My best reads of 2019 !

What better post for the last post of this  decade than sharing my best reads of 2019!!

I read about 60 books this year.(you can see all of them on my Instagram highlights Books 1 and  Books 2)  Here are my best reads in no particular order.

1.     Man’s search for meaning: Viktor E  Frankl: Though this book has influenced millions of people world wide, I read it only this year and was blown away by it. I loved the way Frankl makes sense of the universal question: Whether our loves have any purpose. He writes with depth and honesty; Powerful, poignant and deeply moving, I highly recommend this book.
2.     The Travelling Cat Chronicles  Hiro Arikawa: Even if you are not a cat-lover, be sure to grab this one. It is translated from Japanese and it is quirky, gripping and leaves you feeling touched in ways difficult to explain—It kind of breaks your heart.
3.     The Friend By Sigrid Nunez: It is about grief and loss and healing. The passages are extraordinary, and leaves you wiser by the end of the book. I would say this is a ‘must-read’ especially if you are an aspiring writer.
4.     Storied life of AJ Fikry Gabrielle Zevin: A grumpy book store owner, a lonely island, a precocious little girl all come together to transport the reader into a delightful world. Loved the read.
5.      Maid Stephanie Land : A deeply honest, emotional eye opening memoir  that makes you think about those invisible army of  people who work so hard, silently. An inspiring   true story of hope, grit and redemption.
6.     Lullaby Leila Slimani: An intensely dark, engaging and disturbing novel. Beautifully written and it was a total show-stealer for me.
7.     Ghachar Ghochar Vivek Shanbhag : What a book! It deserves an award. (if it hasn’t won any it definitely should win!)  Seemingly simple narrative that  makes you go ‘aaaah’ after you have finished the book and leaves you thinking about it for months afterwards. Highly recommend this book.
8.     Man called Ove   : Fredrick Backman : Heartwarming, engrossing and well narrated, you will find yourself craving for more!
9.     Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine Gail Honeyman:  It is funny, sad, blunt and extremely well written. Such a unique character, Eleanor totally won me over.
10.  Autobiography of a sex worker Nalini Jameela:  It’s a powerful narrative of patriarchal oppression told with utter honesty that leaves you thinking about many societal issues and stirs something deep with you.


  1. Happy New Year to you too Mam!

  2. I do see all your instagram updates and i did pick and read your recommendations. Thank you so much mam. I look forward to new book recommendation from you this yeaar again

  3. What a perfect way to end the year with this reading list! Thanks for your recommendations. Wish you and your loved ones a joyous 2020 and a fantastic decade!

  4. It's a very unique list. Ghachar Ghochar and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine are already on my TBR list. I tried reading A Man Called Ove but couldn't finish it {for some reason}. Adding Lullaby to my reading list. Thank you for sharing.

    I wish you and your family a joyful and wonderful New Year! :)

  5. Thank you for the list. I have saved the names of these books so I can read them. The description makes me want to read the books. As I follow your Insta Updates, I was able to see the books that you read last year. Eagerly waiting to read more and more books this year. I think I completed 25 books in 2019. Would like to double the number this year.

  6. So we are set for the Goals and Walls for Book Reading for 2020 ?

    Thank you for the list Preeti Mam :)

  7. Dear Preeti,

    That's a huge help for book lovers and readers. Book recommendations are like getting the food served in front of you with out making any effort to cook it. You just have to eat...I mean read it ;)
    Thanks for these book recommendations.

    Love, Alka

  8. Thanks for this list Preeti! and Kudos to You - 60 books that's a really big achievement. Coming to me - I read 14 books last year not bad since it's better than last year. This year I have challenged myself to 25 books and have set up monthly goals as well. These reviews help. I'll pick some from your list. Happy Reading ~ Indu


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