Elves and the Blogwriter! (Blog marathon post 5)

Firstly a big thanks to all of you who have loyally commented on every single post that I wrote since the start of this blog marathon, without missing a single one(and many more before that). This is just the fifth post and it is early days yet, but still I want to see this through, till the figure of 31 is reached. This is where the comments from you play a big part. Each night I post before I go to bed. The blogger is still set to India time which means when I post at 10:00.p.m here, it will show you the post time as 2.30.a.m, as India is four and a half hours ahead of UK. (as we are on Daylight saving time. We revert back to the five and a half hour difference at the end of October)

When I wake up in the mornings, as though by magic, comments have already arrived, a bit like the little elves who made the shoes in the night when the Shoemaker slept! It gives me great joy to see your responses(as any true blue blogger will vouch)—after all where would a blog be without readers, right? It is not easy to write, night after night, thinking of new topics each day, especially when you have had a long day and you just want to curl up and go to bed. But determined I am, to see this through—keeping fingers crossed. (And all this just for a sense of accomplishment to see a challenge through!)

Most of you who have been reading me know that I post my Art work from time to time. Lately I have been working hard on my second book, and was also was really caught up moving countries and settling down. Yet the urge to create, to doodle, to sketch is always there. Sometimes I see images that I simply must reproduce, else I will burst. Sometimes an overwhelming, all consuming obsessive compulsion takes over and I simply have to put the image that is swirling around in my head to paper. This usually happens when words fail me to express the depth of my emotion and I turn to canvas, paints and paper to help me express what I feel. If you want to see my Art work, click here.

The last picture I made was in March, just before we left India. I saw this image in a small thumbnail, in a local newspaper. For some reason I felt a compelling need to reproduce it as a pencil sketch. This is what I made. (The actual size is an A4 size)

While it is definitely not one of my best pictures, I am still pleased with the way it turned out. Sometimes it is these little things like a picture you drew and a blog comment you received, that nobody gives out prizes for, that give you the maximum joy.


  1. you manage a home..you cook food for three..you write a book in between....you write a blog daily..and you manage to get time to sketch as well..phew....salute!!!;)

    i need to learn time management..or you have amazing energy and motivation levels!!!

  2. and finally...i got to comment first..the timezone helps..;)

  3. I love your blog Preeti, believe me when I tell you its one of my absolute favorite blogs!!
    (I would like to think of myself as one of those loyal commentators :P

    As for the picture, I really really like her eyes, there is so much depth and meaning in them. Very pretty indeed.

  4. That was a very nice sketch :) I salute you for your determination to keep going on this marathon. I agree at times, new ideas just fail you, but posting every day and getting SO many comments should keep you going :-)

  5. Nice sketch, I read all ur posts, but comment very rarely.

    She looks a little like Sarah Jessica Parker

  6. Wow, You are good at so many things

  7. What a beautiful picture. Marvelous

  8. This is a wonderful sketch. Such powerful emotion. Great job.

  9. Nice picture... u r an amazing multitasker...(if thats a word :P)

    I really appreciate u doing so many things with so dedication!!!

  10. that's exactly what i love about the time zones, when i post and the next morning the elves have been at work...

    you are doing great,! besides i know you will finish if at least for that thrill of completing a challenge...

    lovely sketch, preeti

  11. Preeti - you are so multi dimensionally talented - great sketch :)

  12. Keep the posts coming ps..u can sure do it :)..n u do know we aren't doing u a FAVOR by reading ur blog...we just love reading it!

    n the sketch is awesome...u have soooo many talents!

  13. Amazing Portrait...

    by any chance this lady comments on your blog and if she is single. Can you ask her phone number and pass it on to me :-D

  14. Wow....you are so talented Preeti. Wish I could sketch like that. If I send you one of my nice photos will you make a sketch for me too :)

    Please. Pretty please :)

  15. super woman is what I'll call u from today PS :):)

    lovely sketch just as everything else u do

  16. Its a pleasure to read your blogs and smile at the lines.

    I try to do my bit of art and craft, but for some reason I do not know whether I will be able to do that when I am working. Saying that, I am not sure whether I would be happy sitting at home all day too :(
    How did you decide to do that?

  17. hey, i caught up on the 3 i missed! :)

    and i remember this pic! i wish you could do more paintings... btw you were supposed to upload some more scanned images there!

  18. Who is this madamma? :D


  19. now, we know what makes a good blogger! always appreciated!
    awesome sketch btw!

  20. Way to go!! wonderwoman...Your doing a great job at posting...but more than just that, its nice to read something fun and different everyday...wow!!!
    And have to tell you, that I love the way you sketch...very simple and so at ease...
    waiting for more to read on....

  21. I knew I'd have a post to read here today and this is exactly what I was thinking as a post script (which won't be a PS now) - I don't know how you do it Preeti, but I sure as heaven know you can do it! :D

    I may not comment sometimes but I'm reading, reading all for sure :)

    P.S: What is the woman thinking in the picture? She looks pensive, na?

  22. Anonymous1:36 PM

    WOW!!!! I know what you mean about expressing. I am not good at drawing or painting. But just putting down the colours in whatever form it comes out is so inspiring. - colours.

  23. nice sketch preethi.

  24. nice sketch preethi.

