Michael Schumacher and Mommy driver (Post 15 Blog marathon)

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. Ha ha, let me tell you i had almost typed z and M turns in google :)
    the person who was thought to be a romeo was actually gentle. was he?

  2. Anonymous1:53 AM

    Oh my god! I cannot stop laughing... next time I drive fast to overtake all those speedy schumachers on the autobahn, I will make sure I do not leave anything on top of the car.

  3. ROFLMAO! Thank you for brightening up my day. I imagined you stepping on the gas with the poor guy racing behind you.

  4. This is a nice one!!!...
    I have a friend... how is like a true jhasi rani on her activa... She does follow all rule like..
    --> If a sign board read "Speed Limit 45" (she would say that we are suppose to drive above 45 ...

    When we used to tell he to drive slow ... her comment (Pune main slow chalaya tho tho kahi nahi pahoochega "In Pune if you are driving slow, he aint reaching anywhere")
    --> Wish wish both you "Jhansi rani "(aka Schumacher) enjoy & drive safe... Cheers,Anish

  5. Beautifully written!
    haha, but I do know what I mean.
    I also tend to get defensive sometimes about my driving when there is no reason to be cause I feel every one is always taking my case and mind you, I think I am a great driver too! :)

  6. Only one: thank you (for the compliment on writing skills bit--thats what makes my day):) No one takes my case though :)I know I am.Thats all!

    Anish: Thanks!Driving in pune requires very specific skil sets. I know as I used to live in Pune before I moved here to UK.

    Laksh: only one guy! But he was enough! :D

    Sruoloc: yeah--double check, triple check--especially if you've got a Mary :)

    Sunny Raju: I don't know if he was gentle or not but he did do me a favour.

  7. So at last it's out in black and white. Its not only the kids but now the whole world that will state that I am a better driver. And this is not the only time when such incidences have occurred, may I add. And without trying to rub it in I must add that children never lie - so there must be some truth in the fact that there is something wrong in the way turns are being made. And last but not the least whenever we sat in the car together and I drove PS always thought I was driving at the speed of a bullock cart (not Schumacher) so coming from the kids and now PS I stand vindicated when I say that I drove faster and better than her. Last but not the least this is just a comment and not a separate post being published. Have a great day all of you.

  8. Oh, no!!! This is so funny. At least you know if there ever is a need to drive like a maniac, you can do it.
    Scott turns into a different person when he is behind the wheel. Aggressive, cranky and down right rude sometimes.

  9. You're just going to love our friendly British Speed Cameras!

  10. roflmao!!!
    dat sorta driving on Pune roads? Or was this before you moved to Pune?
    but honestly, things happen lol...

    der was this once we were returning from somewhere, a car and a few bikes.
    me n one bike had fallen behind for some reason, so we decide to take a shortcut to catch up with the gang. out of the blue we notice a no of bikes a bit far off on our tail. what ensued was mad race from baner to sancheti via SBRd. In between one lady had this idea to call up one of our friends (who were up ahead), what neither had expected was it was our friends who were chasing (catching up with) us. n the reason we sped was between the car n bike there were 2 guys n 5 gals... not a favorable ratio!!

    Oh!! and if one sees the ladies riding their activa in Pune with that dupatta over their face.... jhansi rani speeding would be an understatement :P

  11. oh my god!!
    I am clutching my stomach with one hand[ to control laughing] and hunting for my glasses from other [for sophestication purposes :P]
    that s all 'melord!!' :D :D

    I want more!!

  12. hahahha....omg...this made me laugh out so much!! Great one!! such a nice rendition that i imagined scene by scene:-)
    Looking forward for more!!

  13. LOL!!! haha...thats hilarious PS!! but i sooo garee about the gender bias being seeped deep in the indian blood! it doesn matter that i drive pretty good, the fact that im a girl is a def black mark against my driving!!! its like everyone around is almost waiting for me to screw up...so that when i do, they can say "i told u so"!!

  14. Hilarious! Road romeos have such a bad reputation that one can't believe they could actually look like romeos and still be helpful!

    We were once chased by a 'mad-woman' for half a kilometer in Bangalore, and realised that the poor thing was only trying to give us back the car's hub-cap that had rolled off!

  15. I am learning to laugh with mouth closed and no sound effect. Shouldnt read ur blogs while in office :) - That was hilarious , can picturise ur 3 and half year old dancing to ricky martin and smiling at the back seat - very good narration. please write more of ur car adventures LOL

  16. I know what you did, Same thing happens to me, I was the Roadside Romeo Shakti Kapoor Ishtyle... The girl forgot her cellphone on the roof of the car and was speeding because I was trying to catch up with her on a bike. She obviously thought I was coming to rape her :-)

    PS: I know I sound like an MCP but I am not too fond of Women Drivers, there are some exceptions though but generally they are too risky and unpredictable. :-D

  17. hahaha! That was a hilarious incident. Satish's comment was too. But then I'm with you,PS. I taught my husband how to drive (really) and now 6 moths later he claims he's already better than me. Gah! :D

  18. hahahaahaha....really very funny:)...
    i so can imagine the flushed face...:D
    and hey hey..i second the thought of women drivers being nice...
    im definitely a better driver than my husband...and i have a few people to vouch for that too:D

  19. good one , but i feel topic was stretched too much.

