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Goodness Gracious- Niall and-- me!(blog marathon post 7)

What many of you said about my last post made so much sense. Talking of sunshine one friend who is a big sunshine for me is Niall. I have blogged about how we met accidentally online, and how this accidental meeting led to many many emails being exchanged and which led to a real life meeting in London. (Click here if you want to know more .) Little did I dream then that I would be moving to the UK (and therefore closer to Niall, geographically) and when I knew I was, I was so happy to already have a good friend in an otherwise alien country.

Niall and his family came home very recently (picture on the left clicked when he came home) and we had an amazing time. Niall keeps telling me about how multicultural Derby (the place where he lives) is and how much Indians have integrated into the society in UK. [Many say that the national dish of Britain is Chicken Tikka masala :-) ] Niall also told me about a BBC comedy programme called ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ which was ground breaking in bringing Asian humour and satire to a wider audience. I could really relate to it, especially because I am living here now.

He sent me a few clips which really made laugh. I am sharing one with you. The emdedding is disabled. Therefore you will have to watch it on you tube. This is the link. If you are not able to watch it at work (heh heh--yeah I know many of you read my blog at work) do watch it when you get home. Smiles guaranteed. :-)

A nice way to start a Monday eh?


  1. That Humour is awesome, Desis' all the way.
    Physical male perfection not Indian :)

  2. Touchwood for your friendship !!


  3. Hehe, good one, Preeti.

    I hope this finds you and your family well and good luck with the new friendship and the new country.


  4. not sure about Monday morning, but definitely a nice way to wrap up Sunday night!! lol...

  5. awww.. this is such a treat.. to read sooo many blogs di..
    And yes, since I am reading this in office, Will need to check the links at home..

  6. That was a fun link....a nice way to start of my normal hectic Monday.

  7. Cheers to your friendship!! And I am sure, the sunshine will remain sunshine :)

  8. nice link preethi indeed a good way to start the monday

  9. shall check out the link from home...yep im one of the ones who checks ur blog from work! its good reading and i cant resist! :)

  10. Good friends are very rare to find. You are lucky!!!

    Cheers :-)

  11. PS, one of the greatest things for me after I started blogging is that I know people from so many places.

    And, I do hope to meet them all someday!

  12. Hi Preeti .. Nice to see the blog marathon! Wish you all the best :)

  13. Had a good laugh;-D!!!!!!

    God Bless U & ur Friendship with Niall!!!!!!!

  14. Hey! Will have to check the link at home.. I used to watch the show though..its pretty crazy :). Its also the show which started the relationship between Sanjeev Bhaskar and Meera Syal and they ended up getting married.

    About the cuisine, the part I find funny is, in India we are all into experimenting International Cuisine, and UK seems to be growing affectionate more and more towards the Indian cuisine like never before.

    Kudos to your friendship! :)

  15. Good Going Girl!!
    Keep the posts flowing.

    HOpe u enjoyed Mother's Day!

  16. Funny Video...I laughed my lungs out!!! U must have been really excited to meet ur friend in person.

  17. Tabitha: yes I was :) And i just discovered we have a common friend..pls check ur orkut scrapbook :)

    Life begins: Thank u.. Here in UK it was on 22nd march.

    Gunjan: Oh! I didnt know about the stars in the show--nice to know :) Do check the link--its too good :) tried to visit you--but no access to profile--do u blog?

    Reflections: Thank u--yeah it was really funny!

    Lost world:Thank you :)

  18. Aathira: I hope u do! One's world really expands.

    Karthik: i agree..touchwood! :)

    Sunshine--oh you must must see the link--dont forget :)

    Monika: :-)

    Stillness speaks: If he dares turn into silk I can go over now and beat him up since he lives close by :P :)

    Swathy: Do check..its too good!

    Sumit : Yeah :) Forgot u were in UK too :)

    Scotty: Old friendship--new country..thank you for the wishes! :)

    Geetha: Do see the link. Touchwood :)

    Sunny raju: yeah!! Too darn funny.

  19. damn...i hve to get home for this...

    i remeber that this term 'goodness gracious me' is from another great comedy called mind your language...ahhh, the times when people were not so politically senstive..miss it...

  20. Goodness Gracious me is a really fun outtake on us Indians.. used to really enjoy it.

    As Tys said, one of the original Brit comedies that brought forth Indian culture was the hilarious "Mind your Language" series with Ranjit ( Indian ), Ali, I think ( Pakistani ) among a whole set of students from all over the world trying to learn English. See if you can find their clips on youtube.. bet u'll love them.

