What about you? (blog marathon post 3)

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What do you think of yourself? No, I don’t mean that in an angry, accusing, demanding way but I mean it in a gentle-nudge-to-budge kind of a way.

Most of the time we don’t really have time to think about ourselves, do we? Wake up in the morning, hit snooze, hit snooze again, really wake up, brush teeth while thinking about the day, fret you’re late, fix breakfast(or skip breakfast depending on how much you snoozed or didn't snooze), curse traffic, reach work, log into blogs between work (or between work at home whatever the case may be), get annoyed with boss, fret about meeting deadline, work on project, work on work, work on not getting annoyed with that irritating co-worker, work, pretend to work, really work, curse traffic, get home, fix dinner, handle kids (if there are kids and if no kids handle spouse, if no spouse and kids handle yourself ;-) :P), watch TV for a while, log on to the Internet, go to bed. Poof—another day gone!

Where really is the time to think?

And why should we think?

Three reasons.

1. It is fun (Main reason primarily--heh heh)

2. You get to know you (you’ll be surprised how much you have changed)

3. We get to know you a little better! :-) (That will surely be fun)

I am assisting with a Summer term project at the school on Film making and we did an interesting exercise, which I too got drawn into. These were the questions that we had to answer, and I am sharing them with you. As always, I wouldn’t dream of asking you to do what I don’t—so giving you my answers too. (After the questions, so it is easy for you to copy paste the questions and insert your own answers in my comment box)

  • I am---
  • My best friend thinks I am----
  • My ambition----
  • I am inspired by---
  • If I ruled the world I would----
  • If I had one wish I would---

To the last question please don’t say I would want three more wishes or something like that—that is so clichéd! You can write as much or as little as you want for all the questions.

Here are my answers:

I am nice,naughty,fun,friendly but I really need my own space every single day.

My best friend thinks I am attractive,intelligent,smart and witty.

My ambition is to raise my kids as good human beings.

I am inspired by perseverance and discipline, nature and endurance of human spirit.

If I ruled the world I would make it a world without geographical boundaries.

If I had one wish I would ask for my dad back.

Your turn now. Come on! Don’t leave without telling me about you.I want to know and I am listening.


  1. Iam: Patient,a good listener,interested in lots of things and younger on the inside than I am on the outside.

    My best friends think I'm dependable,humerous,caring and laid back.

    My ambition is to be able to continue to produce better and more original artwork

    Im inspired by music, literature, friends and things I see...

    If i ruled the world I would be deposed in a non violent military coup within one day!

    If I had one wish .....maybe it would be that I could play the cello really well.

  2. I am---cute, naughty, loving, caring and compassionate.
    My best friend thinks I am----caring, dependable, intelligent, sexy and adventurous.
    My ambition----is to be a humble human being, love my friends/family and be there for them whenever they need me.
    I am inspired by---my parents, my friends, nature and literature.
    If I ruled the world I would----strive to bring more peace on earth.
    If I had one wish I would---not hurt anyone in future.

  3. Hey this is too serious. In a light hearted vain

    I am wondeful, superb, fantastic, brilliant (add all the superlative adjectives in the English language)

    My best friend thinks I am (see above)

    My ambition, already achieved, is to (see above)

    I am inspired by the black hole in Cygnus, the Swan,

    If I ruled the world I would pay myself 1 million for each post

    If I had one wish I would make Satish the Sec Gen of the UN.

    Nice to see you all well settled Preeti and that you have embarked on the "Marathon". Keep going ....

  4. * I am a mother of two, who lost her self in the field of marriage and raising kids. Trying to find my way back.

    * My best friend thinks I am funny, sweet, too nice and sometimes just plain stupid.

    * My ambition to be a published author for kids books (but no clue where to start).

    * I am inspired by beauty.

    * If I ruled the world I would stop all wars, divide the food evenly, make sure no one goes hungry.

    * If I had one wish I would bring back my grandma and grandpa and listen to all thier stories again so I can write them down and read them over and over...

  5. I am : 10 people merged in one

    My best friend thinks i'm : witty, pretty,dependable and easily stressed

    My ambition is : to make my two boys into wonderful human beings so that one day they would make two girls very happy

    I am inspired by: books, nature, and hard work

    If I ruled the world, I would : try to make sure noone goes hungry

    If i had one wish: i would wish myself the strength/confidence to see my dreams through

  6. I am a dreamer, naughty, lazy at times (!), a workaholic (at times!)... and a lot of things i still dont know!

    My best friend thinks I am the best! lol. since the past 10 yrs. no matter where on earth i am, she thinks she can trust me. i'm glad :)

    My ambition is to live a happy, fulfilling life. no compromises.