  20. I so need to hone my driving skills... I know I would need it at some point and then I should be totally prepared.

    I loved this tale.. and looking out for tomor's one.

  21. Echo !!

    I totally agree with what you've written. The guys have such an attitude when it comes to driving!!

    The post was hilarious, though! :-)

  22. Lol!
    No, lemme go again...LOL!
    Holy Moly! You're one woman who does not fear at all huh!
    I've been cracking throughout while reading this post and yeah! Men just don't get it when they know a woman can drive the car so much better. Imagine the calcium waste while they sit in the passenger seat grinding their teeth all the time.
    Btw, you missed mentioning the 'S' turn...it is such a smooth turn :D

    P.S: Btw, please don't drive so fast next time, it's dangerous ;) You can always step out and slap those guys :)

  23. What a ride!!! Thanks for an early morning laugh :-)

    Yep, I do love to see my wife glare at me whenever I pass by a woman driver and tut-tut "Oh, ladies chala rahi hai. No wonder". And she goes, what do you mean, no wonder... she was driving perfectly fine...

    But then, I am the Indian Male Blood after all. Saif but unSound.

  24. this was so hilarious...

    btw, sorry to blow your bubble, but my kids are unanimous about their mom being a better driver than their dad! this is inspite of the fact that daddy lets them steer the car inside the complex!



  25. This blog was Superb,hilarious & excellent.

    I have been following your blog for quite few months.I would rate this particular blog as number ONE.

    U have such good writing skills.

    Eagerly waiting for Driving Adventure Part-2 :-)

  26. haha....hilarious! and as always brilliantly written :)

  27. ha ha!

    I am a major fan of all women who drive well!!! I know the kids and husband will not accept...but you know the truth, don't you! :D

  28. I agree.... men always have this nature of criticizing female drivers...

    Infact many a times my hubby would say that "oh aunty ji chala rahi hai ..that's why its traffic jam here..." Then I have to stare him and remind him that even I drive car....and he cant generalize it for all females!!!

  29. LOL I cd so very well imagine the cool Preethi cringing inside when she realised tht guy was following her with noble intentions.
    U knw it reminds me of an incident where I was standing to cross the road & a car slows down & a good looking chap says something to me from inside the car[I cant hear ofcourse].
    Huh...fat hopes he's got....creep thinks i'll get into his car & I turn my nose in the air.
    Then another car stops beside him & then another & I look around amazed at the attention.

    THEN I realise they stopped to give me way.........tht I felt like a prized fool is an understatement.
    Till today I cring inside whenever I think of it;-P.

  30. By your order, I googled for Adjectives....and here they are

    Adventurous,amazing, awesome, beautiful, bumpy,bustling, cheerful, coordinated
    courageous,crazy, dangerous,dazzling,
    ....oh I am exhausted.....You add whatever you want from here


    Thanks for the Overdose of Laughter today. Let me come prepared tommorrow.

  31. Great post Preethi!!!!!
    Had a good laugh early in the morning:-D

  32. Hey Maddy u stole my adjectives!!!!!!!

  33. Hey Nancy, after all its from your own city! Take the credit as Dubai-ian??.....How do you say resident of Dubai by the way???

  34. ok fine...we'll share the credit this time but next time its all mine;-D

  35. U knw wht Maddy...I was just thinking....
    How about we invite Preethi to Dubai....abt time we guys had a Bloggers Meet!!!!

    What say??????

  36. Maddy thought a lot abt it but we dont classify as Emaratis or Locals.
    So its back to Dubaians or how about Dubai-ites??????

    Preethi, do u have any idea????

  37. Ok Preethi..I give up..I've been struggling all along to reach the 50 comment mark but without anybody's help it's pretty hard;-(

  38. U tek care....have a nice day & waiting to read ur part 2 of mommy driving;-D

  39. Ha ha ha... "Et tu Brutus" .....
    Awesome post...

  40. LOL!!!! i can very well imagine your face after the incident...thanks to the sunglass!!:-D

  41. that was superfunny ! betrayed by your own kids :)
    things vinu says to me while i am driving ( he has zero faith in my driving) :
    1. why do you have to change lanes so quickly, you have such a looong way to go
    2. sloooooow down, sloooow down
    3. is this how u drive when i am not around
    4. while reversing you missed that guy by inches, i tell you, inches
    5. you do know, you can fill gas right ?
    6. abba, what style (this is when i am wearing cool lookin sunglasses)
    7. and last but not least, gooo fast, i am going to miss my train :)

