Three powerful words and five powerful phrases (Blog marathon post 14)

Death of a parent shakes you up in many ways. Especially if it is unexpected and not due to old age. It knocks you like a big iron bar swung hard across your forehead and makes you see for yourself how fragile life is. (That is what happened to me.)

Death of a young person too does the same. It is the many things that could have been done, that could have been said, that could have been achieved which is most mourned for.

Three very powerful words " Could have been".

Most of us never express ourselves completely. Don't ask me why--I don't know. It's easier to just make a joke and laugh it off, than actually say the words, especially to those who matter the most to you. It is that huge block that stands in between you like an insurmountable castle wall, which prevents you from saying what you feel. Heck--most of us numb ourselves so much and refuse to look inside ourselves that we are not even aware what we really feel and what we really want.

Cherished moments are what make life worthwhile and you will be surprised how deep and powerful is the effect of sincere words, when said to people who deserve it.

So here is a list of phrases that you have to say today, (and yes I mean today) to five different people who mean the most to you. Some of you may find it easy. Some may find it hard. But there is no escape, if you have read this far.

You have to say it (or email it)--and you have to do it today. You can tell me in my comment box who the five people are to whom you will say these phrases. If you don't want to give names, give initials or alphabets or nicknames--it does not matter. But give the names. This is because it will make you think and will take you a step closer to saying it.

Here are the phrases:

1. You've changed my life.

2. I need you.

3.I really love you

4.I'm here for you

5.You are a gem.What will I do without you?

As always I give you my answers:

2.My children and my closest friends C and A

Go on.
Express yourself.
Commit in writing.

(Something tells me that Men will really find this exercise that I have given here hard and women will find it easy. Let's see!)

Have you done it?Now, translate that commitment to action and see how you touch someone's life. Words live and are remembered long after the person is gone.

Do it now--it is so important. Don't put if off for later.

Sometimes, later may just be too late.


  1. Very touching
    I do express those phrases to my parents often. but a bit hesitant with few others who really matter to me. sort of shy, or the fear tht the person may take it as a joke or a filmy dialogue

    well here is the names of people who really matter to me a lot
    1 Mom
    2 Dad
    3 Jay
    4 Mr Sri ramulu
    5 Mr Kempanna

  2. Amazing idea, and I agree we should do this acivity more often without any motivation, it should become second nature, something I really strive to achieve in my life.
    So here is my order
    1. My best friend ZS
    2. Parents (I can't pick one over the other)
    3. My sister
    4. PM
    5. Friend RB

  3. Lovely post as ever! Here's my list and I actually do tell people regularly when they mean something to me.

    Best friend
    My sis

  4. ya..some ppl express...but im accused of being a drama queen n ans ur Qs...

    1. vek

    xcluding the hubby 'coz his name applies to all....

  5. lovely touching post as usual Preeti

    here is what i think

    1. one of my best friends P
    2. mom
    3. hubby and son
    4. younger sis and son
    5. hubby

    it was good doing this

  6. Am skipping parents n my siblings off this list!!

    1. You've changed my life. - can say that about a few folks to be honest. lemme see, soumya(a guy, n my best mate back in college), sailee (my best pal), isha (my ex) and the ones who caused troubles for me time n again (never twice) - for better or for worse!! :)

    2. I need you. - wud always say dat to sailee n nitish (partners in crime always!!)

    3.I really love you - to my closest friends (they know, n they r bored of hearing it!!)

    4.I'm here for you - its an overused phrase of mine :P n I say to everyone I know n like :)

    5.You are a gem.What will I do without you?
    ah!! dat wud again be sailee... dats wot a best frnd is - oxygen :)
    crazy gal, but can't wish for a better friend!!

    PS: It wasn't so difficult!! :P

  7. Hey Preeti..
    Now I own your 34 bubble gums and candies! Yeah.. may be its the only book that I own, of a person whom I know! True, ur blogs make me feel I know u so well! :) Hmm.. so it has done its job, rite?

    Answers to the Qs.. I will put them in initials cos many of my friends are your regular readers! ;)

    Vj has changed my life, R&S - I need them forever, Mom and Dad - I really love them, I am here for -many who have done little or more to brighten up my life, and V is the gem of my life!

  8. 1. You've changed my life: Scott Adams (How do I tell him...maybe I'l comment on his blog:D)
    2. I need you. My team members M & R who have left the organization.
    3.I really love you. Sister, V
    4.I'm here for you. Nephew, V
    5.You are a gem.What will I do without you?Husband,TS

    PS, your posts get better and better :)

  9. I have trouble expressing - and I find this hard - even though I am female. Men are gonna have a tough time doing this

  10. Ritu: I found it hard too :)

    Meira: i'd have thought TS chnaged your life considering you married him and all that :P And was hat a dilbert compliment? :) Gracefully accepted either ways :)

    Shalini: :)Yep its done its job! Thank u!!

