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The start of a blogging marathon!

"Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory." -- George S. Patton

This morning I came across a really interesting thing—it can only be described as an equivalent of a blogging marathon. It is NaBloPo Mo. (click on the word to know more) The challenge is simple—you have to post every single day for one whole month! 11,586 members have joined so far!

You don’t have to necessarily start at the beginning of the month. But you have to post for 31 consecutive days. I toyed with the idea. I tweeted about it asking if anyone was game. Prateek immediately joined in. I asked my husband if he thought I should join. I asked a close friend and another very good friend. They all enthusiastically said yes, I should.

But the Ms. No in me (see my book if you don’t know what Ms.No is) gleefully and cruelly squeaked “Your son’s SATs are coming up on May 11th. You are having visitors from India for a week from May 14th.Your daughter’s birthday is coming up on 21st. And don’t forget you are also volunteering at an animal welfare charity plus you are assisting in doing a summer term project on film making at the children’s school.”

Add to it I don’t have any house help (except for my loyal entourage—my husband and two children) and you can see what a daunting task, creating a blog post everyday is.

I am going to plunge in.

Your comments always help. They encourage me to write more and I do enjoy interacting with you.

So wish me luck and from today there is going to be a post every single day on this blog for the next 31 days. Some days it may be a poem, on some days it might be a photo I clicked. Sometimes it may even be a video (I will write at least a little bit of course--else it would be cheating)—but yeah, there will be a new post every single day.

I am hoping I succeed and if I do, you know you have had a BIG part to play in it, by being kind enough to write in.


  1. First comment. Awesome decision. It would be amazing fun I am so sure!! Ciao for now will be visiting tomorrow for the new post :-)

  2. alrite sounds super fun :)
    But seriously we will have to read your blog everyday now Gosh :0
    Just joking, it will be rather good to have to read something nice everyday. Looking forward to the rest of May!

    Prats your comments sounds like that Idea ad with Sachin Tendulkar ;)


  3. Prats: U were the first one who egged me and your taking part gave me motivation!

    Tarun: Only for a month Tarun, only for a month :) Don't u think u can put up with me for such a shorttime?:P ;-)

  4. all the best! i don't know about you, but i'm sure it'll be fun for the rest of us...

  5. :D You really taking part in this!
    Feel sorry for the A&P.Poor kids will have comments and posts to eat.

    Good luck Ps.
    May the force be with you :-)

  6. Nikhil: Food flaovred with a bit of comments and posts goes a loooong way in overall growth. Kids of mothers who blog have consistently performed better in intelligence tests, compared to those whose moms don't blog :) Besides, S is rally really helpful in the kitchen,unlike some men who think that only a woman has to feed their children. ;-)

    Guru: Sure hope so!! At the end of it it should not be "another post from preeti---help'! I will of course try to make the posts as interesting as i can!

  7. Wow.....thts some decision with all those appointments & engagements coming up.
    But then we always knew...u r a fearless woman!!!!!

    Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the way with U:-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What if one of these days, you just want to not say anything.. or post anything?

    I do not think I can do something like a blog marathon :(

  9. Aathira: well--that is precisely the challenge!!To be able to do it would be an achievement for me.

    Reflections: We'll wait and see how far :P :) :D But hey--thanks so much.U are always one of the first ones to comment and i feel encouraged. I appreciate it.

  10. way to go, preeti! i always knew you could do's an interesting challenge!

  11. 31 posts from you in 31 days sounds amazing! Bring it on :)

  12. Forgot to add! All the best. May blog gods be with you :)

  13. yayy! Look forward to your post every day. I might join in too. :)

  14. wow....super cool....Sure I'd wanna visit your page everyday now!! Looking forward to the next 30 days now!!!

  15. wow..what an idea...
    i will try to do so too...(which i am absolutely sure i can't keep up with) Yet whats wrong in trying

    gud luck to u.

  16. Oh preeti... all the very best, wish you loadsa luck. Go for it :D

  17. I did all 31 days in March. Does that count?

  18. All the very best Preeti. I will also think about it.. :)

  19. WOW!! Thats great!! I'm sure you will do it and am so happy that I will have something to read/see/watch every day. Good luck for your marathon.


  20. WOW!! Thats great!! I'm sure you will do it and am so happy that I will have something to read/see/watch every day. Good luck for your marathon.


  21. WOW!! Thats great!! I'm sure you will do it and am so happy that I will have something to read/see/watch every day. Good luck for your marathon.