  42. ahahah! i visualized this as i read it....
    n let me tell u detaisl of the visuals of items whose descriptions were missing
    - the sunglasses were black n oversized (n u did look sexy in it)
    - u were wearing blue jeans , black tee and black boots(with heels!).
    - mary was thin, kinda young n very sweet n obedient types!she was in a salwar
    - roadside romeo was wearing these grey platfrom-side jeans with this tight orange t-shirt [in which he THOUGHT he looked nice!]
    - n u were driving a black suv

    this is FUN! next story pls.... :D

  43. had to add this trivia...my sis is generallyc alled jhansi ki rani..when she speeds with her son!
    title given to her by her mil and everyone thinks "oh!so apt, why didnt we think of it before?!?!"

  44. ***I enjoy driving and like to drive fast (when the road is clear of course) with nice music on, preferably Rock. *** PLUS ***Sunglasses***...I could relate to you so much..:)
    I was LOL'ing imagining the 9 steps you have explained..!!

    Poor Road Romeo..His intentions were good..This proves..'Appearances are deceptive'..doesnt it?? Good post.


  45. LOL....Thanks for that laughter.. Eager to read the second leg of our own indigenous michael schumacher's driving...:)

  46. Ever wondered why they don't have an F1 or WRC for women drivers exclusively? Where as almost all other sports have the exclusively female tournament too. Case rested :) :P [Bracing for impact now - CRASH, BOOM, BANG!!!)
    The Jhansi ki Rani visualization was hilarious :)

  47. I'm not too sure abt the H & T turns but the Z & M turns do exist
    ....just tht the traffic dept is not aware of it;-D

  48. And ta-da the 50th comment is mine;-D

  49. Anonymous12:08 AM

    ROFL.... Does your son remember this? Do ask him :P

  50. OMG! This was hilarious.

    I will share one thing though - all my guy friends think I am a good driver and never say NO to me when I want to drive on trips together. They are always at peace when I'm behind the wheel :) It sure feels good!

    And I so much agree with your experience/perception here - Indian males do have the mentality you discussed.

    Looking forward to the next post :)

  51. Shachi: your male friends are wise :)

    Partywithneha:Thankfully he does not :)

    Reflections: Love you for trying to make it a 100 comments!In many of my previous posts I have indeed crossed 100 but not in a single day of posting!

    Chitra: :-)

    Geetha: He was a good Romeo :P Thanks!

    Pavi: Loved your visualisations more than I loved my post! And that's a lot of love! :)

    Sushobhan:Thank you!

    Maddy: Heh heh--one would ahve been enuff--thanks anyway.

    Ranjini: laughed in delight when i read what he says--OMG satish also says that to me!!!

  52. Mathew: Chammi poyi! :-)

    Siddharth: thank u :)

    Chirpy paro:Auntiji is another term I HATE..will blog on that sometime.

    Mridula: :-)

    Wannabe writer: of course I know the truth. Thank u :)

    Life begins: thank you--thank you (the second thank u for telling me it was well written)

    Guru:Thank you so very much!! that is indeed music to my ears--better than Ricki Martin too!

  53. Guruprasad: Smart kids!

    Vidooshak: Bad bad! But at least U're honest :)

    Still thinking: oh yes--how could I miss the S turn? That is smoothest! :) I drive carefully. :)

    Renu:Thank u!!

    AAthira:Thank u!!

  54. Mihir: How old are you? And are you always such a killjoy?

    sanatsizing; of course women drive better than men!Lucky U to have people who vouch for it!

    Meira: Men!! What can u say!*rolling eyes*

    Prats: not surprising at all considering the rape statistics in India.God--the sexually frustrated Indian men.Its horrible..and for the last statement u made..I feel sorry for the girl you'll marry! :P

    Srivats: Video pathen..super! ;-)

    Starry eyed: LOL--poor mad woman!

    Sunshine; oh yes--i know exactly what u mean!!

  55. Durga, Swathy: Thank you, both of you. You both are truly a writer's delight!!

    Sumit: This was in bangalore--oh yes--the pune's masked women are terrors!!They are not jhansi ki rani--they are phoolan devis!!

    Niall: LOL--I noticed them :) that's why I only walk here :)

    Rayne: :) Oh yes--men get transformed behind the wheel.

  56. Ajay: Have you seen what happens after the F1? have you seen those half naked women flanking the winner? See--women are smart. Unless they are lesbians the prize isn't worth it for racing around the track like maniacs. We leave that to the silly men. :)

    Satish: I am certain you bribed the kids. Because the previous day I remember seeing a bill from the store for Cornettos and bubblegums. Children don't lie but they can be bribed :)

  57. Hehehe! That was funny and I guess everyone had a different day in their own way...
    PS : stylishly impressive(as far as others were concerned)
    Mary : Remembering Lord more than ever for giving her a chance
    Kids : Totally thrilled like in a amusement park.