    I am inspired by my dad, albert einstein, happy people!, good books, good movies, biographies,struggles, a beautiful day... blah blah!

    If I ruled the world I would teach all people to live as one. Do something for underpriviledged women and children. And mother earth. Don't really know how! :P

    If I had one wish I would want all my wishes to come true! ;) :P

  7. p.s. this is super! :)

  8. this is nice PS

    * I am a fun loving person, sensitive and emotional person, totally crazy at times and totally sane the next minute

    * My best friend thinks I am mad and very loving and ya very independent

    * My ambition is to do something to make the world a little better place for my young one and own a huge organic farm one day

    * I am inspired by nature

    * If I ruled the world I would make education a mandatory and available resource to one and all, everyone needs to be educated

    * If I had one wish I would buy a mobile home and go for a world tour with hubby

    this was fun PS :)

  9. I am---cheerful, an optimist, naive sometimes, evil other times, believe in dreams and fluff, cant live without my parents and friends despite the million times in a day i might curse one/all of them!

    My best friend thinks I am----loyal, happy-go-lucky, cliche (she actually wrote that on my bday card!!) and someone who has the ability to smile and make others smile in the face of problems...

    My ambition----to be happy! :) whatever the situation, whereever i go in life!

    I am inspired by---stories i hear around me of people achieving amazing things!

    If I ruled the world I would----instruct all offices to not start before 10 in the morn!!!

    If I had one wish I would---wish for my life to be perfect! :)

    lol this was fun! :)

  10. -> I am- Intelligent, Witty, dependable, Friendly and Caring

    -> My best friend thinks I am- Dependable, Practical, Thoughtful and funny

    -> My ambition- To be a global business leader

    -> I am inspired by- almost everyone around me, Also by Bill Gates & Carly Fiorina after reading their Biographies

    -> If I ruled the world I would- I would try to have a little more of peace and sanity amidst the Chaos

    -> If I had one wish I would- I seriously don't know, all I want as of now is too shallow to waste a wish on it. may be I will save the fish for later to use it sometime later when I really need sth which is beyond my control :-(

  11. I am--- only human....more faults than strengths.

    My best friend thinks I am----dependable & good at making people forget their problem for a little while

    My ambition----I've learnt not to dream about things I cant get.

    I am inspired by---almost everything. Sort of, find a lesson to learn in all instances which occur in my life.

    If I ruled the world I would----make sure EVERYBODY got atleast 1 square meal a day.

    If I had one wish I would--- use it to protect my family from every danger in the world.

  12. I am--- a true libran, taking time to make a decision, and I am dependable, sincere and honest.

    My best friend thinks I am----I really do not know, but she is happy to see me and that is reason enough for me to think she feels kindly about me!

    My ambition---- to be a good human being and hope my values rub off on my children and others who come in contact with me.

    I am inspired by---success stories of those who are honest,sincere and yet reach their goals in life unlike many corrupt individuals who have no scruples.

    If I ruled the world I would----get rid of all the corrupt, selfish politicians and we could live without fear of terrorism.

    If I had one wish I would---like to spend atleast an hour with my parents who are no longer with me, but who I feel are watching over me even now.

    Good luck with your daily blogging.

  13. I am a fun loving person, but vulnerable at times.

    All the Best 4 d Blogging Marathon :)
    Take Care

  14. I loved the subtle way in which your post made me think about myself, i would have otherwise silently escaped it... so, at the spur of this moment, this is what comes to my mind-

    I am--- just another simple girl who prefers/likes to listen more than talk and takes utmost care that her actions don't hurt anybody. I find it difficult to handle compliments, they never fail to embarrass me. And I do things in life the way it convinces me n not just as it needs to be done or everybody does.

    My best friend thinks I am----I hv no BEST friend, however my friends think i am sweet(ufff- i tell them they dont know me well in that case), friendly and someone they can come to for anything, anytime.

    My ambition---- lead a simple happy life and start something.. not sure it will be an old age home or small resort in the hills of uttaranchal, India(sounds over ambitious at the mo though).

