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Simply irresistible (blog marathon post 24)

A few days back, we were out on a picnic at a place called Lenwade ( which is known for its array of museums, cathedrals shops and theatre apart from its landscape that seems like it has been snatched out of a 18th century English painting ) with friends who were visiting from India. We were waiting for the bus and we had a good twenty minutes to kill. The scenery was truly picture perfect but there is only so much of perfectness you can take and I began looking around in a distracted sort of way, having run out of conversation with my friend, partly on account of having husband all ears in the hearing vicinity and partly because we had been chatting non-stop ever since she arrived which must have been one massive talkathon (If there exists such a thing—if it doesn’t, it gets invented whenever two good women friends meet) of 48 hours even if you discount the time we took to catch up on sleep, which really wasn’t much (the time that we took to catch up on sleep that is, not the talk time).
That was when this really attractive fellow caught my eye. I did not even realise that I had been staring—so gorgeous was he, till my friend nudged me and said “ Gosh, wherever you go you manage to find one.” I remembered my other good friend back in India who used to also be my next door neighbour. This is the same friend that I mention in my book in the ‘Sylvester Stallone’ incident. This friend and I had developed our own system of rating gorgeous guys or movies or even women we thought were worth rating.
We used to often stand on our balconies, taking a break from our routines, sipping tea and idly looking at guys who were taking smoking breaks and as our apartments were situated behind a row of multi storied offices we always had a huge selection to rate.
Her favourite question used to be “Out of ten how much?”
We’d both assess the guy in question and rate him. She always gave 8 or 9 to the long haired guys and I’d give the long haired ones a 3 or 4—i definitely preferred army crew cut to Michael Bolton wannabes.
This one whom I had been inadvertently staring at, was definitely a 9.5. Maybe even a ten. He was that good. I had a mad urge to call up my friend in India but I looked at the watch and realised it would be past ten at night and it was definitely not a good idea considering her husband would be home (Ah the things we married women have to do to communicate to each other) and that too this guy was a ten on my scale, not hers. So I refrained the urge and continued gazing at him. (Come on—we have all done it. Admit it. Nothing to be ashamed of!)
That is when he turned and looked me straight in the eye. An unblinking, unapologetic ,unwavering gaze. I was the first to break eye contact and I looked away, quickly checking to see if anyone had noticed. Fortunately the kids (both mine and my friend’s) were busy eating ice cream. Husband was wiping away a spot of ice cream that my daughter had dropped on her coat. My son, my friend and her friend’s children were oblivious to what I was upto. I was doubly glad that I had opted to not eat ice cream else, like them I might have missed this little moment that was making me deliriously happy like a giddy teenager.
He had turned away by now and was busy examining a car. Typical male, I thought. I don’t know what they find so interesting in cars anyway. He was engrossed in it. And he was examining the bumper of the car. He looked really irresistible, being so absorbed like that.

Then I did something that I just had to. I agree it was a little impulsive of me but I was certain he wouldn’t notice or mind even if he noticed .I clicked a picture of him! Want to see it? Scroll down.


  1. ROFL :D :) LOL
    Was scandalized for once :)

  2. very funny :) i did not see that one coming. What you described did really happen to me and my friend in NY. My friend was visiting from Bangalore and it was our first time in NY subway. We are so busy staring at this cop who was standing right opposite to us and both of us were whispering in kannada (look at his hair, his nose, those biceps, blah blah), we completely missed our stop and shrieked in terror, when we realized after 10 minutes of this gaze-a-thon. He knew what we were upto and very sweetly and with a smirk told us how to get back :) aaah....i have such fond memories :)

  3. che! so not fair!

