3 things you must never compromise on. (day 11)

Life can be hard. We might not be on the path we thought we would be on. We might have a myriad problems. As we navigate through life's curved paths, we change. But in order to be true to oneself, we need some essential principles on which we  will never compromise.
Here are three things which you MUST hold on to, no matter what.

Your word : My grandfather taught me this--that if you give your word, no matter what happens, you keep it up. It was  a maxim he lived by and valued. Since it was inculcated in me at an early age, I always keep my word. Even when it is hard to do so, I go the extra mile. It is who I am. I wasn't doing t for others. I was doing it for myself. But over the years, I have noticed how much others value it too, and see me as trustworthy. That's invaluable.

Your appearance: It is extremely important to be well-groomed. You don't have to have tonnes of money to be smartly dressed. I am a person who is not brand conscious at all. What I am concerned about it the fit and style. If you haven't yet heard Satsia Stavasuk's  ted x talk, you MUST watch it. It could change your life! (click on the highlighted words)

Your sincerity: For me, being genuine is everything. I can't stand pretentious and fake people. A lot of people pretend to be someone they are not. They also say things they do not mean. I suspect they do this as they feel inadequate to reveal their true selves, or perhaps they want to be liked. I can't relate to such people. For me, being your authentic self is integral to me core.

Are there any principles you'd like to add to these?
Tell me in my comment box.
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  1. I liked this post very much Mam. Thank you. One more principle I would like to share is thinking positive no matter how worse the situation may be.

    1. True..But sometimes one does feel very down, and it is okay.

  2. Integrity and Kindness top my list ~ Indu.

    1. What if you were living in a ghetto..really poor, hungry, had no idea where your next meal was coming from, and you have to fight to feed your kids. Would your list still have kindness and integrity? (was just wondering ! )

  3. I agree with the points in this post. These are good principles to follow. Another one I would like to add is Trustworthy. It seems that trust is taken lightly these days. It is difficult to find a person whom you can confide in and not have them spread it to others. Happy Friday!

  4. Integrity an dcommitment top my list. However ther are required some ther things. A poem reagarding values in perosnal or professional life....
    Adore you great values,
    A bucket of ethics,
    A bundle of happiness;
    A path to sustain and move up !
    Spirit to conquer the globe,
    Spell of everlasting motivation;
    The values inherited by elders !!
    That demonstrate excellence,
    In daily activities of life.
    Integrity- is honesty in action,
    We do all the day in action.
    Commitment- to deliver on promise,
    A platform to sustain and survive.
    Borderlessness - to conquer the world,
    Do every action to be recognised.
    Energy - to track an extra mile,
    A measure of inherent smile.
    Motion -to reaches a step ahead,
    Always accomplish the goal.


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