    I am inspired by---smile, cheerful people and nature.

    If I ruled the world I would---- not let anybody be poor or ignorant.. no i m not an aspiring politician pls ;)

    If I had one wish I would--- wish for health, happiness and engagement(so they can cope with the empty nest syndrome well) of all parents.

  15. * I am--- naughty, Funny, Honest liar :p, lazy in times and sometime energetic too, Dedicated towards my family,Frnds and work.

    * My best friend thinks I am---- Dumbo, sharp tongue, honest liar ,swear for everything...:P,and a Best frnd.

    * My ambition---- To grow in my career path hierarchical .

    * I am inspired by--- DAD ..

    * If I ruled the world I would----Include MonDay in weekend list :D

    * If I had one wish I would---Go back to my Collage days. Wish had such a time machine :(

    Thnks Preeti..This was Great....

  16. I am--- just another girl next door..
    My best friend thinks I am---- a superwoman with a BIG heart ( cheesy!)
    My ambition---- to laugh everyday :)
    I am inspired by--- people around me
    If I ruled the world I would---- invest a lot of money in research for time travel :P
    If I had one wish I would--- want 3 people back in my life.. my parents and my EX ( cheesy again)

  17. I am--- A home maker
    My best friend thinks I am----a good listening post
    My ambition----to find a place in peoples hearts as a loving, compassionate person.
    I am inspired by---people cosidering Manava seva is madhava seva thus helping the needy bretheren
    If I ruled the world I would----make it a happier, healthier and a peaceful place.
    If I had one wish I would---pray allthings mentioned above come true

  18. I am---very lazy, sensitive and lonely
    My best friend thinks I am----lazy, stupid, good natured
    My ambition----is to just go with the flow of life and be good
    I am inspired by---books moives hard working smart people
    If I ruled the world I would----keep it as it is now
    If I had one wish I would---try to change the attitude of all the people so that there is love, caring and good spirits in the world.

    WOW!! This is great!!

  19. I am - Happy, Friendly, Sympathetic, Open, Talkative

    My best friend thinks I am - dependable, sensible, good at my job, bright

    My ambition - is to be good at what I attempt to do in life...at work and at home. To be always loved by family and friends.

    I am inspired by people who lead meaningful lives...

    If I ruled the world I would ensure every child has a family...

    If I had one wish I would--- like to be able to sing well... :)

  20. All the best on the marathon! Wish I had the guts to attempt something like that! :D

  21. Wannabe: u can do it--one post at a time :P

    Karthik: Why would u keep the world as it is now?

    Rajashree:Nice to see ur answers! Thanks for doing this.

    Teekhi Mirchi: Not cheesy at all!

    Prabodh: Ye honest liar kya hai? :P

  22. Mindspace: Wondering why compliments (esp if they are genuine ones) embarrass you.

    Tabitha: only one question answered?! Never mind! Thanks! :)

    Radha: Thank you. Loved what u said about your parents.

    Relections: Yous one wish--i want that too!

    Prats:Rain check foe one wish is a great idea!

    Sunshine: 10 is also too early! :P It should be 12 noon :)

    Monika: Would love to meet u after reading what u wrote!

    Sucheta: glad u enjoyed--last one not acceptable..Go on--tell us abt what u really wish for ;-)

    Suma; loved your answers--and Hope one of your sons meets my daughter when they grow up :D Talk about crazy plans! :)

    Marj: loved your answers--esp th first one..Hope your dream of publishing comes true.

    Ramesh: Stop doing sit ups and give us the real answers ;-)

    Shachi: What a nice wish--not to hurt anyone..Made me think.

    Niall: I do admire the very qulaities u mention here..mostly because I dont have them :P

  23. I am a jack of “Painting, Photography, Poetry, Engineering “ and Master of “Business Administration".LOL!!

    My best friend thinks I am ……that person’s emotional wash basin

    My ambition….even after retirement…..to keep doing something worthwhile until I die

    I am inspired by…….Books, blogs and my solitude

    If I ruled the world I would…………resign………Who wants the tension??