    :) :) :) :)

  4. I had to put a picture of a cat there instead!...;-)

  5. OMG - such a cutie pie :) No wonder u were smitten!

  6. Hey!! I thought I would find a pic. of a cute little toddler boy or something..... :)
    good one!!!!

  7. Ho Ho. Got socked on that one - never saw it coming. Brilliant.

  8. Woohooo! that was super good :)

  9. This one was bad...really reallly badddd!!!! I thought I could see pic of a handsome dude early morning.. :((( u spoiled it....bohoooo

  10. oiii that is sooo not fair!!! here i was scrolling down to see a gorgeous looking rated 10 guy!!!


  11. Good Shot ...and very handsome also ... :P ....nice post ..a good way to start up my day...:)

  12. Very nice... liked the hype you created... although I would really have liked to see this 9 point someone...

  13. ha ha ha ha..LOL!! LOL!! ROFL!! absolutely hilarious..your description above made me think some Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt replica...tht was tooo goood...

  14. Preethi...........that was a dirty trick!!!!!!!!!

    I was so eager to see this handsome hunk tht I scrolled 2-3 times up & down thinking tht cat was a picture from some other post:-S

  15. Well ok....have to admit tht after I got over my disappointment it did draw a teeny-weeny laugh out of me;-D

  16. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Awwwwwwwww!!!! C'mon!!!! That is so not fair.......

    I was expecting some other type of eye candy ;)

    But ya the way u built up the excitement was too good.
    Also i love cats too and i really think it's a perfect ten :)

  17. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Awwwwwwwww!!!! C'mon!!!! That is so not fair.......

    I was expecting some other type of eye candy ;)

    But ya the way u built up the excitement was too good.
    Also i love cats too and i really think it's a perfect ten :)

  18. how romantic! now, if only you were a cat too! ;)

  19. You uploaded the wrong pic :P
    Hilarious, you are! :))
    Couldn't help but laugh at my eagerness to see the 'hunk'

  20. loll.. that pic was really unexpected! Great post :D

  21. hmm..knew somthing like this was comg..was expecting a baby or some cute kid :D...and yeah 5'4 inches is not miniature :D i agree with u

  22. Ha ha... did not see this coming :)

    Nevertheless, a heart throb for sure!

  23. :D Hahahaha!!!ROFL!!!

    That was hilarious!

  24. Just one question how did you know it was a male :-P

  25. Lol!

    OMG!You've feline fetish! :p

    Talk about building suspense. Ever thought about writing a thriller?;)

  26. Wonderful!!! Couldn't handle the suspense :O)

  27. That was truly nice though I saw it coming :)

    Somehow I expected to see a wrinkled sweet old grandpa .. wink !!

  28. Hahah....that was pretty neat and hilarious!! Great write up as always :)

  29. khoda pahad nikli billi :P
    n what a billi at that.. all comments are revolving around that... u built such a hype...

    good one PS.

  30. roflmao!!! you made my day... am about to rush out and just managed to read your post... surely will keep smiling for sometime :)

  31. heheh wat a neat trick lol...had good laugh, but y dont u actually put that guy's snap ( :)innocent smile ) and thats one cute cat tesing out the bumper!!!

  32. good one! :)

    i remember a bunch of us in school rating the girls in the convent next door... obviously i can't divulge the rating criteria here :P

    but i believe that women are far subtler oglers than men!

  33. Guruprasad: Oh yes--women are VERY subtle compared to men. Have to write a post about it! Thanks for the idea. :)

    Enigma: Why dont you come here? i'll introduce you to him :)

    Sumit:happy to make u smile :)

    mindspace: I only spoke the truth!

    Lifebegins: Thank U :)

    lostworld: heh heh. was sure at least a few would see it coming :-) And grandpa while cute dfinitely wont get stared at by me :P

    Shades of grey: Thank U :)

    Stillthinking: I have a fetish for short hair :P :) Yeah--thriller is a good idea :)

  34. Prats: Since you insist on knowing and seem to be very concerned about it, so much that you actually thought about it enough to ask this question, let us just say I had a good hard look and he wasn't wearing any pants either. So it isn't hard to tell ;-) Arnab: thank you :)

    Aathira: A definite 9.5 :-)

    Gils: heh heh..yeah I did expect that some will see it coming :)By Indian standards 5'4 and a half inches (you stand corrected by half an inch) is tall. :-)

    Thinker: thank U!