  22. Karthik: thank you, thank you thank you (three times over for three comments ) :)

    Sushobhan: Thanks! :) and if u join in--good luck!

    Nessa:Of course it does! You're

    Chinmayi:Thank you!

  23. Life begins:Why give up even before u try?! Good luck!

    Durga: :) Thank you! Hope u're not fed up be the end!

    Laksh: Hop on! More the merrier!

    Varun: bringing, bringing! :) thanks!

    Suma: hope so! and hope am not too drained out ;-)

  24. Wish you all the best Preeti ! :)

  25. Everytime. Everytime I come to this space I learn new things and I return ever more optimistic. Don't ask me why ;)

    All the very best on your blogathon. I'll be reading, enjoying and commenting :D


  26. Woooow..that sounds like SOME challenge! But guess it wont be all that big a deal for you... [after all u have such awesome readers like us;)]

    All the Best PS! n Do look forward to reading you EVERYDAY! BLOG ON !!!

  27. oh.........i m very happy so that i can read daily articles from u r blog.otherwise i have to wait and watch when the posts will be added.dont worry, enjoy writing.

  28. You can do it!!
    Can't wait to see them all :D

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. All the very best Preeti! Its what u shouldnt miss out on :)..All yours!

    I just came across a similar project where my cuzins friend took up a task to wear the same dress for a YEAR 365 days accessorizing it in different ways..check it out...looks challenging and so much fun. but u cant see it unless they launch the site i guess which will be on June 1st called "The uniform project"

  31. Fay: Wow! How can they not repeat a look I wonder!

    Only one: Thank u..That makes two of us! :P :)

    Jyoti: What lovely words! Thank you!

    Pavi: completely agree about the readers! U guys are the best..I am not too sure about my doing it though. But yeah--i am determined!

    Still thinking: That is one of the most encouraging things I have heard in a while. Thank you!

    Veena:Thank U!

  32. I look forward to seeing what you come up with...I already post every day and so it's not so unusual for me...but I will sign up anyway!

  33. Hey PS,

    That's great news - we are gonna get to read 31 consecutive posts from you :) My best wishes are with u. May the words just flow...


  34. wow too good.. All the best and looking forward to your posts every single day :)

  35. All the best Preeti! I'm looking forward to having 31 consecutive posts on your blog to read :)

  36. All the best Preeti! I'm looking forward to having 31 consecutive posts on your blog to read :)

  37. Mini:Thank you, thank you! :) For two comments and wishes :)

    PK: Hope u say the same after 31 posts too :)

    Dhanya: thank you!

    Niall: You have your work to post every single day. I have to work to post :) I do wonder how u do it though. I'll soon discover!

  38. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. Sounds good but seems quite a task looking at your activities.

    But don't worry, we will be here cheering and motivating you, that should work :)

  40. wishing u all luck on this amazing venture..:D..
    keep the spirit going!

  41. Awwww....u r sweeeetttt!!!!
    U knw...I have this lousy habit wherein I read a post & think I'll come back & comment...which ofcourse never happens.
    Just trying to change tht habit;-D!!!

    And ofcourse a tiny factor tht if I connect with a post then I must comment then & there.

    Nowadays I'm finding it a bit more easier to comment on ur page than before.
    Now the question is, have I changed???
    or have U?????
    or have I just mastered the art of commenting;-D

  42. i love ur blog. simple words and so refreshing so wish u all the best and look forward to the daily dose.

    dont even think that someone will get bored ever..

  43. Mindspace: Thank you for those very encouraing words.

    Nancy: How does it matter whether its you or me as long as i write and you comment or you write and I comment?! :P Thanks!

    Praveen:Thank U!

    Yogesh: Of course that helps a great deal! Thanks!

  44. This sounds interesting. Go for it... Tell you what, maybe I'll start too :P that way, I might end up being regular again :D

  45. i have total faith that you can do this. it seems that writing comes very naturally to you, it would be good to see your posts everyday. i promise to visit your blog everyday while you do that.

  46. The link to the uniform project which is not official yet but u can still access, is...

    Now inorder to see the rest of the days just replace 02 by 03 , 04 , 04 and so on in the link and i think it should work. I follow this site like I do yours :)

  47. that sound like an awesome decision! i wish u all the best! and i would love to read all ur posts :)

  48. cant wait to read your writing everyday :)

    All the best

  49. very interesting, and i am delighted I will have something on ur blog to read everyday...

    and me is thinking to take it up... let me think some more will decide today for sure

  50. Preeti i have one serious doubt...I am now having 3 blogs of my own...and co-author in 2 others..imagine if i join and have to write on all of my blogs thats 31X5 = 155 (i guess the ans is correct ;)) endammmooo!!!!!!! but once the INTERNET CONNCETION BAC HOMe gets sorted out..which is now in a mess..i will join..maybe this is something that i need to get my blogs up and running...

