Illegal entrants

This is a poem which I wrote for Conde Nast Magazine. They had commmsioned me to write poetry on the theme of Travel, and I wrote four poems for them.

Here is one of them.




Are now constant companions 

Travelling with me

Within me

They have made themselves comfortable

They arrived as tourists

On a travellers  visa

But somehow managed to linger on

No force could banish them

My heart , my thoughts

Are yours now

My soul

Subsumed, consumed, blazing


I live in restless hope

I  longingly dream 

Of making the journey

Across the miles

The desire to be with you 

And to linger on.

Just like my  travelling companions

I hope

To stay

Till eternity 

In your arms.

© 2018 Preeti Shenoy

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  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    truly incredible and heart touching

  2. Beautiful very very touching and I can resonate with this when I was in India and my hubby is Germany...

  3. Superb expression.

  4. Very touching Preeti. Loved reading this first thing in the morning after turning on my laptop!

  5. Real economy of words and sea of emotions. Capturing and captivating, connecting and calling all at once. Loved this poetical beauty in simplicity.

  6. beautiful as simple

  7. That's an amazing try on poetry,Preeti..well written!! 🙂

  8. Wow!!! It's beautiful.


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