    Meira: heh hehe..If you come to UK I'll introduce you to the other hunk :) (a human being--not a dog or cat :))

    EM: Miaow :)

    Amsko: heheheh :)

    Reflections: Did you notice all the guys laughed..Most women were disappointed! See my comment to Meira--same goes for you :P

    Shantharam : u are a writer's delight! Thank u so much! :)

  35. Siddharth: there indeed are many 9 point someones around here. But none I liked enough to actaully put them on my blog :P They have to earn it :P

    Prabodh: Coming from you (that it is a good shot--most seem to have missed the picture that I clicked) I take it as a huge compliment because you are so good at photography. Thank you!

    Sunshine: Awww--see my comment to Meira and reflectiosn..same offer applies to you :P

    Chirpy paro: Awww..see my comment to sunshine above.

    Chitra: Super thank you :)

    Ramesh : :) Thank you!

    Gayathri: yeah--A few seem to have thought that :) Thank u :)

    Shachi: Yes--he was really cute.

    Niall: Have no idea how he turned into a cat! ;-)

    Suma: LOL..See my comment to Meira, Sunshine, reflections and all other disappointed ladies :) Offer open to you as well!

    Ranjini: Drool drool imagining the cop :) Yeah i can imagine! heh heh heh..what fun!

    Ajay: :) How could you not know?!! Very pleased it scandalised you which means it was indeed good :P ;-)

  36. funny and interesting post

  37. Good one! Expected a cute 2 yr old. The cat was not bad either. :)

  38. AAAArrrgggghh...Preetiiii..!!My heartbeat had skyrocketed while scrolling down to see the click..!!

    But as I love love cats..this was equally mesmerizing too :)


  39. okaty PS confess...u suddenly realized that ur hubby n kids and friends of hubby n all of the world reads this blog..n this may not be the best place to admit to such stuff no????n u turned the tables!!! Smart woman
    confess Confess!!!

    hahahaah....once i read the scroll down to see the picture..i knew i was in for a slight dissappointment n shldnt hope to see any hulk's picture!

  40. Pavi: Have u read my book? If not please read.There are more confessions there--all from the heasrt.If i can put it in a book why in the world will admitting it on a blog matter?! Besides I only reveal what I want u to see ;-)

    Geetha: Glad u were happy with the cat ;-)

    Laksh: :-)

    Jyotiajay: Thank u.

  41. :)
    >> "He had turned away by now and was busy examining a car. Typical male, I thought"
    :) LOL :)

  42. OMG this was totally unexpected.. ROFL :)

  43. ha ha ha ... an anti-climax totally (am not an animal person :)) ... but a very nice story leading up to the cat's pic :))

  44. palsworld: See my reply to the ladies --suma, reflections, meira..Offer open to you too :P :)

    Dhanya: :) Glad you weren't disappointed like many :) :)

    Veena: Men! What can i say! *rolls eyes* :)

  45. You sure are a wonderful storyteller !!

  46. Trust me by the time i was reading the last paragraph i assume it was something else.... i assumed it would be squirrel (as one of your older post had it on the cover page)...

    But a nice suspense or rather more dramatic created... :)


  47. oh you really got my hopes high up!!
    kya yaar!

  48. Ah about men and cars....We just loooove them(droool)..Its just like girls and shopping...both just cannot be seperated ..same here...I could go on and on about CArs,bikes and all..but guess heres not the place...and thank you for those warm comments :) You do make my day!!

  49. One more thing, i hope you have heard about Bekal Fort in Kasaragod. I have uploaded some pics in my blog, if u have been there when you were a kid, you will see a lot of difference now..Finally the govt is taking steps to protect the heritage sites in Malabar.

  50. Awww that was a total anti climax. I was expecting someone...a little more human, shall we say :P


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