    Now that you have mailed me about your second book..i am really really eager and anxious as to what flavors or sweets that might contain or will it be a lil spicy Indian curry?? cant wait do hurry up with it..plssssss

  51. Tht Grt Preeti ... ALL THE BEST .

  52. WOW !!!
    All the Best :-)


  53. Best of luck Preeti :)

    Think of it this way though - the famil visit, your daughter's birthday, the summer project etc will all provide fodder for posts :P

  54. Hey of luck..!!!!
    really excited to c ur blogs daily n that too a new one........
    An evid reader....

  55. Whooo.. Lovely! Good luck! I'm sure u'll keep the positivity and charm alive :-)
    Hey! Heard of NaNoWriMo, another month long writing contest?
    Looking forward to ur creations! Good luck for this first attempt :-)

  56. Btw if you post everyday I shall also comment everyday :)


  57. ok so thats a lot of writing for the next moth ..good luck to you.. looking fowrd to you blogs... take care

  58. Preeti,

    Three cheers. Take the plunge. It would be so nice to read you everyday,if I could manage it.

    All the best.

    Take care

  59. nethng for u preeti....will certainly try to take time out to write a blog everyday.....bye for now n looking forward for ur next book

  60. Great going Preeti... Looking forward to the next 30 days .. This will be treat for the readers...All the Best :-)

  61. John: thank U!

    Ishika: thank u!I also want to finish my second book :)!

    Jack: Appreciate it

    Frankie:Thank u!

    SMM:Thats one of the most encouraging comments i have got..pls keep up ur promise :P

    Myoni:Thank U!


    Shatharam:Any one blog would be fine!! Yes--writing second book.

  62. Monika: Do take it up! good luck!

    Srivats:Thank U!

    Sunshine: you have been one of my most loyal commenters (for lack of a better word) Much appreciate it.

    Fay:Will check it out. Thanks!

    Ranjini:That is really very encouraging and a vert sweet thing to do--than you!

    Sumit: Now that ur exams are over u have no excuse!

  63. Good luck! Looking forward to your posts.I'm thinking even i'll take it up.

  64. Probably this is my first comment on your blog and it is going to be solitary post in the blogging month :)

    I am in support of Ms. No in someone out there. It is not like that I do not do multitasking but science seems to be providing counter viewpoint, and supporting Ms. No.
    Rapt, a book by Ms. Winifred Gallagher provides a good argument.You may find a summary in the ARTICLE.

  65. Rahul: very nice article and thanks for sharing. I do not multitask--i do only one thing at a time :P

    Partywithneha: Good luck!

  66. I joined this on May 2nd and so far, so good. I looked at it as a way to get back into the habit of writing every day.

  67. super nice!
    i'm moving 2 my hostel 2mrw where (sadly) fast internet's a distant dream.
    but i think im in the game thanks 2 u!

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. thats really a good news. Now we get a treat everyday.

  70. ...u missed me n Nidhi... all SMM's fault.. hmmph! :-W

  71. aww thats so sweet! :) thanks..!!

  72. Shruti, Nidhi: Apologies!! Appreciate ur wishes!

    Sunshine:Thank YOU! :)

  73. “Your son’s SATs are coming up on May 11th. You are having visitors from India for a week from May 14th.Your daughter’s birthday is coming up on 21st. And don’t forget you are also volunteering at an animal welfare charity plus you are assisting in doing a summer term project on film making at the children’s school.”

    Oh! Already you have sooooooooo many topics to blog Preeti!!

    All the very best!! I will be waiting with a big garland when at the finish line of this race.

  74. Bravo! I totally like you for taking up the challenge and I really hope that you reach your target :)

  75. superb.. god.. your multitasking talent inspires me! good luck! :)

  76. Euphoria: i do only one thing at a time.I cannot multi task :P

    Neeraj: Thank u :)

    Maddy: Make that a garland of roses :) Thank u!

  77. I see you're doing pretty well so far. Good going, and all the best.

    I'm relatively new to your blog, but I'm enjoying your posts a lot.

  78. Lovely decision!!!! Will be following it faithfully...

  79. wish u all the best & looking forward to 31 days off good reading


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