  58. Oh this was hilarious! I was expecting the climax to be some cop chasing you....this was even better! But the bias..really?! Wow!!

  59. Oh this was hilarious Preeti :)

    'Khub ladi mardani thi woh...woh to jhansi wali rani thi'

    Rem,inds me of the time my friend put his cell & car keys on top of some random car in a parking lot and bent down to tie his shoelace and the car drove off and he had to chase after the car in an auto and the autowala thought this was some 'real' (read reality/ documentary) movie ka shooting and e drve full speed on the University Road in Pune:P

  60. Yeah I knw tht...just thot i'll take it up as a challenge to acheive it in 1 day;-D

  61. ROFL oh my god my stomach is aching now

    but u know what I was nodding all thru till I reached the end and then i broke into laughter attack

  62. Super, fanstatic, brilliant, and all that ....

    Here's trying to match Reflections

    1. Schumacher is long gone. Go to Silverstone this summer to get yourself updated.

  63. 2. Try Lewis Hamilton

  64. 3. Or better still Jenson Button

  65. 4. Satish is a damn good driver. The children were right !!

  66. 5. Incidentally, why isn't he commenting. Satish - are you awake ??

  67. 6. Signalling a left turn and then "wiping" it away with the hands and turning right is not on ...

  68. 7. 7. Neither is the rear view mirror for putting on lipstick ...

  69. 8. Z turn, H turn, etc etc are all OK, but doing just a turn requires practice ....

  70. 9. Your role model has to be Danica Patrick .....

  71. Phew. Pant Pant. These lassies driver too fast. Hard to keep up with them ... Pant Pant ...

  72. aww i am just visiting ur blog today...that post was wonderful and i too love driving and i infact like racing with the guys to prove a point.. And another fact is i get frustrated at the other women drivers coz they drive so slow and all.. I have raced in the scorpio on the highway in Kerala with bunch of guys who were trying to prove something to me.. So i was like ya u want to prove a point, me too and i strted drving well... After more than 60 to 70 kilometers of the racing and drving skill test, lol they admitted defeat and showed me the thumps up sign stated that i was a good driver...LOL...And the funny fact is for a change i was in a saree which i wear rarely and was on way to a wedding in my native place some 2 and half drive from cochin... And my mum was also accompnying me and she slept through most of it..heheh She sleeps only if i drive coz she trusts my driving and wen my brother drives her pressure shoots up, she screams at him to be careful and so on and finally she tells him to get out of the driving seat so that she can drive in peace..My mom is a very good driver and she drives from cochin ato TVM and all at one stretch

  73. Awwwww Ramesh so shweet of U!!!! Just got here to see take up the challenge;-D

    ummmm...r u still there?????

  74. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Can I help? :P

  75. Party with neha: Too late! :) But thanks.

    Ramesh: :-) :-) :-)

    Enigma: I like women who drive! Cheers to you and your mom! :)

    Monika: heh heh heh

    SMM: your story was really funny too!

    Stillness speaks: bias?Oh yes--very much.Read the comments--see what the men are saying!

    Fay: Kids enjoyed for sure!! :)

  76. hahaha..this was hilarious, preeti...it made a great visual and got me giggling away at 7.30 on a Thursday morning, esp when i have a dentist vist to look forward to (not)!
    Loving the comments too...you must had lotsa fun with this post :)

  77. hahaha..this was hilarious, preeti...it made a great visual and got me giggling away at 7.30 on a Thursday morning, esp when i have a dentist vist to look forward to (not)!
    Loving the comments too...you must had lotsa fun with this post :)

  78. hahaha..this was hilarious, preeti...it made a great visual and got me giggling away at 7.30 on a Thursday morning, esp when i have a dentist vist to look forward to (not)!
    Loving the comments too...you must had lotsa fun with this post :)

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. The post was so funny and refreshing - I have personally lost an umbrella on a rainy day and when I was in a hurry to open the car and kept it on the roof and just drew away - the only difference being no road-side juliet (!) followed me and gave it back to to me :-)

  81. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Preethi, I do not need Mary... I am already quite forgetful on my own...

  82. Now, that's a funny incident!!! Thanks for the good laugh!

  83. That was hilarious!! Looking forward to the part 2. :)

  84. I'm little late here.. still waiting for part 2.. please.. please.. please..

  85. you have 86 comments already and I am applauding here aloud to make my husband curious to know what I just read.... it was hilarious... oh, but sorry for the fav pillow that you lost that day :)

    yes part II pleaseeeeeee....

  86. Hey! I liked many of your recent posts but I guess this post calls for a comment .. for obvious reasons :)

    Was really amused reading your story!!


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