    Sumit: u're so expressive online--then why why why hy did you run away that day? Please give me answers! :)

    Monika: :)

  11. Pavi: Drama queens make life more fun..My daughter is one too(and i mean it in a nice way) and I LOVE that quality of hers. I find people who don't express themselves a bit drab.

    Laksh: Appreciate that u do. It is so important.

    Only one: For me very difficult for it to become second nature--and U're lucky yo have both parents--stay blessed!

    Sunny raju: Yes--i know what u eman when u say that they may think its a filmy dialogue--when they say that I tell them that i really mean it :) They are embarrassed for a moment but i know they are secretly pleased. Really glad that you tell your folks.

  12. 1. You've changed my life:ajay

    2. I need you.:my friends A and J

    3.I really love you:my mom and dad

    4.I'm here for you:my family

    5.You are a gem.What will I do without you?:ajay

  13. Jyotiajay: :) Each phrase was supposed to be for a different person.But never mind! :)

  14. Lovely thought Preeti...:)..
    Heres my list...and iam doing it right away...

    1. You've changed my life.
    Vin(my hubby)

    2. I need you.
    My grandmom whos no more

    3.I really love you
    My parents

    4.I'm here for you
    Akshu(my best friend)

    5.You are a gem.What will I do without you?
    Banz and Bunts(my two guiding angels)

  15. A very nice post Preeti...

  16. Nice post PS

    1. My daughter D
    2. Cousin & best friend A
    3. Hubby K
    4. Mum
    5. My bro P

  17. Chitra: thank u

    Blow: Appreciate your letting me know.

    Santasizing: Thansk--for my number 2, I'd add my dad too who is no more.

  18. Very true about "could have been"!! Great post Preeti!!

    1. You've changed my life - My better half

    2. I need you - My mom - but i know it cannot happen:(

    3.I really love you - My 2 nephews:)

    4.I'm here for you - Lot of my friends!

    5.You are a gem.What will I do without you - My dad

    Have a good week ahead!

  19. My first comment

    1. Badminton racket
    2. TT racket
    3. My wicket keeping gloves
    4. Fantasy NBA
    5. The internet

    I actually told them all face to face except my gloves which are back in India so I yelled in the general direction.

    But then the "fearsome lady" who writes this blog will bash me on the head.

    So second comment

    1. My daughter
    2. My daughter
    3. My daughter
    4. My daughter
    5. My daughter

    Yesh - I know I'll still get bashed - five different people and all that stuff, but I can't help it if its true can I. So I have said all the five things to her.

  20. Ramesh: :D :D Fearsome lady forgives and accepts :)

    Durga: thanks for doing it..U too!

  21. Hey PS,

    Your posts just keep getting better & better. Well, here are my answers:

    1. My mom
    2. 3 of my closest friends - AK, AM & SK
    3. My bro
    4. One of my colleague-turned-friends - NP
    5. Another of my good friends - PM


  22. Nice blog . I did this exercise 2 months back. :-). I did a Course Called Landmark Fourm.
    After doing it my life has changed totally.

    I do this exercise once a week at least.

  23. Guru :It is powerful indeed.

    Palsworld: Thank you!

  24. Now, I haven't a clue to be honest!! I have tried coming up with explanations but believe me when I say if the room is full of people and I know none (in person) I tend to go quiet unless its me organising it. :)
    So, in case you are coming around to London sometime I would definitely address the situation. And more importantly, its been almost 2 years since then?? A lot has changed :)

  25. hi Preeti

    . You've changed my life.- Gautam to whom i will be marryin :) and my Friend Keren who was with me when i actually needed support

    2. I need you.- Mom / Gautam

    3.I really love you- Mom / Gautam

    4.I'm here for you- My parents, my Bro , Gautam

    5.You are a gem.What will I do without you?
    - Mom :) God :)

  26. Oh my this is indeed thought provoking. Lemee see:

    1. You'v changed my life - My mom/ Arjun

    2. I need you - Arjun/ My mom/ Friends AM, AR, PG, RB & RBM

    3. I really love you - My mom/ Arjun

    4. I'm here fot you - All my friends and family

    5. You are a gem. What will I do without you - Arjun/ Friends AM, AR, PG, RB & RBM

  27. Anonymous9:08 PM

    1. You've changed my life. - a friend who I do not want to name here.

    2. I need you. - Amma

    3.I really love you - Acca, Amma & Manu

    4.I'm here for you - Lachu

    5.You are a gem.What will I do without you? Manu

  28. Nice Post as usual...

    1] Hemant (my hubby)

    2] My dear friends

    3] Parents and family

    4] Ram

    5] Hemant (my hubby)


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