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The possibilities are endless (blog marathon post 8)

In scale and magnitude, in ambition and grandeur, in showmanship and co-ordination, in organisation and splendour, there are very few events in the UK, that match the prestigious annual Norwich and Norfolk festival. In fact, according to Jonathan Holloway, the festival director, this festival is among the top five in the UK. This year it is taking place at multiple venues across the city from May 1st to May 16th. I am fortunate to be living here, that too very close to most of the venues. I have had the opportunity to witness some of the most creative, dazzling and inspiring performances, street theatre and works of Art. For more information and some brilliant photographs which give you an idea about what exactly I am talking of, you must, must see this.

One of the events that I liked, was “Sputnik—a project of possibilities”.( The pictures you see above are the ones I clicked at this event )

It is hard to explain what exactly it is. It is a performance blended with a kinetic sculpture that explores the possibilities of flesh and steel, when it is blended into the imagination. This is what the handout says:

A young woman Jane Janes (click on it to see her blog) seeks to live away from the Earth. “It is becoming impossible to live on the Earth, I have no wish to die, especially not now, but I do have a wish to live elsewhere. Therefore I will develop a machine for living away from the Earth.

If my machine has endless possibilities and is powered by not just my body but my spirit, given the right place and right time, my life could begin again.


It is just a question of how you look at things”

The performer on a specially created machine was a lady called Claire Cunningham who really brought Jane Janes to life.

The concept was so different from what I had ever seen before. The Kinetic sculpture when it began to move, and when the wheels began to rotate, setting in motion, many other wheels, and the wing like contraptions began to flutter, along with the music and Cunningham’s performance, you were transported to a world of possibilities.

Later I thought about it. It is amazing how much we can achieve when we open our minds.

Think about it. Most of our imaginations are fettered and bound by daily lives, by mundane routines. Numbed by television and images force fed by Multimedia , i-phones and high speed Internet, somewhere the imagination gets suffocated—mostly it dies. Sometimes it survives.

Carl Jung said “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

Free your spirit. Think about your desires. Look inside yourself.

The possibilities are indeed endless.


  1. wow...amazing and inspiring words!! "Possibilities are endless" is so true, of we keep our minds open!!
    Great post Preeti!!

  2. "Possiblities are endless" nice thought to wake up each day!...Your post was really good!

  3. Motivating and Thought provoking
    On a lighter note how abt extension of blog marathon all thro the year till may 2010 , Possibilities are endless :)

  4. reminds me of a phrase, "I'm a realist, I dream the impossible"

  5. That wud be Che Guevera who said that.

  6. lol at sunny raju's comment :)

    the contraption is quite intriguing!

  7. beautiful post ..really inspiring..and to sum it up with what Carl Jung had said is something like a masterstroke.... I came across this quote in The Monk who sold his Ferrari?? I hope you have read it.

    P.S: I have joined NoBloPoMo ..but seems like BSNL has minds of its morning again there was some patience is wearing out...hope i dont have to kick the guy who handles the connections to sort out the mess ;)
    But on a brighter note..i atleast will have to be posting everyday..its something that i dont want to miss doing..thanks for inspiring me to do it...

    I am sorry to add the link here..i know its kind of spam to do so..i hate it too..but just so that you can check mine am giving it..

    hope you will check it :)

    Have a nice day.. and Keep smiling..

  8. Oh by the way i just saw..i am One of the first few commenters...never happened before..

  9. i am always in awe of artists like that. i remeber seeing the broadway show 'Lion King' in NY, it was the most moving and inspiring piece of theatre i've ever seen. If you get an opportunity, i urge you to see 'Woman in Black' in London, me and vinu were lucky enough to catch it in bangalore and boy was it worth it !!1

  10. Wonderful thought.

    Very apt for me I would say in the present scenario, where I am trying to look inside, awaken and see what I really have inside me which I can offer the world.

    I see such innovation and wonder what is in such people which lets them see beyond the things which are in front of them, what makes them a greater visionary of sorts.

    Its purely amazing. :)

    PS: I am enjoying this marathon.. I am loving your posts!

  11. Just wanted to say tht ur posts are 'something to look forward to' when I login every morning;-D

    I'm lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s: r u feeling the strain yet....u knw posting readworthy stuff everyday;-o?????

  12. Wow...I simply love the quote "“It is becoming impossible to live on the Earth, I have no wish to die, ..."
    This so much creative in thinking.

  13. i love the lines "possibilities are endless"...
    when going through this bad patch..ur words truly make me smile..and think from a different perspective:)..