    If I had one wish I would……….Wish for peace of mind in every individual

  24. I am talkative, friendly, caring, and a realist.
    My best friend thinks I am cheerful, intelligent, and dependable :)
    My ambition is to sing flawlessly and complete my education asap.
    I am inspired by music.
    If I ruled the world I would eradicate poverty and let all the children in the streets be educated and lead a better life.
    If I had one wish I would wish for endurance and strength to fulfil what I have set out to do :)

  25. These were realy points to ponder .... it really made me THINK... long time the brain is doing this :)
    I am - sweet, short tempered , fub to be with talkitive .. like to enjoy Freedom ... think a lot, and last but not least sensitive .

    My best friend thinks I am- talktive , one who care bout others , and great in keeping conatcts
    My ambition- be happy and keep others happy -:"Live life Queensize " :)
    I am inspired by- articls which i read, and people
    If I ruled the world I would --- peace !!!
    If I had one wish I would--- give me and my loved ones peace ,happiness ,lov laughter and gud health :) me bond them well :) Coz people matter a lot

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  28. * I am---simple,contented,funloving,emotional.

    * My best friend thinks I am--a person-who-doesnt-realize-her-potential,strong,funloving,caring,humorous.

    * My ambition--Ahem!!

    * I am inspired by--Books,People.

    * If I ruled the world I would--- Stop all Wars.

    * If I had one wish I would---
    Ask for better health for everyone.

    Oh this was fun P.S.


  29. *I am cheerful, nice, ambitious!

    *My best friend thinks I am a patient and understanding person!

    *My ambition is to continue being an architect!

    I am inspired by my dad!

    If I ruled the world I would try to vanish poverty!

    If I had one wish (you wont believe) I would ask my mom back!

    Hope we'll get to listen more about the project on film making!!

  30. I am fun, good, dependable and have the need to keep improving my life in the hope of keeping myself happy.

    My best friend thinks I am dependable, always there to help, always planning get together so that I could be in touch with my friends :) (This is my interpretation of what they think)

    I am inspired by people who overcome their obstacles where they had no chance of winning.

    If I ruled the world I would implement role reversal so that nobody feels that someone else is better than anyone and give the respect to people they deserve.

    If I had one wish I would like to see things through as I see them in my mind.

  31. Very thought provoking questions. i will save them for when I have answers; D

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  33. I am: a twenty six year old whose biggest claim to fame was way back in ninth standard, when i somehow held onto a catch, that helped eleven thirteen year olds beat eleven fourteen year olds in a game of cricket! I believe over the years i turned into a ruggedly handsome fellow but there are few who buy that

    My best friends think that: I'll be the first one to push them into a muddy puddle whenever we chance upon one. They also yell at me for not having written a book yet.

    My ambition: currently, is to write a book.

    I am inspired by: a lot of people; not all of who are world renowned; and most being regular individuals who possess some attribute that made me want to pick it up too.

    If i ruled the world: My harem would consist of Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder and Salma Hayek. And Anu Malik would never host Indian Idol.

    If i had one wish: The parents of the girl i am in love with, would accept me in their family.

    Thanks Preeti. I really liked reading your blog. Take care. Neeraj.

  34. Nice thought Preeti !! Very interesting too. Thanks to you - I read all he comments and got to now so many people at such a short time.

  35. I am---nice,friendly,sincere,silent girl.

    My best friend thinks I am----friendly,smart,emotional.
    My ambition----to be a good human being.
    I am inspired by---my grandmother,parents,music.
    If I ruled the world I would---try to remove poverty.
    If I had one wish I would ask for my grandmother back.

  36. I am - dependable, dreamer, dedicated, doer, deadly

    My best friend thinks I am - always there when she needs me

    My ambition - to really climb the ladder at work

    I am inspired by - nature & the passion to achieve

    If I ruled the world I would - ask people to give each other free hugs

    If I had one wish I would - wish that I had got married early

  37. I am- talkative, humorous and a little sensitive !
    My best friend thinks I am- too honest, caring and a little short tempered! :P
    My ambition-is to do my best in what i really like and fulfill all my parents' wishes.
    I am inspired by-the character Howard Roark in the novel FOUNTAINHEAD by AYN RAND
    If I ruled the world I would- distribute all the unused money and wealth to people who really need them to make ends meet and not for extravaganza.
    If I had one wish I would- want to go back to school again ! :)

  38. i love this post.. good thought :)

  39. Smart gurl...u got us working too :)

    I am---a year older [that’s all I can think of, coz my B’day was 2 days back!]

