. Would like to quote my own tweet that I posted yesterday.

    'Before you tell someone that you love them, make sure you trust and respect that person. Make sure you're a caring and understanding friend.

    Pyar ka number in sab ke baad aata hai.' :)

  4. Giving love without expecting it back. And accepting the person as he/she is. And one should always keep in mind that no one is perfect. This mindset will help to patch-up many issues.

  5. True love is true friendship, commitment, and loyality towards each other.

  6. I don't think we can define try love with certain characteristics.... because it's a different feeling for all of us and it's a different experience....I really think being true to your emotions and being the able to accept yourself as a person with all the positives and negatives is the purest of form any relationship.

  7. And They are in your prayers.. Always!

  8. According to me, True Love happens when you have reached a point in your life where you are extremely content with all aspects. Let it be your marriage, career, health, etc. It is when you feel so much loved, that you are oozing with love all around! True Love is when you wake up next to the person who makes you feel on top of the world and no matter what happens, they will always be by your side to help you through it all. True Love is something one who has experienced will understand and be able to explain it to others!:-)


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