What can you think of? (Blog marathon post 16)

Oh my God! 564 page views, 367 visitors, yet only about 50 odd nice people wrote back (see last post)--that is still a 50 short of the 100 mark. (I did mean what I said in the fine print) At least, Nancy of Reflections tried really hard.

Thank you Nancy!!

And to all others who commented too

But it still means that second post on Car adventures will have to wait a bit.
(but watch this space, as they say in those adverts)

And here is today's post for you.

I clicked this picture here in the UK, at a park near my place where there was a fair going on. They had tables where each table was selling different things from different countries. I stopped in surprise when I came to this particular table. I have lived in many different parts of India for nearly 36 years and never once have I come across this strange contraption which they claim is an Indian head massager! (click on photo to enlarge) You're supposed to hold it by the handle, in an inverted position on your head and move it up and down!! I really think it ought to have been named 'U.K.Head scratcher' not 'Indian Head massager.' :) and to top it, each piece costs 7 pounds which is 514.94 Rupees (as per latest exchange rates).

What do you say to that?!
Can you think of more uses for it for Rupees 514.94? :-) Put on your creative thinking hats.I'll give you an unusual use I thought of, provided someone else also does not think of it. If they do I shall surely mention it when I update this post tomorrow with names of those (with links to their profiles) whose uses I think were outstanding. :)

And folks, please also tell me if you like such thinking challenges that I post now and then on my blog.

A big round of applause for all those who gave very creative answers.

The clear winner who gave the most creative answers is
Guruprasad of Guruprasad's musings and more : He gave the maximum number of uses and very nice ones too.

Only one person gave the exact use that I had thought of, which I thought was quite unique, but I guess he and I think a lot alike. He is

Ajay Chauhan
: I had also thought that it could be used like Edward Scissorhand's contraption and he mentioned Wolverine. The other thing he mentioned about some reflective optical thing sounded good too :-)

Other people whose answers I liked are Geetha , Hunter and Meira.

(All coloured words are links that take you to their blog or profiles)

I can think of a few other uses too which no one has mentioned here. If you are below 18, please stop reading and leave now :-)

1.Two straps can be attached to both and it can be worn as an Outift to the Oscars a'la Madonna's conical bra or Cher's outfit that created a stir a few years back. If you don't know what I am talking about, please google.I am not explaining.

2. A small motor can be attached and it would make a good you-know-what. I am not explaining this too. :-)

3. Tie a cloth around it and put some beads inside it--an innovative rattle. Nothing adult here--stop looking for it!

4.Stick photos on each arm and an unusual photo display frame that would suit a modern minimalist interior.

5. Mixing a large tin of paint with turpentine--This would be vey handy when its arms are closed.

6.Keep it at a 180 degree angle and dangle ties over each arm--Tie tidier.

7.Use an arm to stir coconut oil that has become a solid because of low temperatures :-)

8.Wool tidier. Use each arm to store your balls of wool. Very useful gift for granny.

9.Use one arm to put the rubber strap back into your Hawai chappals when it comes out. Very handy indeed!

10.Keep it at 180 degrees and keep at least three bindi packets on each arm, by opening the bindi packet like a card and placing it on each arm and closing it.

I can think of more--but I am quite sure these are enough :-)

Thank you folks for all the answers! Stay tuned more such thinking challenges. :-)


  1. One creative use I guess is giving the chap who invented/named this contraption 514 whacks on his head. lol. Indian head massager indeed...

  2. How about an egg beater? That is what it looks to me! :)

  3. A whisk? It sure looks like one to me....

  4. Oh and these challenges sure are fun :)

    Your blog is such light reading....mostly....but meaningful at the same time....

    And when you do write heavy posts, they really touch me to the core...

    So keep blogging :)

  5. Oh look at the offer 2 for 12 Pounds.
    well it looks like a manual blender

  6. Oh come on..I was eagerly checking every now and then to see if it crossed the 100 comment mark..!! I seriously didnt think the same person could comment over and over again..Pls dont let this stop you from putting the other post you mentioned..Pretty please..:)

    Regarding this post..I think it cud be used as a tool to loosen the soil before planting seeds..hehe..then wash it properly and use it to remove the dirt from underneath the nails..LOL..Also if you hang one small bell from each of the wire it could triple up as a wind chime..howzaat??