    My best friend thinks I am---- I’m going to paste below wat one of my VERY good friends wrote for me on my B’day..
    fiery eyes that righteousness contributes
    hardest of arguments that you can never refute
    will so strong and notions resolute
    and a sweetness that always leaves you mute

    arrogance sometimes of knowledge of truth
    patience that almost always bears fruit
    sweetness in manners that never is crude
    and with her laughter a lifter of moods

    aeons may pass and come what may
    from her path she's never astray
    and hope shes my friend all the way
    and wish her the world on this special day

    My ambition---- To be Content and Happy with life …to do my best and be good at everything I do.

    I am inspired by--- people who are able to face life’s challenges with a smile

    If I ruled the world I would---- try to make people give lesser importance to money compared to the importance its currently given.

    If I had one wish I would--- pray for better health and joy..for myself , near n dear ones and the world at large.

  40. The thing is I am lazy...but your last line (Your turn..) hooked me; can't go now without leaving my footprint for the world to know :D

    Here goes! :)

    I am --- pretty, generous, loving, determined, naughty, irritating, annoying, cultie, dependie, school girlie, and in love (with me) with them.

    My best friend(s) think(s) I am ---strong, courageous, stubborn, caring, darling, role model, strength giver, shy, cry baby,funny, gigglie, spontaneous... (gosh it can go on :D)

    My ambition is --- to continue being who i am. [ambition is a strong word btw]

    I am inspired --- by you and them and the people around me.

    If I ruled the world I would --- be selfish and not give it to you.

    If I had one wish I would --- give it to you. (:D, sorry, but this is what keeps coming to my head no matter how hard i try to wish for a lighter wish ;) )

    ma cherie -- vous est tres fantastique!


  41. I am someone who loves to be cheerful as much as possible and I love people..

    My best friend thinks I am sincere.

    My ambition is to live a life with someone with whom I ll never tired get of loving each other .

    I am inspired by intelligence and selfless people.

    If I ruled the world I would request people to do something for others atleast for a single day and ask them to see the difference.

    If I had one wish I would love to go back to school and learn piano in the evenings.:)

  42. Mathew: playing a musical instrument is something i'd wish for too!

    EM: i guess whatever you wrote in French means either it was fanstastic or I was fantastic..Either ways thanks!

    Pavi:What a wonderful poem your friend wrote on your b'day!

    Euphoria: Only a little sensitive?:P :) I am extremely sensitive though i hide it well.

    Palsworld: Wonder why you are wishing that you'd got married early.

    Jyoti: can completely relate to your wish. I sometimes wish i could have my grandmom too.

  43. Neeraj: Your mica connection was an instant connect :) Have lived in your campus for a very short while ages and ages (seems like a lifetime) back. Your dream harem is ahem ambitiuos but if it were to come true, i wonder how may you'll have.:P (Like the fast track ad):) And your wish made me go awwww.

    Last cigarette: But you did not answer.Not fair. We want to knwo about you too.

    Nessa: Ok :)

    Yogesh: i am inspired by such people too--the 'slumdogs' or underdogs to be politically correct.

    Geetha:Why ahem for ambition?

  44. Durga: yes It is an interesting project.Will post if allowed to.Will have to check as it involves working with children and therefore may not be possible because of online safety issues, which are very seriously viewed here. Can completely relate to your wish.Why did you say I wont believe?

    Dhanashree: Agree with you fully on your last point.

    Chinmayi: Good luck on your ambition and may you find the strength.

    Maddy: loved the term 'emotional wash basin'! Unique!!

  45. I feel embarrassed to say this..but I have never been ambitious :(and am not proud of that either..


  46. I am friendly,caring and at times crazy too!
    My best friend thinks I am ambitious, understanding and always there for her
    My ambition is to lead a good life
    I am inspired by music, hubby, both sets of parents and my friends
    If I ruled the world probably change the political system
    If I had one wish I would wish everything to be perfect

  47. This was a great one. I had fun reading everyone else's responses. I didn't think to post it here in the comments, instead I put it on my blog. I'm sorry I messed it up.

  48. fun post as ever! i made a post of it at my blog. thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments here.



  49. I am sweet, funny, friendly and somewhat crazy!

    My best friend thinks I am always there, understanding, too nice and definitely crazy!

    My ambition is to try to look for the littlest things in life that make life worth living.

    I am inspired by good music, creativity, originality, my parents and selfless people.

    If I ruled the world I would make sure there was no such thing as inequality (hey we can dream na?!)

