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How was your Saturday? Mine involved a lot of travel. I came across monkeys, cats and a field of marigold flowers! You can see the videos on my Instagram  in the stories.
In case you aren't familiar with Instagram, click on my profile pic around which there is a red circle and you will see the stories :) (many tell  me that they do not know how to use Instagram and where to find stories, hence explained)

I received some terrific news today.

My publisher messaged me and told me that Love A Little Stronger was nominated by Amazon, for the best books of 2018, in the romance category.

This is a picture of my publisher (Arup Bose of Srishti) and me, clicked during the launch of Love A Little Stronger.

This nomination means a lot to me for two reasons

1.It is the first time, my book has been nominated for any award
2.The book contains  TRUE stories from my life. There's nothing which is made up. All the incidents described in the book happened to me. It is a creative non-fiction. But since that category is rare, I am guessing it was grouped under romance.

Your vote can help me win!
The voting lines are now open, and will close by 25th.

If you enjoyed the book, and think that I deserve this, please do vote on the link below

A line in response after you have voted would be most appreciated.

That's all for now.
See you again tomorrow.
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  1. Anonymous10:54 PM

    wow congrats mam and its new cover looks really pretty and yes its my favorite novel

  2. I voted👍. I went to DC books, Thiruvalla today and "the one you can not have" with new cover. I have sent pic on Instagram ( message).

  3. I read your novels. I like them very much. Try reading my novels. 'Love Mistrusted' released last year, 'Reincarnation' will be released on 25th Dec.
    Thank you

  4. I have voted :) congrats mam

  5. Heartiest Congratulations Ma'am...may you receive this award, as the book and you both truly deserve it.


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