    And keep those challenges coming.


  7. My FIL got back this 'Indian Head massager' from the USA (and I don't mean Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association :P)

  8. Indian Head Messager?? (did it say only for use of unborn chicken heads)

  9. hmmm.. ya first wisk some egg and then use the unwashed wisk to message your head..hence condition your hair..then you can wash it and use it as a comb for your wet hair[errrrr..].and if anyone makes fun of you using it these ways,beware, it can be a dangerous weapon too :P :P

  10. So cheaters are everywhere!!!! Shall come back again for the idea

  11. Of course. U always make us think and use our otherwise rusted brain! Love it!

    Uses?!?! here goes...
    Bangle holder, socks hanger, holder for papad when frying them, support for creeper plant that i grow at home!!!!!! :)

  12. I enjoy a lot where u r post leads to thinking.I like such posts.

  13. buy a bata chappal... i know this is eeks but that figure somehow made me remember bata.... just add some 4 more paisa's to it ;-)

    and gosh what was that weird thinking...

  14. Got to think different! Got to think different! I just can't! :(

    If not as a blender, I'm gonna use it as a weapon, that's for sure.

    P.S: We love all kinds of post written by you, don't be such a skeptic woman. Tch :)

  15. Hi Preeti

    Indian Head Massager, 2 for 12 pounds....Wow !!!...Expensive

    I love reading your posts, please dont get discouraged... Your Blogs are really really cute.....Keep writing :)

  16. hey this is a new item...I saw it in various exhibition last month in Mumbai!!!

    I actually thought it to be egg beater..but they explained how to use!!!

  17. Don't buy it (or if you have ask for a refund). Give the Rs 514 to Warren Buffet. He'll make it into 514000. By the time he does this, the pound would have fallen to 60 pounds to a rupee. Become a millionaire in the UK. The Queen will knight Mr Shenoy. Arise Sir Satish. Buy a Scottish isle. Pratice singing "you take the high road, etc etc" with a Scottish lilt. Wearing a kilt, no less. Post this picture on Marathon Blog No 30.

  18. We can use it for grilling in barbecue... I loved its handle to hold and round grills to hold the tikkas!!!

  19. y the hell do they have to call it'Indian Head massager'...uff and it looks like a egg beater or something....ought to wack the guy who is selling it under that name...

  20. hmm..you know whenever I have to wrap gifts, I struggle with the cellotape. I cut small pieces which keep sticking to each other and the tape corner keeps evading me. This can be a solution. Cut as many pieces as you like and stick a small end on the numerous wires. Voila! A tape-holder.

  21. And oh yes, the challenges I like :)

  22. Nope.. it s an 'Indian pricker'! Whenever you feel “India” is commercialized beyond the limits, you have all the rights in the world to prick the respective person. By rule (of the pricker), he is supposed to not to react! ;)

  23. Equipments for Piles Operation...huh..:P

  24. Get it surgically fitted inside your hands and then use them as retractable claws like those of the cat family or Wolverine's :)
    Can also be used as a bird cage.
    A device for creating optical illusions concerning light incidence on rotating solids.
    Will think of more and write later.

  25. indian head massager....like lot of people had mentioned it does look like a manual blender!!
    It can also be used for grilling stuff;-) u know insert veggies paneer etc n toast it in heat (with the opened version;-))))

    i absolutely love these kind of posts!!

  26. egg beater
    lassi maker
    curler for a large curl on the forehead?

  27. i guess the words INDIAN + MASSAGER really sell across the globe...

    sorry but it looks like an egg beater to me !!!

  28. What? When did such things come in India?

    Uses: Fluffing hair( self or pet); Whisk; self defense(poking with ends smeared with skin irritants)

  29. I grew up in Connecticut and we went to many craft fairs when I was growing up. They had a table of those things there, but, the people had a sign up claiming that they were the American Indian's idea. Now called Native Americans.
    America is so much fun. We keep coming up with better names to call each other, all of them designed to be more polite than the next.
    I am wondering how many other countries have these things and what they are calling them.

