A Christmas Eve post.

Hi there,

Today I watched this movie on NetFlix along with my daughter and fell in love with it. Kurt Russel SHINES as Santa. The animation is fantastic. The direction is flawless and the actions scenes had me on the edge of my seat, as I joined the brother-sister duo in their adventures along with Santa. Even though the story is somewhat predictable, what I loved was the treatment. I had a lump in my throat, I laughed and cried with the protagonists as I found myself INSIDE the sleigh along with Santa and the kids.

 I think that is what a good book or a movie does. It transports you to a different world.


Even though I am not a Christian, I do celebrate Christmas. I know many of my Christian brothers and sisters, would be going for midnight mass.

I wish you all a very merry Chritsmas.

Incidentally, today is Day 24 of my blog marathon! I am so happy I have sincerely kept this up for this long. :) Are you? Tell me in comments.

Also tell me what are you all time favourite movies? Tell me why too without any spoilers please. I am always looking for list of movies to watch.

That's all for now. Will be back tomorrow with a new post.

Till then keep the warmth in your heart and a smile on your face.



  1. Wish you a merry Christmas mam. Most of my favourite movies used to be that of sharukh khan and Akshay Kumar. Srk is known for love and romance and Ak for comedy or serious ones like baby, rustam. I recently watched movies of Rajkumar like stree. It's a horror comedy and good intentional concept. AK 's movies exude discipline and commitment for country community and that what I like the most about his movies. I love srk movies of 1990s like ddlj kkhh etc which could easily transport me to love world during my teens. I feel after discovering you in my late 20s I am more interested in reading books. Reading has taken front seat and movies a back seat to satisfy my emotional intellectual needs.

  2. Merry Christmas....😊
    Eight below, Gran Torino,
    Creed, Everest, Juno are few of my long long list of favourite movies.

  3. Merry Christmas..preethi man

  4. Belated Christmas Eve to you and your family. During my childhood, I remember curling myself on the couch with a blanket in tow, having a mug of hot cocoa filled with marshmallows and watching back to back movies in the Winter holidays. My parents would join me too and we would watch movies like Home Alone or other Comedy Movies which they also loved watching. There were so many movies which i would have watched as a kid, but now I am not able to remember my favorite one. If I do, I will let you know. I am thrilled that you had kept the Blog Marathon during the last month of the year. It is really nice of you to do this. I look forward to you having more of them. Thanks!


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