    If I had one wish I would wish people were less ignorant and that everyone had an equal opportunity to be educated.

  50. am dependable, friendly, accepting, good sense of humor, a bit sensitive (depends on the day), lover of nature and art.
    My best friend thinks I am always there for her, a special relationship
    My ambition is to have more fun with my art and sell it to people who will get lots of enjoyment from it
    I I ruled the world I would turn it over to someone else ! I'm inspired by good art, books and food.
    If I had one wish I would wish for my son back.

  51. @Preeti,

    Ooooh so Im speaking to an ex-Mican is it? When was this, Preeti, and were you a student then?

    p.s I tend to agree with a lot of points that your best friends think about you! :)

  52. * I am nice,good looking(i think so),sweet and kind
    * My best friend thinks I am a generous soul with a non-stop mouth(both for food and talk)which can get irritating @ times

    * My ambition is to help people to the best that i can

    * I am inspired by people who think of others and people who show endurance and strength of character and spirit under testing times.

    * If I ruled the world I would i would make it free from poverty and hunger and GREED

    * If I had one wish I would wish that this world is full of love and peace and there would no space for hatred.

  53. And ummm you might wanna read the follow up comment to the one you left on my page. ;)

  54. I am : simple
    My best friend thinks I am : mad
    My ambition : to enjoy life as much as possible and make a difference in someone's life before dying.
    I am inspired by : my father
    If I ruled the world I would : change a lot of things.
    If I had one wish I would : i would bring my dad back.
    All the best for the blog marathon. And the post did made me think !! Thanks a ton and simply love your blog and your book. God bless !!

  55. * I am Supriya :)

    * My best friend thinks I am crazy, wild, whacky and the bestest friend ever (Seriously she does)

    * My ambition is to learn to strike the perfect balance b/w professional and personal life

    * I am inspired by my mother

    * If I ruled the world I would make a 2 day weekend compulsory and non-negotiable and sacrosanct unless it is a matter of life and death

    * If I had one wish I would want a geneie who would be ever-ready to fulfil all my wishes whenever I want them :P

  56. lol :)
    if u say so.. I really really wish for a hassle-free comfortable life for my family and me.
    And lots of chocolates! :P

  57. oh i said you wont believe because you had the exact same words that i'd written!! I told myself the answers before i read your's...!! so was surprised!
    yeah I understand about the complications involved in posting about your project!!!

  58. Lovely post as always ...
    I will leave my answers on my blog .Cheers to the good writing !

  59. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I will leave the answers to these on my blog and have bookmarked it for when I sit to blog. - Colours

  60. I am---simple, fun-loving, hassle-free and also at times impatient and moody
    My best friend thinks I am----fun to be with
    My ambition----to do something more meaningful in life than to just look after home and kids!!!
    I am inspired by---a lot of people around me..
    If I ruled the world I would----seriouly do something about terrorism and all the violence that is happening around...
    If I had one wish I would---ask for all the problems to be solved which happened due to my dad's sudden and untimely demise

  61. I am fun,helpful,supportive and open to new ideas and insights and i am spiritually inclined with a constant need for enlightenments.

    My best friend knows that i love her but is keeping herself away from me unsuccessfully.

    My ambition in life is to make it big in business world and have an NGO for cancer patients-the best and the biggest one.

    I am inspired by my mom and life itself and sometimes even by my own self.

    If i ruled the world,which i will 1 day in a way then i will spread a single religion of humanity.

    If i had one wish then i would ask for my mom back and to be with me all my life.she made my world complete and now too i miss her physical exsistence although i can feel her spirit whenever i need or want to

  62. * I am the most fun loving person in the world (whom I know ;)

    * My best friend thinks I am the best! (is she right? I don't know!)

    * My ambition is to become the best in whatever I do!

    * I am inspired by creative freaks like you!

    * If I ruled the world I would try to make it at least close to the heaven I know! ;)

    *If I had one wish I would like to go back in time, mend the mistakes.. peep ahead of time, for see things and plan accordingly! (Oh My God.. how I wish!!!)

  63. I am trustworthy
    My best friend thinks I am talented
    My ambition is to create a style guide for tech writers one day
    I am inspired by an act of kindness
    If I ruled the world I would remove reservations on caste
    If I had one wish I would want to travel back in time so that i can have a second chance to correct my mistakes


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