  25. Anonymous2:08 PM

    I saw your art site. The paintings are so good, they look like pictures taken by a professional photographer. You are multi talented:)

  26. It is true that a picture is often worth a thousand words...I often accompany my pictures by explaining with over a thousand words...but it's not necessary.The eyes in any drawing have to be correct..(yours are) the rest does not have to be.DO you remember that mail that went round last year where all the ltetres wree miexid but you could still read them? Well that's the same..once you recognise the form..everything else falls into place.

    I seem to have gone off the point...I'm loving your blog marathon...keep it up!

  27. beautiful painting!
    i have never really been good at expressing myself through paintings/ artwork.
    This is terriffic. you are multitalented!
    btw, i bought the book today! Already through with 4 stories, loved each ne of them!
    the marathon's going great :)

  28. Nice picture no doubt. Very good strokes. I guess you have clicked thro camera instead of scanning, the dark marks are visible in the corner where you have signed.

  29. Nice Painting....PAIN OF HOPE was one of the best ...GRT WORK ...

  30. Very mysterious.

  31. just the other after a tiring day at uni, I too happened to pick up the pencil. the results were far from satisfactory or decent. but it helped me while away n hour as i sketched pages after pages. its kind of relaxing to see the strokes materialise into something. much like writing (not typing :))

  32. Thats a beautiful sketch..I absolutely loved it!!! Do post more such lovely sketches in future :-)

  33. Wow!The painting is awesome. Its pleasure to read your blog marathons.. I am sure that you will definitely succeed in achieving the magical figure of 31..:)

  34. wow...very nice sketch, and creative too...u doing a gr8 job...keep it up!!!

  35. That girls looks a lil angry, rather a bit peeved off. Kinda like the look my teachers gave me whenever they checked my assignments, the look that my sister gives whenever i inform her that I believe i look extra cool that day, the look that most girls give me as soon as i approach them. Hmmm. :(

    lol, nice sketch Preets, and here's wishing you more luck to complete the blogathon! Take care! :)

  36. Neeraj: Maybe she saw your baby photos ;-) :P

    Priya: thank u :)

    Sushobhan: Hope so! Thanks.

    Pratima: Thank u :)

    Sumit: Would love to see what u sketched.Mail them to me if u're too shy to put it on ur blog! :)

    Maddy:Well observed.My scanner was in tranist from India to UK when i sketched this pic--so resorted to camera.

    Prabodh: 'Pain of hope' is one of my fav pics too :) Thank u.

  37. Nessa; Elves or the lady? ;-)

    Sucheta:Thank u! Curiuosity factor--where did u buy the book?Crossword?

    Niall: There is a LOT wrong in the pic--but very kind of you to not have pointed it out! The faults are very obvious to me.Maybe I will improve with time and practice.

    Partywithneha: :) Thank u :)*blush blush*

  38. Jyotiajay: thank u!

    Sruoloc: i too don't consider myself very good at drawing or painting..But yes, expressing is fun!

    Still thinking: :) Don't know what she is thinking..waiting for Mr.Right perhaps? ;-)

    Prats: Thank U :)

    Vinni: Darn! u know my secret now! heh ehhe..thanks Vinny

    Nikhil: Parayano arranu ennu? Of course thande ammayi amma :D LOL

    Guru: Thnsk..No time! doing a marathon is very time consuming!

    Aathira: Once I had my first child there was absolutely no doubt in my mind..Long story though..maybe will write a post sometime.

  39. Monika: your comment reminded me of my friend who has named me supermom :) Thanks :) Me no superwoman--me very ordinary, trying to cope with a lot of things--and i get by with a little help from my friends--thats all!

    SMM: mmmmm..errrr...ummmmm :)

    Prats from pune: if she did I'd die of shock..She is over 50 btw but very gorgeous. Should I still give u the number? :P

    Pavi: Some love reading it--but some are just being kind :) :) Thank U for saying that!!

    Pink dogwood;Thank U!!

    Suma: Keeping fingers crossed--u know how crazy some days are!

    Chirpy paro: if I didnt I'd go mad :)

    Rayne:Thank u!

  40. Chitra: thank U!

    Sunny raju: Honestly I dont consider myself good at art--but i like it.

    Bincy: I would have never known that u read :) Thank you :)

    Stillness speaks: I salute u back :P Now pls convert that salute into a plane ticket to UK! :) and hey--Thank u :)

    Only One: of course u are one of the most loyal ones!

    Mathew:I cook for 4--i eat too :P :) Don't know if i have amazing energy levels..I feel tired sometimes ;-)

  41. I got to read 2 posts today :) I'm loving ur marathon so keep it up :) We will do our bit to see you through....

  42. That really a good sketch. Did not knew about your drawing skills.

    Keep posting them.

  43. i actually looked for it in oxford but they were out of stock!
    So i bought it in this shop called "amrit book store" in CP.

  44. amazing how u have done the shading!!


  45. Wow...thats an awesome sketch!! I love pencil sketches!! Art is an interesting form to express our thoughts isn't' it!!!
    And I love your blogs!! Looking forward to all the 31 and many more!!

  46. WOW! you are so talented

  47. Hi Preeti,
    To tell you the I really do not have the slightest remember how I ended up on your blog... and since then I do take time once in a while and read since last i remember reading your post...

    I really do enjoying reading your post... and some how even i have started posting some odd article, book review which I do read and so on...

    you do have a nice day, I wish you might spend in time reading the subject line of the post… would love to see and comment on…



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