Bereft (a poem) Day 9

A humming bird without a song
A vehicle without a wheel
Wounds caused by wrong
From which you can't heal

Bereft of feelings
A silent burden to bear
All the daily dealings
Actions without any care

How long oh fate?
Can I endure the dread?
This hooked twisted bait
That leaves me alive yet dead.

*************© 2019 Preeti Shenoy
kindly do not reproduce without permission


  1. Woww! Superb Mam 👏👏👏👏

  2. Beautiful, Preeti! Loved this poem. It totally grips at my heart strings. The photo complements the Poem extremely well. Love reading your posts. :-)

  3. Excellent poems. A similar poetry is posted for your comments....

    With clumsy eyes,
    And Dry throats
    Birds fly in the dawn
    To the other nation.
    In search of food!
    With pool of thoughts
    Why land is not fertile
    enough to quench hunger?
    Feeling others like our kins
    In the day long journey
    After hard work of day
    Birds got enough food
    Return together to nest,
    With peace of mind.


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