  30. 14.94 for Tax
    400 for a " 34 Bubblegums and candies"" ( I don't know whats the price)
    50 for snacks
    50 for a coffee

    One nice evening I could pass in 514.94

  31. Preethi I thk there's a mistake in the advertising. They forgot to prefix the word RED.
    Chk it out...u get it now why u havent seen it anywhere in India...coz u were looking for it in the wrong place;-D

    And Rs.514.94/-...I'll have fish for dinner...as in I'll buy Nei Meen[King Fish]...I hrd it costs tht much for a kg now;-o

    And hey...thanks for the mention;-D.
    I know, sorry meant to say, we all know how much of an effort it is to put up an interesting post everyday.
    Appreciation increases our enthusiasm & keeps us going. In truth I did it for U, for me & for all of us;-D

    Great going!!!!! Keep 'em coming I say!!!!!!

  32. Anonymous9:22 PM

    These days the term "Indian" gets attached to evrything! And yeah, these posts are amazing. Why are you even asking? :P

  33. Have you seen that malayalam movie 'veendum chila veettu karyangal' where Samyukta Varma cons Jayaram into buying one of these things saying they will develop your 'bhavana'(imagination/creativity).. :D This reminded me of that! Maybe someone is trying that out on the Brits!

  34. Holy S***, what is that thing, it looks like you can poke out your eyes, while trying to massage your head. I would rather spend 500 bucks on a "Jasur comb" (although i think it costs only 50) you know that round comb with small spikes and spend the other 450 bucks on buying books :)

  35. i am not sure if this is what you meant, but i am assuming you wanted people to try come up with more uses for the contraption in the picture instead of more uses of the money...

    so here are my suggestions -

    1. the great indian back-scratcher (you could also scratch other unmentionable parts of your anatomy if you so chose)

    2. a ball catcher (you know those spongy smiley balls)

    3. abstract bulb/lamp shade

    4. table centre piece... you could fix some flowers on each arm

    5. you could stick pieces of fruit on each arm and munch each one as you read a book or something

    6. butter-milk churner

    7. tie 5-6 together and you get a fancy piece of abstract art... or a fancy chandelier

    8. cow/bull prodder

    9. hair pin/ brush for a giantess

    10. you could cover a bottle of wine with this... makes it look really fancy!

    11. cover it with transparent plastic sheet and you have an umbrella for a small pet!

  36. Have read all of your comments. I am not replying individually as I am updating the post with names of those who found the most creative uses. Thank you all for donning your thinking caps! It was sure fun to read the responses!

  37. After I went thru the other uses you mentioned..I was thinking..'Now why didnt I think of that'..:)


  38. I've heard people speak fairly dismisively of this contraption...I would use it to scare spiders...or as a multi pronged fork to spear peas or more likely to eat spaghetti off.

    Having ones scalp Massaged is very relaxing..but you can save £7 by using the things on the end of your arms for free!!

  39. I honestly thought, you were asking about the 7 quid n not the contraption!!
    for the 7 quid - u can go to nandos, mac, burger king, 8 cans of beer, at least 2 pints of guiness, a large JD on rocks with peanuts to go with it.
    a bottle of 2005 italian red wine. I must stop, all I can think of is food!! may be I should go raid the fridge... cheerio :)

  40. hahaha...interesting one..it looked like an egg beater or something to me..

  41. Interesting uses indeed. However I did try it out for the purpose it is originally mean for (i.e., to massage my head) - its okay. Its supposed to press the accupressure points on your head. Massager is a misnomer

  42. tee hee hee. We've collectively made it worth every penny of its cost, haven't we?:P
    Your ideas are hilarious :)

  43. wow preethi! ur ideas r jus awesome!

    many of the fellow commenters' ideas too were just fantastic!!!!

    good flexing our mental muscles! :)

  44. Got here late..but made a good read!

  45. haha....very nice...
    i haves een this here in NL too and its calledthe same. I was also surprised fot not having seen this "Indian" thing ever there in "India".
    ANds about new ideas..i am already too late. SO many great ones have already poured in.

  46. We have the "Indian Head Massager" at home :-), though it was procured from (I think) Thailand by my brother when he was visiting.

    AND, it is actually good. Since it is pointed, it gives a weirdly nice tingling feeling when you "massage" it on your head.


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