A few books I LOVED reading this year. Post 13

Hello there,

It has been twelve whole days since I started my blog marathon. Time has sped by so fast. In fact, the whole year has sped by so fast. It feels like just yesterday that I was preparing my 'reading wall' which I do a the start of the year. I started this two years ago.
If you want to know what a reading wall is, click HERE.

It's basically a list of books that I read the entire year.

Many of you have been asking me to recommend the 'best books'. I am reluctant to do so, because tastes vary. It is like  person asking me to  recommend what they should eat. The recommendation would  depend on whether they like South-Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Japanese , Singaporean or any other specific cuisine. It would be meaningless to recommend Idlis to someone  who hates South Indian food.

This is the reason I do not recommend books. My tastes tend to be eclectic. What is outstanding for me might me egregious for you. So, unless I know the person very well, I will never recommend books.

But from the mails I get, I know people want to know what I like. I get asked all the time. Hence I thought I would share with you, the books I really liked that I read this year. I have read more than 30 books this year, and it is very hard to choose  only a few. Yet, here are a few.

Topping my best reads this year is Kristen Hannah's Nightingale.

I also LOVED Ruth Hogan's Keeper of Lost things.

 I LOVED Vaikom Muhamed Basheer's Childhood friends.(but the translation doesn't do justice)  Here's what I tweeted when I finished the book.

I also loved Elif Shafak's Forty Rules of Love

Among the Indian authors I enjoyed reading this year are

Kiran Manral's Missing, Presumed Dead 
Anita Nair's Eating wasps
Kavita Kane's Fisher Queen's dynasty
Chitra Divakaruni's Palace of Illusions 

 This year I had resolved to read a lot of women authors and I did. I discovered some new ones, and also  went back to some old favourites.

What are the best books YOU read this year?
Tell me in comments.

And oh--I will be going live tomorrow (14th December, Friday)  on Facebook at 11.30 am and on Instagram at 12.00 noon.
I will be revealing a surprise. So please do join me! I am very excited about it.

Speak to you tomorrow.Love
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  1. Anonymous12:17 AM

    truly enjoying your blog in last blog you asked na how old i am and what i do? well, i am in 11th standard and preparing for ias . you are my greatest inspiration, and i met you once in chennai book launch of rule breakers!

  2. My favourite books I read this year are. " The year I met you" by Cecelia Ahern, Strong mom strong sons, the promise, the power of habit etc.

  3. I read A hundred little flames and love little stronger of yours ma'am. And i liked both of them.
    "The namesake"- jhumpa lahri
    "Paper towns" and
    "looking for alaska" both by john green
    "Me before you"- by jojo moyes
    "Asura" by neelakanthan which is half finished.
    "The confession" by John grisham.
    Last year I donated around 80 books to public library here in kerala. It included some of my most favorite books.

  4. So glad to get that list. Will check and follow suit if my verification makes me satisfied. Anyhow, have decided a plan for next year, a resolution that I will read a minimum of 12 books. (may go up to 25...depends on mood and time!). Also, I will record the details of my book reading and share on my social media platform. Will keep a separate journal for the task. Thank you for the post. M/time, let me point out that a small error has been crept in your post. Hope you will spot it and rectify. So minor....
    With love...

  5. I enjoyed reading your book, Love a little stronger and the other ones I enjoyed are California Summer by Anita Hughes and Suddenly by Barbara Delinsky. I had started with Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan, but somehow I found it confusing in between, so left it midway, this is the first time I could leave a book midway, usually the curiosity and the incomplete feeling of characters doesn't let me do that.

  6. Hi Mam,
    This year only i found you. one of my friend suggested to read your books. so, i started from your first piece and ended with the last one 'The rule breakers'. i additionally i read two books from the author 'Sudha Moorthy'. now i reading the book 'Sapiens' by Yuval Noah Harari.

  7. This time it's all Indian authors for me...
    And I thoroughly enjoyed it ....
    Ice with very unusual spirits - Ruzbeh N bharucha
    The secret of God's son - Usha Narayanan
    The face at the window - Kiran Manral
    All abroad - Kiran Manral
    Flying without wings- Rishabh Puri
    The Rise of Hastinapur - sharath kommaraju
    The stranger trilogy - Novneel chakrabothy.
    Currently I'm reading Stephen Hawking's - The theory of everything...

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  9. I read goatdays by Benyamin ,The rule breaker,love a little stronger,A hundred little flames of yours and everyone has a story ,this is not your story by savi sharma.

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  11. This year I have read the book of my favorite author Preeti Shenoy Hundred Little Flames, Love a Little Stronger and The Rule Breakers. Best books I have ever read.. Thank you Ma'am for inspiring us by your books.. Eagerly waiting for your next book.. Thank you for sharing your list of books, for the upcoming year, I will plan to read those books.

  12. The only books that I read are the one's written by you. However, last month, I bought a few of Twinkle Khanna's Books which I have not read yet. Heard a lot about her books, so thought of seeing what it's all about! Your post was really helpful for me. I will write down the names of these books and see how they are. I like to read books written by Women Authors too. Thanks for this post, Preeti. Looking forward to your LIVE session today :-)

  13. I read some books that include:
    Yes my accent is real,
    When breath becomes air,
    Kitchen Confidential
    Of birds and birds song
    Moong over microchips
    Elon musk
    Born to run

    some of them were suggested by you and i really enjoyed reading them.😊

  14. Dear Preeti,

    Thanks for sharing some of your favourites from this year. Below are some of my favourites from this year:

    * Forty Rules of Love
    * The Kite Runner
    * Autobiography of a Yogi
    * A Man Called Ove
    * The Rule Breakers
    * The Greatest Urdu Stories Ever Told

  15. 40 Rules of Love and Palace of Illusions are favorites. I loved Durjoy Datta's A boy in Love, Miss Malini's To the Moon, Shashi Tharoor's Why I am a Hindu, Sonali Bendre's The Modern Gurukul, Colors of Shadow, Zoya Factor, Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck and of course, Love a little Stronger :)


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