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The single best thing you can do for yourself in 2017

So we are already on 2nd January 2017. Hope you managed to stick to your resolutions at least on Day 1. I did. (see my previous post for my resolutions)

I had said that I would share with you, one nice thing that we did at my home, and that you could incorporate it in your home too, if you liked the idea. Any guesses as to what it was? Well, I created a Reading wall.

So what is a 'Reading wall'? It is a large sheet of paper stuck on the wall, on which you enter all the books that you read.  I made mine into four sections, one for each member of the family. We threw in sops like dinner at a nice restaurant, when four books are collectively read (so it's a win-win for all). We also threw in rewards like _______ (fill in suitably) when you reach  N books. I am sharing some pics with you.
This is what I made. The pen and the scissor give you an idea of the size of the sheet. I used a full size chart paper.

I added details in each one's section, like how you see below:

And then I stuck it on the wall! The snap is clicked at an odd angle. I am too lazy to click a 'proper angle one'. But you get the general idea from this photo.

And guess what---Satish has already made the first entry on this wall, under his name! I am secretly competing with him, and so I am quietly reading my book, whenever i can. (I read four books at a time and so I am all the more motivated now).

I think a reading wall is a great idea, if you live with people whose reading goals are same as yours. Give it a try.

Coming back to the title of the post, what is the SINGLE best thing you can do for yourself in 2017?

I think it is mindful living. Many a time we just go through the motions of living without any focus. If we ask ourselves at the beginning of the day 'What would make today a great day?' and if we do that one thing which made that day great, don't you think you would feel good when you hit the bed?

At the end of the day, we can take stock and think about how that day went. Make notes in a journal. Bullet journal is a great idea for those who lack time. There are tonnes of article online about bullet journals. Change it to suit your needs.

This morning, I waled 8.82 kms! Something I am proud of.

Especially so, as it was so cold! There was mist all around. The visibility was just about 8feet. Beyond that I couldn't see anything. Here's a pic I clicked on my walk.

And here's another:

How has your new year started?
Good luck with your resolutions. I am happy that I am  definitely keeping mine!

ps: my book was picked as top romantic reads of 2016. To see the full list go HERE
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  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Great idea mam.I'm gonna give a try at my home :)

  2. Wow! Super Cool Mam:)

  3. Wonderful! I especially like the idea of achieving common goals! Superb!

  4. Wow! This is super-interesting and creative! Looking forward to this reading goal update.
    I wish you and your family a peaceful, blissful and successful New Year! :)

  5. Wow. It's so nice to read your blog as I start my day. Makes me motivated to do what I need to do and that too, quickly and not lazily! All the best for your Reading Wall. Looking forward to reading the updates. Coincidentally, I went for a walk in the morning around 6:00 AM for an hour. There was no mist, but the weather was kind of cool and kind of warm. Just perfect enough to burn off the extra calories put on in the past couple of days. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year once again. Take care!

    1. Very glad :) Happy new year to your family!

    2. And of course to you too!

  6. Hi,
    A very happy New Year to all of us!!

    Reading wall is a wonderful idea. We used to maintain a common book to write about the books we read regularly, but this makes more sense, specially if the kids are around.



  7. Good Morning and happy New Year !
    Ms Shenoy, this is a wonderful idea.

    As far as New Year goes , I must confess I had a very bad taste waking up and reading about the mass molestation that occurred in Bangalore. I don't live in Bangalore anymore but I grew up there and it's still home to me.
    Then to make matters worse I read about what the home minister or some prominent political member had to say - that this happened because of westernizing etc.
    I am extremely uncomfortable that I am not able to say or do anything about it. I have followed your blog for some time now and have known that you are from Bangalore.
    I came here today to see if you had any thoughts on this shameful incident.

    1. Please follow my column in Financial Chronicle where I write about things like these. My blog is a happy place where I focus only on stuff that makes me happy :)

  8. Good idea mam.maintaining reading wall help us to read more number books.

  9. Wonderful idea. But in my house, I am the only reader. I am raising a reader by reading to him everyday at night. I update my list regularly on Goodreads. Read 83 last year and out of that two were yours. It happens for a reason and Why we love the way we do. Loved them both.

  10. Glad you are raising a reader!

  11. Very inspiring post, Preeti.
    Thanks for giving such great ideas and suggestions. :)

  12. Always inspiring to read your blogs. Because you cover the minutest details your writing is so much associated with a common man. No doubt you are the best writer in the country as far as love and relationship genre is concerned. A very happy new year to you madam! Will wait for another bestseller from you this year.

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  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Preeti MAM, im here because i read your's book " The secret wish list " Really great attempt. I share some my imaginary points“ if someone put you place on complete darkness something like real blind, if you can able to see somewhere tiny spot of light comes automatically your's step towards that LIGHT” i think this happened in this book.
    I really hate sandeep character while reading as mush as Diksha did :( Even i hate him i expect he will realized his mistake and feel sorry and live happily with Diksha:) like the Happy ending. Iam expecting like that but anyway it's okay mam,
    And of course "Man have to Respect their needs, have to Make love, Have to be courage and supportive. Overall HAVE TO RESPECT THE WOMEN " things i learned in this book. Really loves your's writing Keep writing :) i'm always looking fwd to read the next book :-) Thank you:-)
    P.S- Mam, I told my opinion sorry if i said something wrong:(

  16. i am not a book bug...still i managed to read 4 of your books and at the end of each book my Perspective towards life changed..and yes in a positive way ;) . Everyone of us goes thru ups and downs in our lives...most of us feel depressed or low at one point in time...but we should realise that life is beautiful .....with love,hope and's never too late to start your life with a fresh new hopes and yeah we should love ourselves first then only we can love others :)

  17. This is amazing..The reading chart is inspiring.. I have made a reviewing diary where I note down all the books I have read so far.. A few days ago, I read your first book 36 Bubblegums and Candies.. This is the first non fiction I have read from your side.. I was totally mesmerized by your thoughts..
    I ll be really happy if you drop by my blog and share your feedbacks about the book review and my blog..:)

  18. Reading wall is really a cool idea. I think it must be followed in every home to encourage book reading.


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