Sail with me into 2020! Blog marathon starts today!! (yay!) Day 1.

Hey guys!

How have you been?

I am sorry I haven't been posting as regularly as I intended to. Life took over; I lost two family members unexpectedly and suddenly. Then I had my lit fests to attend, plus of course I was working on my new book which will be out in the last week of April 2020.
My children (both of who don't live in India) are visiting me now, and I am neck-deep in work.

But yet, I thought I would start a blog marathon, because I am not happy with the number of posts for this year. The best time to start anything is NOW. It's never too late for anything. So, here I am!

For those who are new to my blog marathons, it just means that you will get a post in your inbox every single day for next 30 days. Just click on the subscribe button at the top of this page. That's it!

Some days I will probably just post a photo; Some days it might be a poem.Sometimes it might be an art work, or something new I discovered. But it would be a new post every day :)

I know many of you have been waiting for this. I know this as you have messaged me asking me to start a blog marathon. So here it is. Your wish is granted :)

Do leave me comments, so I know I am not talking to a Blogospheric wall.

See you tomorrow!

pic credit: murthy and pradeep

New year Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Happy to see the advent of your blog Marathon. Will be eagerly waiting for your blogs for the next 29 days :)

  2. Woww Mam! Thank you very much. Love your blogs.

  3. Yaaaay! I am eveready to read and interact with you in this blogmarathon. Thank you❤️

  4. Ohh mam i i love your words.....

  5. It’s always a joy to see ur blogs. And Blog marathon are the highlights. Best wishes Preeti!

  6. I am new to your blog marathon but I am a lover of your mind boggling books..excited to read all the blogs mam!!!!

    1. Welcome to my world Pritam! Hope you enjoy reading my posts :)

  7. I am new to your blog marathon but I am a lover of your mind boggling books..excited to read all the blogs mam!!!!

  8. Good luck Preeti mam for blogmarathon.

  9. Looking forward to it ma'am

  10. Thank you My Lady... Trusting the magic of new beginnings is possible any time :)

  11. Hi Preeti,

    I got a late start on your blog this time due to holidays and some project deadlines coming together at the same time! But it' a joy to read your posts and it's even sweeter when it's a marathon as we get to read a post every single day which I know is a lot of effort at your end given your other commitments. Sorry for your loss at the personal side and hope you find peace and solace with your loved one around. Just like last time I am planning to comment on your posts this time as well, a real challenge this time with the Holidays and other commitments, but I too look forward to pushing myself and doing it :). Have a good evening ~ Indu.

  12. As soon as I read about your Blog Marathon, I was jumping with joy because I always look forward to them. It gives me a chance to read extremely interesting posts, learn about things which I never knew about and also read lovely comments by your readers and other well wishers. Looking forward to visiting your blog on a daily basis and giving my comments too :-)

  13. Great to be reading you every day for 30 days :)


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