5 useful tips on keeping an illustrated journal in 2019

After my post yesterday, which I shared on twitter as well,  I got a LOT of response and queries about my journal and the process. Many people wanted to start one, and asked me for tips. You really don't need exemplary drawing skills to start an illustrated journal. You can use stamps, stick stuff, use quotes--and do anything you want.

If you plan to keep an illustrated journal in 2019,  here are my top tips.

1. Use variety: Think about WHAT you enjoy. Some enjoy making collages. Some enjoy just writing short entries in bullet journals. Some enjoy painting. Some like quick colour pencil scribblings. I use a variety of methods. You can see in my above post--I have used only a quote.

2. Think different :If you are afraid that it will become boring, then you are probably thinking about what a journal means in a set way. Change that thinking. It can be a cross between a scrapbook, a diary, a collage and a planner. Thus a bus ticket from that day can go into the journal.

3. Start small: If you are afraid you will give up half way, start with a less daunting goal. Set a goal to journal every day for 5 days. Or perhaps, every day for a week. Stick to that small goal. You will soon find how quickly you have got into the habit, and how you look forward to it!

4. Use social media: One way to stick to a commitment is to go public. Announce that you will be posting every day for five days or a week or whatever goal you have set. This way, when you commit publicly you are forced to keep it up.

5. Use inspiration from others: I find the journals of Mari Andrew, Jose Naranja and Kathrin Jensen-Marwedel very very inspiring. You can follow me on my instagram art account  to see who all I am following.

Since so many of you requested me to share more pages from my journal, here is one more page! I mostly make these pages just for myself, and some are too personal to share. Some I don't mind sharing.

The above page is from July. You can see the date in the  top right corner. I am happy that this year I did manage to read 35 books (In addition to writing two!) . My goal for next year is 40 books.
And of course to write in my journal, every single day, which I managed for whole of 2018 too.

 Hope you find these tips useful.
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See you again tomorrow!


  1. Absolutely! I love to start journal.Thank you for help.😊

  2. Thank you so much for this post. Helped me understand how to keep an illustrated journal. You are very creative and love how you explain everything in detail ;-) What an incredible year it has been for you and hoping for an even better 2019 ahead for you and your family!


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