    It's a bit sad and ironic, though , isn't it.. everyone talks of racism etc abroad, but when you think of it, we Indians are almost never as open minded to allowing foreigners to be a part of India, in the way that Britishers, Americans and even goood ol' Gulfies have accepted us into their countries.

  21. Hey...Rosh n I studied together in school ( K.V.A.S.C)..She's a good friend of mine...I love ur blogs...Ur book's awesome :)

  22. Tabitha: Thanks!! Check your orkut--we have met but I am sure you dont remember!! Heh heh :)

    Roshan: Yes I have seen 'Mnd your language' but this is ten times better!! and you are so right about Indians not being accepting enough.

    Tys: This is ten times better than Mind your language--have seen that. BTW,See Roshan's comment above. he does have a point.

  23. the show reminded me of "mind your language"...a show which i saw as a kid and have now bought the entire my son too is addicted to it...

    cheers to your friendship

  24. Gazal: this is really much better than 'Mind your language'..There the chracters were so exaggerated--a kind of stereotyped spoofs. here the second generation and first generation of immigrants have been portrayed beautifully.Have u started going to school or not yet?

  25. cheers for the two of you and for the friendship!that must be a great moment for someone who just found a genuine friend!

    happy mother's day!

  26. As expected couldn't watch them at work. Will go home and see them. :-(

    Nice post!!

  27. LOL.
    really funny video!
    i think u just added to the already huge list of sitcoms that i watch!
    n touchwood fr u friendship with niall. great goin! :)

  28. As usual, cannot see 'This' :p

    Did you see the episode where he insists that the 'Queen is an Indian'? I hope I'm talking about the same sitcom.

    Viva!! To your friendship with Niall :)

    Just thought abt s'thing, will write later. Ciao.

  29. Still thinking: Write now!! Can't handle the suspense ;-)Yeah--its the same one.Have seen that clip--thanks to youtube.

    Sucheta: :) Yeah--it was funny.

    Prats: u must! Don't forget!

    Iriz: Thansk--didn't 'just' find him :P Have known him since 2006 now!

  30. Cheers to you and your friendship..
    loved watching the video.. very hillarious..
    But how came a friendship day post on mother's day????

  31. Sushobhan: Mothers day in UK was over on March 22nd. No hype at all here yesterday or today. Glad u enjoyed it.

  32. Well...I've not been refered to as "Big sunshine" but I'm very flattered.We all enjoyed our visit with you at Easter and hope it will not be long before we can all meet again...

  33. Niall: see my previous post--then u'll know what i mean by sunshine :)

  34. Oh..By the way..Tysonice, the phrase "goodness gracious me" refers from the title of a song sung by Peter Sellars and Sophia Loren in 1960 and was the brainchild of George Martin (The man behind The Beatles!)..

  35. Nice :) Indeed a good start to my Monday :)

  36. @ Preeti Shenoy: Watched it, hillarious!!!! ROFL it was :-)

  37. U caught me!!!! i have to wait to get back home for the video:)

  38. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Oh I used to watch this show on Star World!

  39. hahhaha...this was hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!!
    And true friendship is sure an energy booster!!

  40. was out of town with no internet connection...saw all your three posts now, was a great treat for me!!:-) Have a great week ahead!

  41. hahaha.. its ok!! majority wins!! ;)

  42. goodness gracious me...sounds so very familiar; wonder where i've heard that before!

    and you are right the clip was hilarious!

  43. Suma: See niall's comment above. he explains where the term came from.

    Sumit: Ok! whatever u say!:)

    Durga: Gald u have Internet now--for me if there is no Internet i can't breathe :)

    Partywithneha: oh ok-- I don't watch a single show on TV--so i don't know.

    Pavi: Do watch.

    Prats: truly ROFL

    Shachi: happy to hear that

    Niall: Thanks for the info and the links! :)

  44. The show does cme on one of these Zee english/ BBC/ Starworld channels once in a while...and I manage to catch it.

    On a different note, it is great tht you did meet Niall. I'v made quite a few frnds too through blogging and hope to meet with them all someday

  45. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Nothing like already having friends in the place you are moving to. Should check out "Goodness gracious me" in leisure...

  46. Hi Preeti, sorry for the late reply..yup I do blog but not regular. Its from my old id, I use a pseudonym - this is my blog -
    I was quite regular when I started blogging but then I lost touch..I deleted all my posts and started over sometime back but have been lazy. I actually like this blog marathon idea and considering joining it to get back in the groove.


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