  14. possibilities are indeed endless :)

  15. 'Free your spirit. Think about your desires. Look inside yourself.' - Can I be impulsive? Or do I still calculate?

    P.S: I know I didn't say this earlier, but thank you for posting everyday.

  16. Still thinking: I am always impulsive. If it has to be done it has to be done that very instant--no matter what the consequences! :P It's worked for me most of the time. If not I enjoy the adventure of my own making!And thank you for reading--and more importantly commenting every day.

    Partywithneha:Thank you.

    Monika: ;-) :-)

    Santasizing: happy my words bring you some comfort!

    Prabodh: oh yes--very creative indeed.

  17. Reflections: Yes--it is hard to post something readworthy everyday--but very encouraging comments(like yours) keep me going!

    Aathira;Thanks so much..BTW I always wanted to ask u this--did you study at IIT delhi?

    Ranjini: Most of the things that comes to London comes to Norwich Royal theatre too.Will remember 'Woman in black'

    Shatharam:Looks like many were commenting at the same time as you!Visited you--good luck for NaBloPoMo.

    Suma: very!

  18. Durga:Thank you!

    Vinoo: Thank you! (esp as you don't say it often!)

    Sumit: Good quote. U a fan of Che?

  19. Wonderful to read your posts, thanks to the marathon.

    Such kind of arts festivels happens in Singapore too.

    Yes only when you go beyound the logics of mind, we can experience Magics in life ;P

  20. Yes possibilities are indeed endless if one is open to think about them. Otherwise there are no possibilities whatsoever

  21. The possibility to let imagination take wings is one of the reasons I love books in comparison to movies.

    I find when I read a book I can imagine as much as I want to and paint the world rich with all my fantasies.

    When I see the movie of the same book the scenes are replaced with another person's imagination...

  22. ya posibilities are definiely endless... How about a blog marathon for a year rather than a month??

  23. Sushobhan: If you send me someone who will do all my housework(diahes,laundry, vaccuming,ironing,washing,cooking) AND who will look after my children as well as I do (and I have very high and demanding standards) then I would jump at the chance of doing it for a year :)

    Sruoloc: My friends too says the same--that the book is so much deeper than the movie.

    SMM: very true.

    Srivtas: yes--very right.BTW i have been listening to secondhand serenade whole of today! loving it more each time i listen.Even the other songs are good.

  24. The Carl Jung quote is very true.
    I read somewhere that true success is from inside-out, not outside-in. I think the same holds true for possibilities/ opportunities.
    We can explore them when we look inside us and see what we really want rather than looking at the overwhelming frenzy that is the world.
    totally agree :)

  25. thanks for back in the groove to keep blogging now..2 posts in 1 day!!! hasnt happened before i guess :)

  26. yes..opening up the mind and moving away from regular n rotuine opens up a zillion possibilities!
    How todo that..mabbe a whole new topic...'coz its easier said than done!

    sounds like ur @ the most enviable place for now!

  27. This is deep!!! I've just been thinking a lot about what you said...looking inside seems to me a little scary.

  28. Did they also explain any science behind it?

  29. I love the quote...

    I've just read a book by Salley Vicars set in venice...there's a quote by a famous artist (I forget who)which I shall duely get wrong, but went something like this: "Some people look at the sun and paint the sun, some people look at the sun and see a multitude of angels...I prefer to paint the angels'.....then '"When i look at something, I do not see with my eyes I look through them"

    Confused?..well basically it's about how we see things...a grown up sees just a cardboard box...a child sees a castle/submarine/car/spaceship.

    the possibities are endless ...i like that.

  30. Wow, coming here reminds me of how I'm failing as a blogger. You're really taking this marathon seriously, good for you (and your readers!).
    A Jungian quote is always welcome with me. I have very similar views of the unconscious realms.
    And yes I do think imagination isn't been properly stimulated these days.

  31. Devil Mood: tahnk you for visiting--and yeah i like Jung;s quotes too.

    Niall: I loved what you wrote.(The quote) there was no need to explain. The words were powerful!

    Colours: Nopes--it was simple enough--there was nothing to explain. It was a series of wheels set in kinetic motion by one another.

    Mini:Why is looking inwards scary?

  32. Pavi: oh yes--easier said than done!

    Shatharam: good going--and good luck!

    Sucheta: So true what you wrote about success. In fact my first published article was on those lines.

  33. I am so jealous. I would love to be there to experience this.

  34. me? nah!! am just a fan of good qoutes :P
    e.g. "We do not know who we are unless we know what we can do" ~ Martha Grimes :)

  35. oops!!
    that would be "We don't know who we are until we see what we can do."


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